7 Software Development Methodologies Loved by Enterprises in 2022by@heli
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7 Software Development Methodologies Loved by Enterprises in 2022

by Heli PatelMay 10th, 2022
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Looking for Software Development Methodologies for your next project? Check out the updated list of some of the best methodologies with its pros and cons.

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The software development market has gained its peak in the recent past and shows positive signs of further growth in upcoming years. As the demands of modern consumers keep growing, organisations require introducing unique features and functionalities to their software or application. This paved the way for the development of custom software. This blog elaborates on custom software development methodologies and a list of top 7 methodologies developers prefer to develop custom software in 2022.

What You Need to Know About Software Development Methodologies?

Before entering into the core topic, let us brush up with some basics about software development methodologies. As the name suggests, software development methodologies show the exact path and guidelines for developers to follow to develop better software. In simple words, software development methodologies help the developers and development team reach their goals successfully. However, picking the right software development methodology according to project needs is crucial.

Similarly, custom software development refers to designing, creating, deploying and maintaining software that is specifically developed for functions or users or organizations. The concept behind the custom software development stays behind the business functions & requirements. Custom software development is not for everyone. It is tailored software specifically designed to match the business that sounds appealing.Here are the lists of benefits you can avail yourself through custom software development:

  • Unique software solutions for your business need
  • High & reliable security features
  • Hassle-free integrations
  • Full control
  • Full usage access

Importance of Software Development Methodologies

As a developer, one should know that these software development methodologies play very little role in the technical part of the development process. These methodologies primarily focus on project management and project workflow.

Now, the question may arise as to whether you need any software development methodologies for developing your application? The answer would be a big Yes! These methodologies streamline the development process and help developers achieve their goals in a perfectly structured workflow. Of course, the technical part is crucial for development, but disciplined project management is still equally important.

This is why many top companies prefer using software development methodology to build better software products or applications. In today’s market, you can find a lot of software development methodologies, but is it essential to pick the right one that suits your needs? Here are the top 7 leading methodologies for developing better software or applications in 2022.

7 Best Custom Software Development Methodologies Of 2022

1. Waterfall Software Development Methodology

The waterfall software development methodology is also termed the straightforward and systematic development methodology. All the development process is carried out in sequential order in this methodology.

In this waterfall process, the initial phase starts from the project planning, designing, developing, testing and finally implementation along with support. The developer team using this methodology should complete each phase before moving to the next. If any changes require, previous phases should require a rework.


  • All team members easily understand what they are working
  • Good for documentation
  • Easy to manage project
  • The final results will match the client’s expectation


  • Time-consuming
  • Highly effective for minor projects
  • Not flexible

2. Agile Software Development Methodology

The ultimate goal of the agile software development methodology is to deliver projects in a quick phase with a collaborative approach among the team. This methodology follows an incremental approach but still, it allows developers to move between stages at any time.

Apart from that, this methodology supports many development practices that help developers in various ways, like allowing them to reprioritize their work to stay on schedule. This development methodology includes three professional teams of designers, developers and testers to build better software products.


  • Highly flexible
  • Fast development
  • Enables collaborative work culture
  • Easy to modify
  • Improves product UX


  • Sometimes features & performance of the product will not match the requirement
  • No documentation
  • Not recommended for large-scale projects

3. DevOps Software Development Methodology

DevOps methodology is a hybrid that includes programming and project management. It suits well for handling larger projects, and the DevOps methodology acts as a bridge between developers and quality teams.


  • Highly efficiency
  • Excellent support
  • Delivers high-quality products
  • Improves team efficiency


  • Cost high
  • Requires a change in work culture
  • Learning curve is difficult for developers

4. Scrum Software Development Methodology

One of the popular software development methodologies allows teams to work together efficiently and achieve goals. This methodology adds more clarity, consistency and perfect structure to the software development process.

Scrum methodology follows the agile software development process and streamlines the entire team to work together. By applying the scrum development methodology, enterprises can achieve a new level in their product development.


  • Speeds development process
  • Easy to detect errors & bugs
  • Improves communication between clients & developers


  • Not ideal for small projects
  • Requires continuous interactions between clients & developers
  • Difficult to predict the exact cost

5. Kanban Software Development Methodology

Kanban is yet another agile framework that mainly focuses on continuous improvement. With this methodology, developers can indicate the completed stages and send them for testing. The Kanban methodology is often considered the perfect alternative for agile in the software development industry.


  • Easy Implementation
  • Adaptable
  • Low cost


  • Not ideal for dynamic projects
  • No consistency

6. Feature-Driven Development (FDD) Methodology

Feature-driven development (FDD) software methodology follows agile philosophy. Developers often use this methodology when strictly advised to satisfy clients’ needs and deliver software accordingly.

Because of its focus on meeting the client’s needs, this development methodology is highly recommended for custom software development services.


  • Follows user-centric approach
  • Highly scalable
  • Easy to track and iterate


  • Not suitable for small-scale projects
  • Highly depends on the chief developer

7. Lean Software Development Methodology

Lean methodology is similar to the agile methodology; however, it consists of a few more added features. This methodology is all about perfection, so you need to put in more effort to implement it. Also, the implementation of this methodology is time-conscious.

In most cases, developers use this methodology to create what they need now and later add extra functionality upon evaluation. By doing so, they can easily skip the process of creating unnecessary features or coding. This allows team members to work together efficiently and effectively to achieve their goals.


  • Fast Development
  • Reasonable budget
  • Compact software development
  • Highly efficiency


  • No space for learning
  • Only skilled developers can use
  • Requires team cohesiveness

Is Your Software Product Future-Ready?

As mentioned above, there are numerous software development methodologies in the market, and each has its own set of pros and cons. Pick the right one that matches your application or software needs would be the wise option to build a better product.

It doesn’t matter whether the project is small or big; you can pick a development methodology for building a better software product. If you are not sure about picking the right one, it’s better to consult with a global software development company.