The Web Development & Ecommerce Writing Contest: Final Results Announced!by@hackernooncontests
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The Web Development & Ecommerce Writing Contest: Final Results Announced!

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Devs - Assemble! The final round’s results of The Web Development and Ecommerce Writing Contest are here.

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Devs - Assemble! The final round’s results of The Web Development and Ecommerce Writing Contest are here.

But before announcing the final results, we thankElastic Path for sponsoring the superb Web Development and Ecommerce Writing Contest for our dev community. During these three months, we published 400+ web development and ecommerce stories generating almost half a million reads and 60+ days of reading time. This contest rewarded 18 winners a whopping $12,000! That’s a win-win-win trifecta we vouch for!

Web Development and Ecommerce Writing Contest: Round 3 Nominations

For selecting the top 10 nominations, we picked all the stories with the #web-development and #ecommerce tags on HackerNoon, published in round 3. Then we chose the top stories using a 60:30:10 weightage ratio for:

  1. Number of hours read
  2. The number of people reached
  3. The freshness of the content

#Web-Development: Top 10 Stories

  1. The ABCs of Building Reliable, Scalable, and Maintainable Web Applications - Scalability
  2. 5 Common Web Development Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
  3. Understanding the Power of Proxy in JavaScript
  4. How to Upload Files With JavaScript
  5. How I Lost $1000 On One Pixel
  6. How to Use Swift for Web Development
  7. 10 Frontend Projects to Take Your Coding Skills to the Next Level
  8. Yahoo Finance Style Stock Price Label in SwiftUI
  9. Uploading a 1 Million Row CSV File to the Backend in 10 Seconds
  10. Using ChatGPT to Code an Entire Portfolio Website

#Ecommerce: Top 10 Stories

  1. Enhancing Competitive Advantage in E-commerce Using BaaS and Embedded Finance
  2. Increase Your Profits By Creating Valuable Products — Here's How
  3. How to Get High-Quality Traffic to Your New Tech Startup's Website
  4. The Art of Trading Attention: Your Path to eCommerce Glory
  5. Gen Z and Millennials are Redefining Mobile Application Development
  6. Apple to Consumers: No Money? No Problem 💸
  7. Exploring the Potential of Augmented Reality for E-commerce Growth
  8. To Continue or Not To Continue? Here's How to Tell Whether You Need to Pivot or Kill Your Idea
  9. Tech Trends Driving E-Pharmacy
  10. How Online Classifieds Can Innovate With Immersive Technologies

Final Round Winners

To select the winners, we ran internal polls on the top 10 nominations for each tag. Our editors voted, and here are the final results.

#Web-Development Writing Contest Winners

In the first place, we have:

This is the story of how a customer made me lose $1000 on moving stuff by 1px. It transformed my career, and I never asked to bet back the money. It also told me something about how web development transforms, and we can adapt to these changes.

We see you @tomaszs, another win that’s awesome! You have won $1000.

The second position is won by:

One day I was inspired by a small yet crucial UI component in the Yahoo Finance iOS app.

This UI component represents stock price changes in real time. The most interesting thing in this component for me it’s the accurate color accents on some parts of a price that was changed.

Well deserved, @prokhorovxo! You have won $600.

In the third place, we have:

Scalability is often talked about casually as - “System X is scalable“ or “System Y is not scalable“. We need to understand that these statements in themselves do not mean anything. Rather, scalability discussions around an application should talk about growing or increasing an application’s capability when a certain type of load is encountered.

Thus before talking about scaling an application, we should properly understand the art of quantifying load and performance. Once we have understood those, then we can talk about the ideas of maintaining performance when load increases in a certain way.

Congratulations on winning $400, @infinity.

#Ecommerce Writing Contest Winners

The first position is won by:

You’re being watched. Whether you like it or not.

You’ve been marked by information technology. Cell towers know where you are. Your calls can be monitored. Your online presence can be hijacked. As if that’s not enough, companies even know your hobbies. They know your likes and dislikes. The profiles you stalk.

Congratulations, @walo! You have won $500!

In the second place, we have:

One of the things we did was create a list of high-quality free resources. We searched for new platforms that had their own listings of AI development tools, no-code platforms, low-code platforms, IDEs, and more. We found these listings on Twitter, Product Hunt, and other resources, and listed them.

Yay, @hacker89811! you have won $300!

The third position is won by:

In the era of simplifying customers’ access to a brand’s services, applications have become important. There are more smartphone users than computers; so, mobile phone applications are a better investment to reach more people.

Thus, if you are targeting Gen Z with a product, it is only proper to understand their smartphone behaviors as a guide to developing an application for them.

Congratulations,@kingabimbola! You have won $200!

Congratulations to all the winners again! We will contact y’all shortly. Visit today to check out the currently running contests.