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This weekend, dive deep into Javascript With Kyle Simpson

Kyle Simpson is the author of the popular book series titled You Don’t know Javascript that tackles the language at various stages from beginner to advanced and is open source on github.

He is also an instructor at Frontend Masters, a platform where you can learn about cutting edge technologies from prominent developers.

Frontend Masters is a pay to access platform but signing up for their demo account is free and does not require any payment details.

Kyle Simpson week

To celebrate Kyle Simpson crossing 300,000 hours of his course videos being watched, frontend masters are opening up all 8 of his courses for free for all demo account holders.

His 8 courses on the platform are :

  1. Introduction to JavaScript programming: Master JavaScript with our online training and learn one of the easiest languages to get started with and one of the most powerful.
  2. Deep Learning JavaScript foundations : Master JavaScript deeply learning scope and closure, functions, the prototype system, closure, types, coercion and new ES6 features in JavaScript! (one which I’ve enrolled into)
  3. Functional-Light JavaScript: Improve your code with functional patterns like pure functions, compose & map/reduce/filter…plus advanced concepts like fusion, transducing and monads!
  4. Es6 The Right Parts : Learn new ES6 JavaScript language features like arrow function, destructuring, generators & more to write cleaner and more productive, readable programs.
  5. Organizing JavaScript functionality: Before you use a framework, learn how to organize the different bits of JavaScript (modularizing, decoupling, etc) with this advanced JavaScript course.
  6. Rethinking Asynchronous JavaScript: Effective asynchronous JavaScript means knowing various different patterns and weaving them together to write readable and understandable code.
  7. Coercion in JavaScript: Most developers cite coercion and the == operator as black magic. By learning coercion you’ll learn important clarifications in style and readability of JS.
  8. Real Time Web with Node Js: Learn the HTML5 APIs for real-time such as canvas/video, sockets, getUserMedia, and WebRTC and talk to them through asynchronous code in Node.js.

What better way for a JavaScript developer to spend his weekend than to binge-watch a legendary instructor’s courses ? (apart from Building new apps, but you need knowledge for that right ? and Kyle’s courses involve you building an app and making improvements to it as you progress through the lessons.) Although as of now it is not financially viable for me to pay for the membership beyond the demo period, I wish to go through at least three of the courses (#2, #3, #5)while balancing my exam commitments over the next two days. Happy learning !


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