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The Walking Dead: Survivors Arrives on Mobile Devices This Summer

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Skybound Entertainment and Elex Technology have revealed a new mobile game title for the juggernaut franchise, The Walking Dead. 

The Walking Dead: Survivors is a new strategy-based tower defense game for the series that will launch on iOS and Android later this summer.

The new game will take inspiration from Robert Kirman’s original comic series. Fan-favorite characters and likenesses from the comics will be featured in the experience. Players will be charged with building their own settlements and fighting against Walkers and other settlements to survive.

Other game features for Survive include expandable upgrades, controlling your army via frontline management, exploration, and more. The game will feature “Survivor” characters who will be divided by “Combat” or “Development” classes. The Combat Survivors have to protect the town and take part in battles. The Development Survivors take part in improving the towns or settlements. Announced legacy characters for Survivors will include Rick Grimes, Maya Evans, Glenn Rhee, Dwight, and more.

The Walking Dead: Survivors Available for Pre-Registration for Mobile Devices

Survivors will require strategizing on what type of buildings or fences to construct for a settlement, which characters to promote, and how to progress their various abilities. 

Community management is a huge focus. Additionally, players will be able to clan up and take part in PvP battles. In terms of exploration, the game will allow players to explore the areas outside their settlements. This will unlock new characters, resources, locations, and helpful items.

Pre-registration for Survivors is already open at the game’s official website. It will be available on iOS and Android devices in the US and UK later this year.


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