The Worst Of You by@warikoo

The Worst Of You

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Ankur Warikoo

A new project

A new relationship

A new market

A new business

A vibrant economy

A growing customer base

A new place

A world of newness

And you are at your best. Your best mood. Your best face. Your best approach. Your best methods. Your best of everything.

The world loves you.

It is easy to. You haven’t given them any reason not to. Everything is going for you, and you make it visible to the world.

My favorite question in an interview then is: what’s the worst thing about you?

I want to see the worst of you.

The moment you want to be rude. When you want to show the middle finger. When you want to be vindictive.

The moment you go into a shell. The shoulders slump. When you want nothing to do with the world.

Or when you cry in the corner. And come out smiling. Hiding your fears, for the love of making this work. The belief that this too shall pass.

The worst of you, is the best way to get to love you. Or not.

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