The 3 Best CRMs On The Market in 2021by@techie
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The 3 Best CRMs On The Market in 2021

by Anchor groupJanuary 24th, 2021
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Here are our top 3 picks for the Best CRM Available in 2021. Choose a CRM with your ideal level of flexibility, customization and compatibility with other tools

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The missions and objectives of companies are in constant change, especially during the global pandemic. This is due to the need to be adaptable and flexible to the needs of customers; for this, Customer Relationship Management tools (CRMs) are perfect to get the job done. The best CRMs must be able not only to store data, such as addresses and contacts of suppliers but also to perform actions, such as sending emails to customers or supporting an online chat. In this article, we tell you what the best CRM must have to be considered the best and 3 options that we believe are the most complete on the market.

What Features and Functionalities Do best CRMs Need To Have?

How does a company choose the Customer Relationship Management tool that suits it? The needs of each business are particular, so depending on each activity, some types of CRM are the better choice over others. It is important to identify what the objectives of the company are and establish what are the priorities to highlight one CRM over another. If it is about implementing a change in customer management with the choice of a best CRM, the team must be involved in the process and provide keys on the use and needs.

Choose the best CRM with your ideal level of flexiblity, customization, and compatibility with other tools already in use. Additionally, you have to consider CRMs capable of supporting the volume of interactions and data that are generated.

Top 3: The Best CRMs Available in 2021

Some of the options available today are very useful for managing sales flow and marketing plans and results. Here are 3 of the best CRMs that are also among the most popular and useful.


NetSuite is a cloud CRM that has one program for small businesses, one for medium businesses, and one for large businesses. It allows the automation of the sales force and marketing campaigns to generate leads, amongst others. NetSuite implementation is easier than other CRMs.

If you want options to improve the user experience, reduce
operating costs, and see an increase in your sales and margins, you can use NetSuite mobile app.


This CRM ranks for the most employees, the most complete solution, and the best value. It offers a multitude of options and functionalities ideal for large companies.

Salesforce incorporates the ability to communicate and comment internally about the accounts and profiles that are part of the registry of this application. Sales opportunities are easily manageable, as well as their recorded details: expected results, time, the status of the negotiation, etc.

The Salesforce CRM is built with a social network component;
Thus, through the "chatter", communication and notices can be
maintained in an agile way about proposals and other details. In addition, you can manage and design marketing campaigns in an agile and simple way by adjusting different parameters.

Zoho CRM

Zoho stands out for being a multi-channel CRM, in which we
can capture leads and manage social networks. It also allows you to directly call contacts and write emails. Zoho CRM is also able to analyze sales from different points of view and improve its performance.

Final Thoughts

Choosing among the best CRMs that meet the needs of the company goes through defining them in a correct and outlined way. These CRMs offer greater advantages compared to other types of CRM, especially for companies of a certain size.