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This is happiness

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It is three o’clock in the morning. I cannot sleep anymore. Three hours ago, I received an email that has made me think a lot — an email of trust, a real chance to do what I deeply love. A client proposes that I do what I have dreamed about for years now. It is up to me to take that chance. Why am I telling you this right now? It is because this is why I love entrepreneurship. Sometimes, you just want to kill yourself, but good things happen too. So, I asked myself, “Am I lucky?” I do not think so (well, yes — maybe a little bit ;-)). It is about passion; it is about people. It is confidence.

Indeed, that kind of thing makes me remember that I made the right choice by following my passion, to talk with my heart about my vision and values. People can feel it. They can see stars in your eyes because this is the most important thing for you. You have to speak with your heart, and people need to feel it for real. I do not care about your CV; tell me about your passion. I want your body to express your motivation.

We have to remember that business is about people. It is about creating value for each other. Moreover, how can we create more value for the next generation, for our civilization? You cannot do this by yourself. You need people; you need others. You need to build a team, and not just for the sake of production. You need a community that shares the same vision and values and that pursues the same goals. It is about your team, but also about your client. It is not just about money. It is the next big thing we can do together to change people’s lives.

It is why I wake up every morning. What can I do to make people happier? This is the most important thing for building a better world.

I just wanted to share my happiness today. Right now, I am running to catch this opportunity. I have to work because good things do not happen by accident. They happen as a result of a lot of work and self-sacrifice.

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