The Ultimate Resource List For Crypto Traders & Investorsby@lucaswyland
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The Ultimate Resource List For Crypto Traders & Investors

by Lucas WylandApril 27th, 2018
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Charting Tools & Technical Analysis

  • TradingView — Professional charting tools for all markets
  • Coinigy — Crypto specific charting tools & trading platform
  • CryptoWatch — Multi-exchange charting tool owned by Kraken

Decentralized Exchanges

  • IDEX — ERC-20 token exchange
  • EtherDelta — ERC-20 token exchange that runs off smart contracts
  • ForkDelta — Much improved user interface for EtherDelta

News Aggregators

Price Alerts & Notifications

Upcoming Crypto Events

ICO Information

Market Capitalization

Analysis Tools

  • Sifr Data — Data visualizations of various price indexes and correlations
  • Coin Monsta — Social media metrics and sentiment analysis
  • — Visualization of crypto price movements and correlations
  • OnChainFx — Price & market capitalization data with additional analysis tools

Desktop Trading Software

  • Margin — Desktop technical analysis tool and trading platform
  • TradeDash — Desktop trading platform with built-in charting tools

Crypto Trading Bots

  • CryptoHopper — Cloud-based crypto trading bot & backtester
  • HaasOnline — Professional desktop trading automation
  • ProfitTrailer — Self-hosted trading bot with reporting dashboard
  • GunBot — Self-hosted trading bot with TradingView integration
  • CryptoBlizz — Self-hosted crypto trading bot
  • CryptoTrader — Cloud-hosted platform to develop your own strategies
  • C.A.T — Self-hosted trading bot with multi-exchange integration

Portfolio Tracking

Software Wallets

  • Exodus — Sleek multi-currency wallet (Desktop Only)
  • Jaxx — Multi-currency wallet (Web and Desktop)

Hardware Wallets

  • Ledger Wallets — Multi-currency secure hardware wallets
  • Trezor Wallet — Secure Bitcoin hardware wallet
  • KeepKey — Multi-currency hardware wallet
  • bitkey — Image tool to create air-gapped computer for wallet

Tax Tools

Trading Subreddits

Scam Tracking

  • BadBitcoin — Naughty list for scams and fake sites


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Originally published at on April 27, 2018.