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This Week's Top Technology Stories — But Make It Podcast

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👋 I'm the VP of Editorial Strategy here at Hacker Noon. I also make podcasts and write stories.

If you're one of Hacker Noon's 12,000+ international Contributing Writers, you'll be happy to hear we're adding yet another distribution channel for The Top Stories You Submit to this big green blob in the cloud. Our mission is simple: be the best place for technologists to publish online. The related causes we back here at Hacker Noon help make the internet a better place — from joining Mozilla's Fix the Internet Incubator, to working with Coil to help writers monetize their content, and donating funds to Better Internet-focused NGOs, like the EFF. In short? We're keen to keep independent internet publishing alive (and thriving). Another way we're working on that: Better Distribution for Every Story.

In a move I straight-up stole from the likes of The New York Times' Sunday Read podcast and Criminal's Pheobe Reads a Mystery, we'll henceforth be trialling a new Friday podcast format, in which I'll read a few winged words from stories submitted by Hacker Noon's top Writers for that week. Herewith, I humbly offer you, Episode 1:

This week’s top tech stories on hackernoon.com cover everything from robots to unicorns. Press Play for a 6-min summary! More of an audio-only kinda person? Get what you want at podcast.hackernoon.com.


Episode 1 being an experiment: I'd very much welcome feedback from our Hacker Noon listener community — What would make this podcast something you're excited to see pop up on your Spotify at the end of every week?

Longer? Shorter? More stories, more — or less — context? More niched topic coverage? Let me know in the comments. Top writers are also invited (and encouraged!) to reach out to me about creating voice recordings to introduce themselves and their technology stories, for inclusion in the podcast.

There'll be more exciting story distribution developments coming later this September, keep an eye on my feed for updates; and be sure you're subscribed to get the daily Tech Brief... (Shhh: Subscriptions by tag are still in beta. Looking pretty damn fine, though, right? Shoutout to Austin for yet more coding wizardry in the name of improving story distribution!)

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You can find audio only at podcast.hackernoon.com or on Spotify; Youtube versions right here:

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