Top 10 Software Development Tools: Build Robust Software In 2021by@mariyajames
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Top 10 Software Development Tools: Build Robust Software In 2021

by Mariya JamesDecember 19th, 2020
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Atom, Node.js, Cloud 9 IDE, and Linx are some of the best software development tools on the market.
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Software tools are a set of programs that help in editing, maintaining, and debugging software. Software development tools come in various forms such as compilers, linkers, code editors, assemblers, GUI designer, debugger, performance analysis tools, and many more.

Well, there are so many programs on the market, but all are not able to offer top-level solutions, and that's why here I have mentioned a few of the best software development tools for 2021.

Parameters Considered While Listing Best Software Tools

While choosing the best software development tools, I have examined a few factors stated below. These factors helped me in selecting the best ones.

  • Association standards
  • Tool utility
  • Tool alliance with another tool
  • Choosing a suitable environment
  • Learning curve

Best Software Development Tools For 2021

There are different sorts of software development tools, each playing a specific role. Here I have covered a wide variety of software development tools that offer reliable custom development service.


Linx is a tool that helps you instantly build and automate the process. This tool requires less coding, includes a drag & drop feature, and numerous templates and designs. 

Linx Key Features

  1. Simple to use, drag-and-drop IDE and Server.
  2. 100 pre-built plugins programming functions.
  3. Single-click deployment to local or cloud servers.
  4. Input and outputs include SQL & NoSQL databases, multiple file formats (text and binary) or REST and SOAP Web services.
  5. Live debugging


This is one of the top front-end web frameworks widely chosen for its potential to build more durable and easier websites. It is a customizable tool that includes drag and drops features to trace active websites. It includes powerful JavaScript plugins, a grid system, and SaaS variables to support software developers in building a dynamic mobile site.

Bootstrap Key Features

  1. Bootstrap includes built-in components which are employed in gathering responsive websites by a smart drag and drop facility.
  2. This software tool includes a responsive grid system, pre-built components, plugins, sass variables & mixins.
  3. Rich themes and documentation

Cloud 9 IDE

This software development tool uses more than 40 programming languages such as C++, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, Python, etc. With this tool, you can work in the cloud in an integrated development environment. Cloud 9 IDE is a unique tool because of its file dragging and debugging features.

Cloud 9 IDE Key Features

  1. This software tool is utilized for scripting, running and debugging the code in the cloud.
  2. The tool includes powerful features like debugging, code completion suggestions, file dragging.
  3. This software development tool is a replica of the entire development environment.


Buddy is a famous custom app development tool that supports almost all programming languages. This tool is one of the swiftest ways to create an app. The tools offer a great setup to build, test, and expand apps and websites. Buddy quickly adopts the latest technologies, such as Docker, Blockchain, and Kubernetes.

Buddy Key Features

  1. Access Controls/Permissions
  2. Build log
  3. Code refactoring
  4. Compatibility testing
  5. Continuous delivery and deployment


Atom is a customizable software tool that adds features in your software as per your ideas. This is one of the most excellent website and application development tools used for designing customized applications and websites. It expedites the use of several types of operating systems such as Linux, Windows, and many more. 

Atom Key Features

  1. Atom supports cross-platform editing and works for different operating systems like Linux, Windows, and OS X.
  2. It is a customizable tool which can dramatically edit the look & feel of the user interface without editing the configuration file.    
  3. Its robust features are built-in package manager, multiple panes, smart autocomplete, file system browser, find & replace feature etc.
  4. The tool used to develop cross-platform applications with web technologies using Electron framework.


GitHub is a dynamic tool that is essentially employed for its security and administrative features. It allows performing different works such as building software, hosting code reviewing code, managing projects, and much more. The tools offer manageable hosting, managed code standards, and comprehensive authentication.

2.9+ million businesses and organizations make use of GitHub.

GitHub Key Features

  1. It allows users to stay aligned, coordinate efficiently and get the task done accordingly.
  2. GitHub can be treated on servers and cloud platforms. It can work on Windows and Mac OS.
  3. Code security, access control among the team members, integration with other tools are the robust features of this software tool.


This is one of the best software development tools for web developers written in Java which allows users to develop websites, and mobile and desktop applications. The tools include rich features like a speedy user interface, a simple management process, and write code bug-free. This tool supports various programming languages like HTML 5, Java, PHP, JavaScript, C++, and can be installed on any operating system (Windows, Linux, macOS, etc.). 

NetBeans Key Features

  1. Java applications can be quickly updated to their newer editions using the editors, code analyzers, and converters granted by NetBeans 8 IDE.
  2. This software tool's best features are profiling, debugging, powerful GUI builder, dedicated support from the community, support for Java platforms etc.
  3. Rich templates

Zend Studio

This advanced software development provides enterprise PHP solutions and is embedded with various new features. It offers agile performance which promotes the indexing of PHP codes. The tool utilizes Z-Ray integration and Zend debugger. This software tool prevents any kind of disruption in service, additionally renders many PHP app plugins.

Zend Studio Key Features

  1. Debugging capabilities of Zend Studio are making use of Z-Ray integration, Zend Debugger and Xdebug.
  2. It supports top-level development tools such as Docker and Git Flow.
  3. This software tool can work on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux platforms.


This JavaScript-based framework is extremely scalable and asynchronous. It can be operated on UNIX, Windows, macOS, etc. It is widely used to develop and expand software. The tool is built on Google Chrome‘s V8 JavaScript engine.

Node.js Key Features

  1. This software development tool is efficient and lightweight as it utilizes a non-blocking and event-driven I/O model.
  2. Node.js modules are employed to produce fast and well-organized solutions for building back-end structure and uniting with the front-end platforms. 
  3. The most extensive ecosystem of open source libraries is accessible with the node.js package.


This JavaScript-based framework is functional for smartphones as well as desktops. It runs well with data-driven applications and recommends the usage of HTML for templates. The tools allow users to extend HTML Syntax and develop a dynamic web app. It proffers the entire code as well as the user interface.

Angular Key Features

  1. It is fully expandable and works smoothly with other libraries.
  2. It works well with data-driven applications if the site is updated constantly as per the changes in the data.
  3. The features of this software development tool include Directives, dependency injection, localization, reusable components, form validation, data binding etc.
  4. This tool works on mobile and desktop browsers such as Chrome, Safari, IE, iOS, Firefox, and more.


The top 10 software development tools mentioned here will help you build leading software in 2021. All these software tools have different features and inclinations. If you want to choose one of the best software developing tools for your next project, then I will recommend you pick a tool on the basis of your business and project requirements.

Well if you want to know each functionality and individuality of the software development tools; then I will recommend you to hire software developers from the best custom software development company. This will help your business make a unique presence in the market.