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140 Stories To Learn About Agile Software Development

by Learn RepoMarch 31st, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Agile Software Development via these 140 free HackerNoon stories.
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Let's learn about Agile Software Development via these 140 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. Yes, There ARE deadlines in Agile

I was recently asked to engage in a debate over whether or not there are deadlines in agile. There were a few folks involved in the debate and the predominant perspective seemed to be that true agile efforts have no external deadlines - all deadlines are self-imposed by the team in the form of an iteration commitment or a scope negotiation with the Product Owner.

2. Why is a Product Owner Needed (PO)?

This article explains the day-to-day responsibilities and the skills required to be a successful Product Owner in a SaaS tech company.

3. How To Write Unit Tests, Elegantly

“If you don’t like unit testing your product, most likely your customers won’t like to test it either.” — Anonymous

4. A Real Life Example of CI/CD Pipelines in Action

CI/CD Pipeline – Case Study

5. 5 Acceptance Criteria Mistakes Teams Should Avoid

Everyone wants to go Agile today. Teams want to put the user in the centre of their product development process while building products. After all, you are building the product for your users, right?

6. Top Practices for Software Development in 2023

Software development services in 2023 will be different from what it is now. It is going to be more collaborative and open than ever before.

7. 6 User Story Mistakes That Cause Confusion During Product Development

Everyone wants to go Agile today. Teams want to put the user in the center of their product development process while building products. After all, you are building the product for your users, right?

8. An Introduction to Agile Practices: Why Small Release in Scrum?

Extreme Programming promotes small releases through continuous integration(CI) and other extreme programming practices.

9. Top Companies That Follow Agile Development Methodology

It is important for project team members to be on the same page and share the same vision. Agile methodologies such as scrum make it convenient for team members to communicate and collaborate. An iterative approach for software development, offered by the Scrum framework, provides the much-needed flexibility for startups or established businesses to create a product that is meaningful for the user and serves a purpose. In this blog, we share insights into key steps involved in agile software development, benefits, and top agile software development companies.

10. What Happened to Software Development?

I don’t even recognize it anymore

11. A Quick Guide to Lean Software Development Principles

I remember learning about lean manufacturing at Toyota in an early middle school business class, and was endlessly fascinated by the idea of minimizing waste and maximizing productivity through intentional design. Over time, lean methodology was adopted by several industries, outside of manufacturing, including software development.

12. A 5-Step Guide to Develop a Growth Mindset as a Software Developer

I have outlined five simple steps to develop a growth mindset as a software developer.

13. Top 4 Classic Software Development Books

Much of modern problems in software development have actually been solved and we keep forgetting this to our peril. Every day something pops up in a conversation, on one of our teams or on socials that can be addressed by a book from years and sometimes decades ago.

14. How to Stop Developers from Writing Low-Quality Code

Developers tend to go for getting things working, ending up with a working program, lacking the quality you would like to see. In this article I will explain how to get quality code as well.

15. How to Optimize IT Infrastructure: Let's go over the stages.

The guide looks at on-premises and on-cloud IT infrastructure optimization, as well as a hybrid approach to moving from on-premises to the cloud.

16. What does Agile mean to you?

In a recent encounter with agile community, I was asked ‘what agile means to me’. Simple question but difficult to answer provided the nature of question being open ended. This certainly got me thinking. I started skimming through multiple ways I can answer this question. I had to revisit my past and reflect on different phases of my agile journey.

17. Why You Need to Stop Writing Unit Tests

The way you test has a huge impact on your codebase maintainability. There is a simple way to improve it

18. McKinsey’s “Agile Transformation Office” is the Final Nail in the Coffin

The agile movement is now dead with the final blow dealt by McKinsey recently promoting an “agile transformation office”.

19. The Next Generation of Scrum: No Sprints Needed. Just Deliver

The worst thing we can do in Sprint Planning is to initiate it with the question, “How many tasks can we fit in this Sprint?”

20. Slaying the Hydra of Remote Work Woes - One Head at a Time.

Okay – I know thats an excessively dramatic title, but I wanted to emphasize a simple but important concept. I believe that normalizing remote work isn’t a single problem to be solved, but rather a number of distinct issues that need to be tackled separately.

21. 4 Tips to Improve Your Engineering Team's Velocity in Scrum

In this article, you’ll learn what velocity means in the context of an agile/scrum methodology and how you can improve it to allow your team to move faster and

22. 5 Caching Mechanisms to Speed Up Your Application

In this article, we will discuss the various Caching strategies available and how to choose the right one for your use case.

23. How Modern Technology has Changed Agile Methodology

COVID-19 has severely challenged a core tenet of the Agile movement: the importance of face-to-face communication. But instead of slowing Agile teams down, herein lies an opportunity to improve the fundamentals of an efficient workplace, writes Clifford Berg

24. How To Reduce The Effects Of Pandemic On Your Software Development Business

Software development companies had to rethink the way they operate during the pandemic in order to ensure sustainable business growth. And here's how they did.

25. Technical Debt or Technical Fraud

Technical Debt is one thing, but when let to fester for too long, it can become Technical Fraud. A much more dangerous and much more insidious predator.

26. Why Continuous Integration Is Essential in Agile Development

The agile software development model means releasing software faster, but that doesn't mean you can skip out on quality.

27. How to Fail at DevOps

28. An Intro to Continuous Testing Strategy for Agile Teams

These are the best ways to develop a successful continuous testing strategy for Agile teams as the world shifts away from traditional waterfall models.

29. The Lloyd Braun Principle of Agility

Serenity now, Insanity later, is valuable advice about controlling emotions but within this statement is an important guideline for delivering agile software.

30. Can You Weave Security Through Low Code Platforms

weaving security in low code app development platforms

31. Shift Left Security: The Best Approach For Modernistic SDLC

In this post, we’ll discuss what shift left security is, what shift left security approaches there are and why, in the long run, it’s crucial to your success.

32. Techniques to Improve Project Estimation

It is established that estimating software projects is hard and takes longer time than you expect. What are techniques to learn, to improve estimation?

33. Scrum Sprint Planning: Should You Choose Story Points or Ideal Days?

What's the difference between the two most used approaches to PBI estimation? Learn what they are so that you can decide which one fits your team better.

34. An Impossible Timeline: Can Seven Apple Trees Grow an Apple for One Month?

35. 3 Software Ownership Models and Joint Care for Dev Teams

In traditional software operations, software would be "thrown over the fence" to operations teams. Technical operations teams would be aided in operating a service using Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

36. How We Migrated From Software Factory into Product Development Studio

We were in college when we decided to start a company. At that time, it didn’t matter what type of company.

37. Future of DevOps: DevSecOps, AIOps and something else?

DevOps have become a popular term in the software industry since 2009. The primary reasons behind this increasing popularity are the high-speed and less-cost of development. DevOps were born to meet the increased software industry velocity. In comparison to DevOps, traditional Ops are 41% more time-consuming.

38. 20 Trackable Metrics to Make Software Development Teams More Efficient

Software development is a complicated process. Using specific KPIs in software development can make the procedure more manageable.

39. The Poetry in Software Releases

How to plan the unplannable: In software as in life “Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do."

40. 7 Wastes In Lean Software Development [And How To Prevent Them]

In the 1930s, the Toyota Production System gave us lean manufacturing principles. Now, the IT, software and web development industry have also adopted these principles to improve their production processes. In actuality, the concepts and principles of Lean are used in more ways than just in manufacturing. Yet, in IT and software, there are still those who are pointing towards Agile development when they mention Lean and software development in the same context. While it is true that Agile and Lean principles share similar philosophies, there are key differences which set them apart. Diving deep inside Lean, I will discuss what lean talks about other than it’s key points.

41. What is Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Models are a set of guidelines to help developers manage the process.

42. Rethinking the Concept of Software Quality Through Agile Eyes

Traditional thinking about software quality might not help in really getting the full value out of Agile practices. Let's find out why.

43. Product Management: Gut Instinct vs. Data

As a product manager, I spent years relying on gut instinct rather than data. But in reality, both are needed for product success.

44. How to Set up a Framework: A Developer’s Guide

New developers often don’t know how to set up a framework for smart contract development to make the process as efficient and secure as possible.

45. WTF is a Postmortem

A postmortem is the analysis of an event after it occurs.

46. What is Agile Methodology

Agile Methodology is the underlying ideology for how software delivery should take place.

47. Developer Career Path: To Become a Team Lead or Stay a Developer?

by Oleg Sklyarov, Fullstack Developer at Skyeng company

48. How To Get Your Head Around Story Points?

Human beings are not very good at seeing into the future. Unless you have a crystal ball or know how to read tea leaves, trying to predict when an event will happen with any degree of accuracy is very difficult.

49. 10 Prioritization Techniques for Agile Product Development

Do you want to prioritize your tasks? Explore the blog and get the list of 10 most popular prioritization techniques and methods of agile product development.

50. Leveraging Data as a Proactive Engineering Manager

Proactive (software) engineering leadership means you’re not a firefighter all the livelong day.

51. Software Requirements Specifications Template

This article is devoted to the consideration of Software Requirements Specifications, their importance in the software development process, and how they could be written. Within this article, I will pay more attention to the effective SRS template and its description.

52. Using CI/CD Pipelines to Increase the Speed and Quality of Software Development

Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery in the development process. How the CI/CD pipeline helps create products and implement new features better and fast

53. Guide To Pursue DevOps Agile Development Cycle And Develop a Better Software

The rise of DevOps and Agile methodologies is apparent to anyone closely following the business world. Just last year, there was an 18 percent increase in DevOps adoption. Most business owners see the benefits of embracing both DevOps and Agile. With these methodologies in place, developers are able to get projects done in a timely and efficient manner.

54. Writing Engaging User Stories

This article describes a model for writing engaging user stories that can be used to assist with team productivity, product quality, and user experience goals.

55. Top 7 Project Management Instruments That Facilitate Remote Work

Project Management for a team is an important task at the best of times. Many processes make a project successful- scheduling, planning, executing, and other stages. However, project management can get trickier when your team is distributed across the world and working remotely.

56. Comments Rarely Improve Your Code

The debate over comments in code is ongoing. At least once per year for the last 30 years, I’ve been involved in a discussion on the subject - often accidentally and reluctantly. To be honest, my perspective has changed over time. I used to comment every method, I used to comment any line of code that was “weird”, and I used to comment any blocks of code that were too complicated. Today, I rarely comment, if ever. Over time, I’ve come to realize that most comments are unnecessary.

57. Everything Technical Project Managers Need to Know About End-to-End Testing

End-to-end testing is a technique to test a software’s workflow from start to end to ensure it works as expected.

58. Security & Agile Development - How to Bridge the Gap in 2022

59. How To Make Agile Work at Scale

Making agile work at scale is ultimately about changing behavior, not just for the individual contributors involved, but also for the leaders.

60. Top 10 Software Development Tools: Build Robust Software In 2021

Atom, Node.js, Cloud 9 IDE, and Linx are some of the best software development tools on the market.

61. How to Determine the Features Necessary for Your MVP

The right features of MVP will help you maintain your product quality and functionality, without budget and time overspending.

62. How a Program Manager Can Estimate Items Too Early To Be Estimated

How to estimate work efforts that are not well-defined yet, but the business needs them.

63. How to 10x Your Skills and Become a More Efficient Tech Lead

The secret sauce to an engineering team's success is an effective tech lead guiding the team to be on the right track.

64. Series A Startup Guide to Outstaffing Software Engineers in 2022

Best practices of outsourcing software and outstaffing engineers in 2022

65. 7 Software Development Methodologies Loved by Enterprises in 2022

Looking for Software Development Methodologies for your next project? Check out the updated list of some of the best methodologies with its pros and cons.

66. The Relationship Between Agile Approaches and Automation Testing

Although test automation was not created with Agile in mind, it does enable Agile testing, which is an important part of the Agile idea.

67. Outsourcing for Startups: Agile Software Development Applications

Though this practice has been around since the 80s, entrepreneurs, CTOs, and product managers are now embracing this practice full force.

68. How to Start Using Diffblue Cover: Community Edition For Unit Testing

Automating the writing of unit tests, the bugbear of every software developer

69. The Problem With The Agile Manifesto

Imagine the philosophies of Socrates, Plato, Confucius, Seneca, and Marcus Aurelius all combined into a one-pager. That's the Agile manifesto for you...

70. What Is Release Management And How Can Your Team Adopt It

Exploring the essence of the release management process, its anatomy, and ways of its improvement, and how it all ties in with agile software development.

71. How Metrics Lead to Effective Sprint Retrospectives

In the Atlassian playbook, it states that Sprint Retrospective’s goal is to identify how to improve teamwork by reflecting on what worked, what didn’t, and why. Usually, the meeting consists of brainstorming what the team did well and what the team needs to do better.

72. Choosing a Nearshore Development Partner

Demand for software is at an all-time high and growing every year, putting pressure on organizations to innovate with functional, reliable applications that deliver on business objectives.

73. How to Decide Between Automated vs. Manual Testing

Testing is the backbone of the Agile software development methodology. The efficiency of the testing process directly impacts the quality of the deliverables and the goodwill of the organization. Buggy software can lead to poor user experience, delayed project timelines, diminished brand value, and revenue losses.

74. Here's What a Successful CTO Does

The chief technology officer’s role starts from the love of technologies and should sound like Chief Technology Lover. Indeed, the true love of technology is where most of the successful CTOs take place. They hack systems because of curiosity, read books because of the need for knowledge, trying new tools, programming languages, and environments. A CTO  must also possess the ability to think effectively in conceptual terms, bring clarity, and strong leadership. A CTO must have team-building skills since long-term goals require accomplishing far more than one person can do.

75. All the Coolest Trends Coming to the Agile Methodology in 2022

Agile Software Development can give companies versatility and help them navigate through change and complexities of the software space, improving efficiency.

76. Code Refactoring: A Comprehensive Guide for Engineers

In this guide, you’ll learn all about refactoring source code: the benefits, challenges, tools, and best practices, and what is the difference between refactoring and technical debt.

77. Scrum vs. Kanban: Which is Better for Your Team?

Scrum vs Kanban: core principles, similarities and differences. See schedule and cadence in both methods, release approaches, roles and attitude towards changes

78. Business As Usual in A World That is Anything But

It seems clear that the world is going to be different after the Covid19 crisis is over. I think it behooves us to make sure it’s a good different. Businesses large and small are going to be facing so many headwinds that we desperately need to cut loose some of our anchors to offset. This might seem like the wrong time to implement change, but if we don’t shed some of our bad habits, we’ll never rise to these challenges.

79. My Experience With Pair Programming

There are proven benefits of pair programming you and your team can take advantage of. I have been pair programming here and there for some years now.

80. How to Describe Your Technical Issue to Get Quick and Effective Help

Documenting the issue before you ask for help will make everything so much more efficient.

81. Agile User Story Mapping Board for Jira

It could be tricky to prioritise hundreds of user stories in spreadsheet or Jira, you need to know which of them are the highest value features are so that you can build them next. An advanced technique to organise stories is more preferred than a messy product backlog. This is how a user story map can help in a simple way to tell story and break it down into parts.

82. How to Choose the Best online Whiteboard for Your Team

The use of online whiteboards has really become prevalent over the past year due to the covid pandemic and picking the right one has become very important.

83. The 7 Principles of Lean Software Development

The seven principles of lean software development can be used to maximize value for users and minimize waste in mobile app development.

84. How to Write a Software Requirements Specification (SRS) Document

Many stakeholders still hope to get a high-quality product without investing resources in SRS documentation.

85. Secure Software Development Lifecycle: Stages, Methods & Best Practices

This article is a short guide to SDLC stages, methods, and best practices.

86. Agile Software Development Meets Modern Business Requirements

Software development methodology points to a set method for solving information problems using a programming language. This field covers precise methods that outlook the stages of analyzing, designing, developing, testing, documenting, implementing, and evaluating within the convoluted sphere of software engineering.

87. The Developer's Guide to Preparing Django Applications for Production

Configuration of production and development settings in Django. Can we read from different databases? What about getting notifications on view exceptions?

88. Why Builders Opt For Agile: Experience Gained at Slash

Waterfall vs Agile

89. How to Build Relationships With Clients: Speak Only the Language of Facts

Tell me what you want. Or tell me how to do it. Don’t tell me both

90. The Basics of Mobile Application Development in Qt

Qt is a leading UI and cross-platform framework that can help you implement all these stages. It can also save your budget since it is open-source.

91. Benefits & Risks of Offshore Software Development Every CEO Should Know

Pros and cons of offshore software development: a brief guide on offshore software engineering for CEOs. All truths uncovered.

92. How Does Technical Debt Drive Up Business Expenses?

How does tech debt cost you? Here are 6 reasons why managing technical debt should be part of your business plan.

93. 5 Ways to Optimise Team Performance Without Going Full Agile

My last job in Brazil before moving to the UK was at ThoughtWorks. While I didn’t agree with everything that they did there (OMG… Java, please no! ^_^’’’) there is one thing about ThoughtWorks that is incontestable: they are very good with processes.

94. Arguing over Agile: Let's Get Pragmatic

A couple of days ago, I was struck by a colleague’s point about how confusing it can be when listening to people who have strong but conflicting opinions about various agile practices. The remark was brought about by a discussion concerning the pros and cons of different estimation techniques, and whether or not you should even practice estimation at all. It was a great conversation, but I can see how someone with less experience or minimal exposure to the techniques we were talking about could be left feeling very lost.

95. Podcast Interview with Lead Cloud Architect, Sumit Agarwal, on DevOps and Testing

In today’s Quality Sense episode, Federico has a conversation about DevOps and testing with Sumit Agarwal, the Lead Cloud Architect for a global tech company.

96. A Comparison of Agile, Lean, and Continuous Delivery

With DevOps and Continuous Delivery gaining traction, are the principles behind Lean and Agile still relevant? How do they compare to the 5 Continuous...

97. How to Super Charge Your Web Design Skills This Year

This story discusses 22 actionable tips that will help you all to improve your web design skills in 2022.

98. Retrospective is A/B Testing for Teams

If you are new to Agility and Retrospective, I’ll offer in this post a novel introduction to it. We will explore how retrospectives and your team organization can take inspiration from A/B Testing.

99. Feature Acceptance Criteria: Problems And Solutions

What problems can arise and how to avoid them

100. Waterfall to Agile: Exploring the Way to Smooth Transition

Many businesses still use a rigorous, top-down procedure approach to manage complex tasks. In this blog, we'll look at how to get the best result for project.

101. Laziness Chapter I: Meta-Programming

Meta-programming is magic. That is the main reason why we should not use it. There are many dire consequences on the horizon.

102. What Is the Relationship Between Design Thinking and New Product Development?

Design thinking is a framework that shows the human-centered path to innovation.

103. How to Act Agile in Every Day Life

Agile can be defined as the ability to move quickly and easily. However, for those in tech they might associate agile with something else entirely. Agile methodology is a popular framework for managing software development projects. More specifically, it is a style of project management where you develop a product in short cycles (or sprints- see above image), providing flexibility for revisions as necessary. It requires constant improvement through these iterations of testing and reflection. A finished product is better than a perfect project.

104. An Essential Guide to Code Quality

Just like quality assurance is done in manufacturing, testing code quality is also done in software development. While developing software or if you're inspecting code written by your team, you need to make sure you verify its quality at every level of development before it gets more complex. In the world of software, the phrase code quality can be interpreted in different ways by different industries and teams.

105. 5 Software Development Methodologies Loved by Companies in 2022

A software development methodology is a set of methods used in the creation of software.

106. Insights to Agile Methodologies for Software Development

Agile is Awesome! But where did I go wrong?

107. Wax On, Wax Off: How Going Remote Could be The BEST Thing That Ever Happened to Your Team

As every child of the ‘80’s knows – the most effective way to become a karate expert is not through years of dedicated training, but rather by completing a sequence of seemingly tedious chores for an elderly Japanese neighbor. Thanks to the miracle of muscle memory, before you know it, you’ll have won the all-valley karate tournament.  (Actually, now I think about it, this might have been one of the first, and most effective “hacks” I was ever exposed to).

108. Agile Development: What Is a Product Owner?

Want to know how to be a good Product Owner? Get to know responsibilities and read tips for better communication with clients and teams. Agile Development 101!

109. How to Apply Lean Production Principles in Software Development

Lean production is not a new concept. It comes from the manufacturing industry and was polished by Toyota in the seventies. However, Lean manufacturing principles turned out to be so practical and universal that they can be used to create innovations in other industries as well. In the Information Technology (IT) sphere, they are frequently used with the Six Sigma Principles, and in this article, we will explain what each principle means for Lean software development.

110. The 6 Stages of the Software Development Process

The software development lifecycle methodologies (SDLC) or the Systems Development Life Cycle method aids in planning the design process of the software

111. 3 Things Everyone Should Know About Product Development

Technology has become a commodity. With enough resources we can build anything — from neural networks to a live-action “Cats” movie. The real question is, does anyone need it?

112. How To Evaluate Software Code Quality And Why It Is Important

Software Engineers are in great demand nowadays. Their unique skill sets make them different from the other available professions.

113. Improving Software Development Productivity

Software development takes time and effort and requires patience, but if it’s taking too long it can hurt the business. That’s why it’s important to always consider what you can do to improve your software development productivity.

[114. 5 Useful Tips to Become a

Successful Software Developer]( Want to know some foolproof tips to become a software developer? In this guide, we have covered everything for you to know.

115. How To Assess And Improve Your Software Engineering Team's Performance

How do you measure how well your engineering team is doing and how do you find the bottlenecks where you can improve things the most?

116. Track & Manage Your Technical Debt To Make Better Strategic Decisions

If you are looking for a tool to start managing technical debt this article will help you make the right decision.

117. Shippable Stories

I occasionally (and usually accidentally) find myself in a discussion about whether or not every story should be a shippable increment of work. Recently, I got involved (deliberately) in the discussion when I was invited to answer the question, “...should a user story correspond to a potentially shippable product increment?” on Quora.

118. Refactor: You Keep Using That Word…

I stumbled upon a thread recently where the question was posed, “What are some common mistakes when refactoring code?”

119. Effective Sprint Planning: How To Not Get Overwhelmed By Technical Debt

My aim is to offer practical strategies to make planning a sprint less painful so that you'll feel organized rather than overwhelmed by your technical debt.

120. ELI5: Agile Software Development

Agile software development means different things to different people. In this post, we will define what agile software development is with a simple analogy that a five-year-old can understand. The analogy we will use is as straightforward as serving an apple to 4 kids. Yes, it will be that easy, let’s get started:

121. BizDevOps (DevOps 2.0) Is the New Iteration of DevOps

BizDevOps breaks divisions between Business, Development and Operations teams to deliver business value fast. Discover the principles and benefits of BizDevOps.

122. Inserting “Agility” into Business Enterprises

Agile stepped in when linear requirement-based processes were playing around to impose project management processes and predictable delivery methodologies across complex software domain, driven by time and output. Even with a certain percentage of success, Agile hasn't managed to kill off the embedded waterfall behaviors, prescribed linear plans and over-complex management layers for delivering software en masse.

123. Why Everybody Loves Agile: An Introduction for the Uninitiated

Agile is such a popular philosophy which more and more development teams use. Actually, they use Agile methods such as Scrum, Extreme Programming, Crystal Clear etc. But, why is Agile so popular? Let's find out!

124. Use this Framework to Easily Scale Your Software Development Business

How my friend scaled his software development business by using this 6-step project execution blueprint.

125. How React Testing Library Can Improve Your Mental Health [Part 1]

I know one person who likes writing tests, and it is not me! I like adding code-coverage to my code and you'll see why.

126. The 5 Principles of Agile Software Development  

Agile methodology breaks up the project into many phases and distributes the workloads across the teams.

127. Program Increment Planning Event in Agile

Long-term strategic planning is a remnant of the past that can’t reflect the fast pace of the digital world we live in today. Companies that implement an Agile approach, shift to delivering results in a short time all the while remaining flexible enough to adjust to any changes as they come. This calls for a completely different attitude in planning with the focus on short term goals that spin out for no longer than a few weeks or even days. Moreover, Scaled Agile helps manage the growing complexity and scaling of businesses to any size and number of distributed teams introducing new methods and tools, one such being Program Increment planning or PI planning for short.

128. How to Maximize the Value of User Stories

Many development teams suffer from misunderstanding of business requirements. User Story turns out a round table for discussions over future achievements.

129. Why You Should Manage WIP

Having too much Work in Process, also known as Work in Progress (WIP), is a remarkably common issue. In my experience, management often encourages this behavior. I don’t know if it is the notion that we will get more done if we work on more things simultaneously. Or perhaps there is a fear we won’t get enough things done unless we work on several of them at once.

130. 5 Years & 600 Developers! What it Takes to Transform a European Bank

An interview with the Head of Development, Jindrich Kubat at KB Bank. Digital Transformation with 600 developers using Flagsmith feature flags.

131. Agile Is Not Enough: Empowered On Innovation

How do tech's top companies innovate at scale? It's not just Agile. According to Empowered, it's product discovery, a focus on problems, and coaching culture.

132. The OODA Loop Model: How Great Engineering Managers Identify and Respond to Challenges

One of the many responsibilities of any great engineering leader or manager is that of making decisions. In terms of how to best do that, there are many decision-making models, including the OODA loop model.

133. Redesigning A Completely Agile Process [Case Study]

Scrimba is an online platform to learn to code from real teachers. But unlike the many other competitors, their secret sauce is that they’ve developed a unique technology that lets teachers record their screencasts so students can stop at any point and jump directly into editing the code. In this way it’s similar to being taught with a tutor right next to you. Pretty neat!

134. Significant Updates to Popular Kanban Software in 2019

How Jira, Hygger, Asana, and Others Surprised Their Users in 2019?

135. Unveiling Crowdin Enterprise. New Technology to Build Multilingual Software

It’s pretty amazing how many tech products expand globally. Reaching new markets and looking for new business opportunities. Even despite today’s economic challenges. What’s much less pleasurable to observe is the amount of effort localization can take if done without proper technology.

136. Understanding Technical Debt As A Software Engineer

What is tech debt? How to manage it effectively? In this Engineer's Complete Guide to Technical Debt, you will learn metrics, statistics, and tools that help engineering teams accelerate the software development process.

137. Agile vs Waterfall: How To Choose The Right Methodology for Your Project

Picking the right method for managing your tasks can either make or break the success of your projects.

138. The Complete Guide to Agile vs Scrum

If you are using Scrum it’s safe to say that you are also using Agile.

139. The SDLC: Phases, Models and Methodologies — Ultimate Guide 2020

The software development life cycle is about producing high-quality software promptly.

140. Top 33 Jira Alternatives For Agile Project Management Teams

If Jira seems disappointing to you and your team, in this quite lengthy article you’ll discover the best Jira alternatives.

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