The Step-by-step Process to Creating Effective Corporate Explainer Videos by@tahanchin

The Step-by-step Process to Creating Effective Corporate Explainer Videos

The most challenging online production that people usually demand is to create HD quality explainer product videos. The benefits of explainer videos include their ability to break down complex topics into digestible bites, to provide visual aids in the form of animation or graphics. These benefits can help you as you create what goes into making one? Using a tool like [KROCK.IO, you can create one for your own business without any previous experience. Explainer product videos come in various types, depending on the brand style and objectives.
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Today, in the era of the digital revolution, everyone is looking for reliable and feature-rich video explainer tools. The most challenging online production that people usually demand is to create HD quality explainer product videos.

Video Marketing is a method where you show short clips of your business to prospective customers. With the rise in popularity of social media, more and more people are turning to a diverse range of explainer video ideas to take their product or service to the next level. In this blog article, you will find out what an explainer video is and how to create one for your own business without any previous experience!

What Are Explainer Videos?

An explainer video is typically a 60-sec short influential video that targets your prospective customers and tells them why they need this product. It’s a powerful booster of the marketing campaign.

Explainer product videos come in various types, depending on the brand style and objectives. However,  if you choose to present the explainer product video, you need to define your product or service to the audience in an effective way, answering the question, “why me?”.

Why Do We Need Explainer Videos?

Explainer videos are designed to make it easier for your audience to identify with and understand a complex idea or concept. You can place these explainer video services on a myriad of social media sites, marketing campaigns, conferences, presentations, or any events.

If you build your own website, posting animated explainer videos on the homepage or landing page is a great way to communicate with the potential audience in a limited time. Using the quick feedback from your customers, why not post compelling explainer videos about your customers’ journeys on your social media channels, to always update existing customer relationships and engage new audiences.

Moreover, these are the kick starter of any crowdfunding campaign, because it adds the value of a new selling product launch. Also, you use these unified videos of any type in presentations, depending on the client’s requirement.

Explainer Video Types

Explainer product videos can be made in many different ways. The following are the three most popular explainer video types that you must know about:

  • Animated Explainer Video

An Animated explainer video maker briefly describes the fascinating story scenes in a 60-sec short explainer animated video. With the combination of different animated characters, texts, or using motion graphics, we connect with a huge number of audiences. Undoubtedly, it demonstrates the complex processes of a company’s product in a simpler means.

Also, motion graphics are quite helpful to exemplify numbers and statistics in some animated explainer videos, for example, using animated charts and graphs rather than displaying static images.

  • Whiteboard Explainer Video

A whiteboard explainer video is also known as “video scribing” shows the various still character or animated characters, as well as a hand that illustrates points in the narration by writing on a white background.

A whiteboard explainer video attains 15% more information than a video explaining stories with an individual speaking into the camera. Also, those who saw the whiteboard explainer videos were 66% more likely to share it with their fellows.

- Dr. Richard Wiseman, the most renowned psychologist

  • Live-Action Explainer Video

Having an individual stand and speak up on a video camera illustrates how live-action videos connect with audiences effectively. Although it is not the most attractive way, explaining the process through walking around behind the scenes would surely add some excitement to a live-action explainer video.



How to Make an Explainer Video

  1. Create a creative brief

    A Creative Brief is the first step in any explainer video production. This step allows studios to compile the most relevant information about a potential partner company and its product. When you want to learn more about goals, preferences, and ideas, video companies arrange a short phone call or ask for a questionnaire. Using this creative guide can generate ideas that are well-thought-out and on the same page with the designers and decision makers.

  1. Create an Explainer Video Script

Having studied your product first is the key to creating an explainer video script that works. Based on your target market, core audience, and demographics, you draft 1-2 rough video scripts. A mood board is also created using brand guidelines to present a wider perspective on all appropriate design options.

If one of the concepts is approved, you will make the necessary changes and start drafting a detailed script using an explainer video script template PDF.

pdf annotation

pdf annotation

  1. Create a Storyboard

After finalizing the video script, you jump into the storyboard creation which shapes up the visual sketched representations of all scenes with action and transition descriptions in a product explainer video. It’s a time-consuming step among all which works as a complete guide of not only the customer’s visual imagination but is also quite helpful for animators and illustrators.

  1. Create the Design

At this step, you use different colored style templates or frames that focus on the main elements of the video like the main character and background layouts. By using the myriad of rough sketches on the multiple background video templates, you can come up with illustrations for future explainer videos.

You can even use ready-made free explainer video templates that are all integrated into one place and come out of the tussle of getting thousands of templates from multiple tools.

  1. Record a Voice-over

It’s the most crucial step of animated explainer video production that needs to be recorded before working on animation. It delivers the right message to the targeted audience with the help of an appealing voice that fits the product explainer video. For a 60-second video, approximately 150-170 words are best.

6. Create the Animation

Upon finishing the illustrations and voice-over, the final captivating video draft will be made. The addition of using a combination of different frame-by-frame or 3D explainer video toolkits allows us to bring even the craziest video ideas to life. Once the video company has finished all internal animation revisions, then deliver the product video project to the client for their valuable feedback.

7. Create the Music and Sound Design (SFX)

Adding up the background music or sound effects with animated visuals to the explainer videos brings positive changes in the viewer’s mood and grabs their attention for a longer time.

krock project templates

krock project templates

7 of the Best Explainer Video Examples

There are some great examples of other businesses that need to use the KROCK.IO tool for making exclusive videos for their brand. Here you can see how this animated explainer video software by the most advanced video company, Hound Studio, principal works like magic.

  1. Headspace: You will find it informative, friendly, and a clear call to action (CTA)
  2. Jostle: Fun graphics and compelling narration combine in this animated explainer video
  3. Tattoodo: Just 14 seconds are all it takes for this live-action explainer to convey the brand promise
  4. Fender Play: The marketing video ends with a strong  CTA and shows a service in action
  5. Influitive: An important concept is explained through humor, followed by low-commitment CTA that helps build the relationship
  6. Capital One: Explainers are great at bringing even the most boring topic to life through fun animations.
  7. Hound Studio: Check out a 70-sec video in frame-by-frame animation style designed by Hound Team for a famous sustainable clothing brand through KROCK.IO. We were more than pleasantly surprised by the cool results of such a duly organized process on our platform.

krock project management tool

krock project management tool

Remember, each step of animated video production requires attention to detail from start to finish. You may not get the results you expect if you skip a step.

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