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Top 15 Autonomous Driving Technology Blogs You Should Be Reading

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If you had to choose a single technology that’s already changing urban mobility in the most fundamental way, what would it be?

Autonomous driving technology is promising, rapidly developing, and a real game changer in the automotive, smart cities, transportation, and other related sectors. Unsurprisingly, self-driving cars have become a hot topic on both corporate blogs that specialize in autonomous driving technology and automotive magazines.

If you want to grow your business and benefit from the most encouraging futuristic technology, check out these top 15 self-driving car blogs and websites to follow in 2018.

1. 2025AD


2025AD is the perfect blog for those interested in technical and research-based evidence on autonomous car technology. It provides countless surveys, studies, and research papers on automated driving.


How Automated Driving Saves Coffee. And Energy — A compelling study on the way driverless cars can not only regulate traffic flow and reduce gasoline consumption but also improve driver health and well-being.

Infographic: The Economic Impact of Automated Driving — A convincing visual representation of the far-reaching financial implications of self-driving technology.

The Human Touch: Boosting Social Acceptance of Driverless Tech — An insightful study on how the humanization of self-driving cars can help overcome trepidation toward the technology.

2. 360.here


360.here is one of the best blogs on autonomous vehicles and is a must-read for those who want to keep abreast of the upcoming technical releases from automotive vendors and related businesses.


Making and Maintaining Maps Accurate to the Centimeter; Automation Demands It — A well-written article uncovering the tremendous role of high definition (HD) map making in today’s automotive industry.

Autonomous Cars Get a Lesson in Ethics — A balanced view of the ethical aspects of automation, using Germany as a case study.

Ensuring Safety in Autonomous Cars — A comprehensive overview of the major security elements of driverless cars.

3. Intellias


Intellias is one of the most rapidly growing automotive software development companies in Eastern Europe. The Intellias corporate blog is indispensable for gaining insight into the latest software developments in the industry.


Super-Weak AI: Evolution Dead-End or Future of Autonomous Driving? — A complex look at the way artificial intelligence can be used in a wide range of apps, including those related to autonomous driving.

Computer Vision for Autonomous Driving: Keep an Eye on the Road — An engaging overview of the integral parts of computer vision that can make autonomous cars see and comprehend the world.

The Emerging Future of Autonomous Driving — Convincing research showing how self-driving vehicles will become part of our everyday routines.

4. Automotive World


Automotive World is another resource on the list of top self-driving car blogs. This portal has been revealing the latest news, trends, and topics in the automotive world since 1992.


The Modern Dashboard Must Be a Digital Fortress, Urge Experts — Thorough reflection on digital security issues challenging automation technology.

Key Trends in Automotive Data Management — An explicit statement on the crucial importance of data centers for the future of autonomous driving.

Industry Looks to Next Steps in ADAS Success Story — An exemplary showcase of successful driver assistance systems and the continuous search for new holistic approaches.

5. Automotive News


Automotive News is an online version of the popular magazine, offering all types of media content targeting automotive professionals and enthusiasts.


Autonomous Driving Will Support, Not Displace Truckers — Myth-busting material on the real impacts that self-driving technology might have on truck transportation.

Industry in Race to Fund Next Big Thing — A well-written article uncovering the reasons and motivations for big businesses to invest in automotive startups.

A Commitment to Safely Testing Self-Driving Vehicles — A must-read for those who want to find what’s wrong with automated car testing and how it can be improved.

6. drive.ai on Medium


This blog is from one of the most highly praised startups developing software for self-driving cars, drive.ai. It’s necessary reading for those who want to get behind the scenes of high-tech automation technologies.


The Way We See It — An explicit examination of the way advanced visualization tools could be used for analysis, simulation, and training of self-driving artificial intelligence (AI) systems.

What We Learned Driving an Autonomous Vehicle for 24 Hours Straight — Entertaining insight into the 24-hour Drive-a-thon by drive.at, an endurance event to see what it takes to achieve maximum autonomous vehicle uptime on a small scale.

A First Look at Drive.ai’s Self-Driving Technology — If you’ve never heard of drive.ai, you should start with watching this fascinating video of a drive.ai car navigating the night streets of Mountain View, California.

7. EV Safe Charge


A blog from the US-based Electric Vehicle charging installation and services company.


EV Safe Charge Launches Mobile Electric Vehicle Charging Solution — A review of a portable Level 2 and DC fast charging technology that can bring most electric vehicles to 80 percent capacity within 20 to 30 minutes.

How EV Safe Charge Went from Helping a Few to Becoming a Full-Fledged Company — An exemplary case study of EV Safe Charge.

Two Electric School Buses, Powered by Motiv Power Systems, Go into Service in California — An illustrative article showing how top-notch automotive technologies are becoming reality.

8. Waymo on Medium


The Waymo blog highlights the latest developments from the company that was established as Google’s self-driving car startup.


Waymo’s Early Rider Program, One Year In — A review of the outcomes and lessons learned from the Waymo Early Rider program, which was launched to test automation technology in real life.

Same Driver, Different Vehicle: Bringing Waymo Self-Driving Technology to Trucks — Another insightful report on prospects of automation technology in the trucking industry.

Recreating the Self-Driving Experience: The Making of the Waymo 360° Video — A visual showcase giving an experience of a self-driving ride in full detail.

9. Nvidia


A blog from the pioneer in artificial intelligence (AI) software for driverless cars.


AI Think I Can: Why GPUs Could Be the Engine Leading Us to Autonomous Trains — Ground-breaking material showing how automation technology could be used in trains.

Robot See, Robot Do: Bots Learn by Watching Human Behavior — An entertaining blog post expanding the boundaries of common knowledge regarding machine learning.

Painting the Town Smart: NVIDIA Launches Metropolis Software Partner Program — An overview of the company’s initiative to manage urban traffic congestion with advanced control of traffic signals.

10. NNG


NNG, a company with one of the top blogs about autonomous driving, specializes in making trends in the automotive startup community public and global.


Automotive Ethernet — The Future of In-Car Networks? — A must-read for those who want to know why Ethernet is so much better than current networks and how it can improve self-driving technology.

Understanding Automotive Cyber Security — Electronic Control Units — A comprehensive analysis giving answers to frequently asked questions on the safety of self-driving cars.

How Vehicles Are Hacked — And What to Do to Prevent It — Another thorough look at cybersecurity problems and solutions.

11. Accenture


The Accenture blog attracts readers from non-automotive businesses who want to get prepared for and benefit from driverless solutions.


Opportunities Are Ripe for Insurance Across All Lines of Business — An informative case study showing how insurance businesses can benefit from the increasing number of self-driving cars.

Driverless-Car Partnerships — A Growing Ecosystem — Convincing writing uncovering the reasons why non-automotive businesses can no longer ignore driverless cars.

Addressing Big Data in Driverless Cars — An unconventional look at the industry’s future, in which big data solutions will play the key role.

12. Techworld


The automotive section of Techworld’s blog provides readers with both the latest industry news as well as long reads dedicated to specific issues.


How Self-Driving Cars Will Decide Who Lives or Dies in a Crash — Exceptionally entertaining insights into the latest development in the research of ethical dilemmas that can arise in the driverless reality.

Could a Hacker Remotely Control Your Car? — Digital security remains one of the most intensely debated issues in regard to automation technology.

Hyundai Building Smart Ships for Data-Driven Sailing — An appealing read talking about automation and connectivity opportunities for non-automotive businesses.

13. Almotive


The Almotive blog belongs among the prime automotive industry blogs, and is especially useful for professionals looking to keep pace with top-rank automotive hardware and software companies.


Sensor Fusion for Safer Self-Driving Cars — A detailed review of advanced complete sensor fusion solutions enabling cars to fully understand their surroundings.

Safety Defines Autonomous Development — Perfect reading for those who want to get a comprehensive understanding of safety in today’s automotive industry.

Simulated Testing, Real World Difficulties — A well-reasoned response to those stating that simulations in controlled environments are enough to make driverless cars safe.

14. NIO


NIO specializes in developing smart and high-performance electric vehicles. Read the company’s self-driving car blog for the latest updates from this innovative leader.


Mobile Design for a Radically New Environment — Explore how driverless technology transforms auto design.

ES8 in the Rain — Read about the latest testing of NIO’s ES8 electric car and find out why it’s considered Tesla’s future rival.

Computer Vision and AI in the Self Driving Car — Find out how the latest achievements in robotics are incorporated into self-driving cars.

15. Bosch


The Bosch media blog will help you stay updated on the most recent developments in the world of electronic equipment for automotive.


In Automated Vehicles, the Seat-of-the-pants Feel Comes from the Bosch Cloud — Insight into the most advanced predictive road condition services.

Fully Charged: Bosch is Putting Electric Vans on the Road — An illustrative case study on the way top-notch technologies can be used for making delivery vehicles more efficient.

Bosch and Daimler: Metropolis in California to Become a Pilot City for Automated Driving — An article revealing that partnerships in automotive are a win-win option.


Autonomous driving technology is a real game changer and attracts prominent minds in all kinds of industries. Original equipment manufacturers, T1 vendors, software developers, and media are all shaping the future of the automotive sector.

Track the best resources on automation tech to find your place in the driverless world.


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