The State of the Russia-Ukraine War from a Ukrainian HackerNoonerby@podcast
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The State of the Russia-Ukraine War from a Ukrainian HackerNooner

by PodcastMarch 22nd, 2022
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The world and Ukrainians have shown incredible unity before Putin's encroachment on freedom and democracy. We are aiming for 100 million of funds raised to help the Ukrainian army by the end of the week and we believe in the defeat of Russia in the near future. You can donate UAH now! Together to victory to victory against Putin's invasion of Ukraine and Putin in short: Together to defeat Russia in near future. The Ukraine podcast Limarc Ambalina, Richard Kubina and Arthur Tkachenko talk about the situation in Kharkiv.

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The world and Ukrainians have shown incredible unity before Putin's encroachment on freedom and democracy. The strength of the Ukrainian army grows with each donated dollar and written word of support. This is already evident from the recent victories of Ukrainian soldiers on the battlefield.

Former HackerNoon employee and Ukrainian, Arthur Tkachenko, speaks on the situation in Ukraine.

We are aiming for $100 million of funds raised to help the Ukrainian army by the end of the week and we believe in the defeat of Russia in the near future.

You can donate UAH now! Together to peace for everyone.

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Here’s the thread from the government:

On this episode of the podcast Limarc Ambalina, Richard Kubina and Arthur Tkachenko talk about:

00:08 - What’s the situation in Kharkiv?

01:03 - Confirming that missiles are hitting residential areas homes, apartments

03:58- “Anyone who has the ability to order a cappuccino, just a cappuccino, is a very happy man.”

04:23 - The infrastructure in Kharkiv: electricity, water, internet

04:36 - “When you wake up and you’re not dead, it’s a fine day. When you see that your family is safe, it’s a nice day. If you have electricity, whoa it’s a perfect day. If you have internet, it’s like whoa. I’m a happy man.”

05:36 What is the community doing to get through this together?

07:57 - On propaganda in the war from both sides

09:35 - “Ukraine is defending NATO from Russia”

09:46 - What is the mood and morale like right now?

12:05 - Is it true civilians are all being armed?

13:22 - “It’s not my problem whether or not the Russian soldiers are here voluntarily or if they’re being forced or tricked to be here. It’s not my problem. Our problem is to defend our homeland. IF they don’t want to fight with us, then don’t kill our children. When a small kid dies just because of a stupid airstrike, it’s devastating.”

16:24 - Are Ukrainians streaming still streaming out of the country?

19:54 - How is the Ukrainian government getting information to its citizens?

22:48 - How can regular people help out in the situation? Has cryptocurrency helped keep commerce going?

30:31 - Comparing what the news says in the West vs. What it says in The Ukraine

Podcast Transcript (Machine Generated, Excuse the errors)

[00:00:00] Limark: From your end. What, what's the situation like right now? All, all me and Richard see is what, you know, CNN and BBC reports, but what's it, what's it really like down there in Kharkiv?

[00:00:17] Arthur: Infrastructure is down. Everybody's crying, people dying and the most important things, a lot of kids die. We have air strikes here and yeah Russians trying to invade Ukraine and uh, fuck Putin in short .

[00:00:32] Limark: So why do you feel safe? Not to go underground with the rest of the people? Why, why are you still living in the residential area?

[00:00:39] Arthur: It's not a lot of shelters. Well established here and with risk of invasion, like Russian soldiers into the town, our underground shelters, shut down. So people can go there and then a lot of military forces like round them. And you can't go out. So you, you need to be careful and go outside, like in advance,

[00:01:03] Limark: is, uh, true. Then at least in Ukraine that the missile strikes are definitely hitting residential areas, residential homes, and not just military facilities.

[00:01:12] Arthur: Yeah, it is just fake from, from Putin.

So, uh, har other towns gets like, gets hits pretty hard. It's not just my word. You can Google it. Yeah. I mean, recently I was reading, uh, New York times article and. Like a future, like a huge tank with a like dead body of Russian solar. And I'm like, now this is how news get presented. Like, yeah. First you can see, like before you read text, you can see like dead body.

And I like, okay, it's crazy.

[00:01:45] Limark: Yeah. So even your area, uh, just luckily your residential area is intact, but some like homes and apartment buildings, in car give, definitely been hit and like people can't live there anymore.

[00:01:56] Arthur: Uh, yeah. So car give, have before maybe around two people. and we have a lot of Neighborhoods where people just live in and then they can go and commute to work, in the middle of the city.

And it's like downtown. So there a lot of like, buildings with a lot of floors. And when the missile like hits this, you then get fire and we don't have a lot. Environments right now. So it's like the whole, whole thing goes down, but yeah, so they doesn't care. we actually, we shot a few airplanes to get a few pilots and the Russian pilots doesn't know what they bomb actually.

Mm-hmm so they just have coordinates and the weather scalp in us. To be honest. So they, they must fly, not high a lot. and we can actually shoot them. So it's pretty, I, I was yesterday instead of saying like, have a good night, like say like, let's shot more Russian airplanes, So the military is, uh, shooting the airplanes, but obviously from the ground, is that, or do you, is, does the military still have some fighter or jets that are fighting back against the Russian jets?

we have our jets. We have a hero hero of our guy and he's defend give, but to be honest, You can't compare a military power of Russia, this Ukraine, especially we have troubles in recent years.

but again, they also use an old, old stuff. So I'm imagining if Poland will give us some coal airplanes that we can actually fly or the there's like a huge, huge movements that's going on. Trying to estimate to close our Skype because without Russian airplanes, they will just suck, you know? Yeah.

And this cohorts moves to bump our homes. It's it's strange. we, we definitely need to focus on bringing more airplanes here.

[00:03:46] Limark: At least in car give, is everything completely shut down then like you're not going to work every day. Right. And most of your friends and family, they're not going to work, I'm guessing, right?

[00:03:54] Arthur: Yeah. Nobody goes to work. we have this local joke here, so everybody who's listening and have like ability to go and order a cap. Chin. Just just a cappuccino is a pretty happy man, because there is no ability to have great coffee here. you, you can make it yourself, can't you? Uh, yes I can. But you know, when you can go to a cafe in order, like some, some fancy stuff, there's no option here.

Right. And again, it's like, I'm trying to be positive, but my mood swings goes up and down

[00:04:23] Limark: Yeah, I can imagine. But, uh, you, at least you can get, uh electricity, water and internet. That's all still running.

[00:04:30] Arthur: it's actually a great question because I was in cha with my teammates and we realize that our priorities just have a great, because when you wake up and you're not dead, It's a fine day.

When you see that your family is safe, it's a nice day, and for example, if you have electricity, it's perfect day. And if you also have internet that working, it's like, whoa, I I'm happy, man. So yeah, it's, it's like a great for millions of people because we have is Poland already accepted like 1 million refugees.

So yeah, it's, uh, It's devastating. And we going forward to, to a like huge collapse, but on the other side, our like military forces doing like awesome job. I mean, if you trust our numbers, like we already killed so many troops and It's not just kill and Russian soldiers, you can wound them, they can lost et cetera, et cetera.

So, so numbers are high and thank you to all countries that supporting us, especially with weapons because without great support, without like tons of work, fine and Russian Nutanix weapons, we will, we probably conquer.

[00:05:36] Richard: I'm just wondering, like have folks, taken on any new activities coming together in different ways. Are there new things you're doing to get through these hard times just to come together as a community? Well,

[00:05:46] Arthur: we are trying to breathe so lot. I think prison is important and right now it's very.

Very important time because you know, we already get through's fewest days when everybody's in action, you have your heart pumping up, et cetera. And right now we have this like a little slowing down since, but we are, we retired and we need to keep going. So it's like, it's a long run. I'm sure that, uh, while Russian economy didn't collapse, we'll still have this strange war and, lots of people will suffer.

[00:06:17] Richard: So like the, the supply chain of getting like food and or water and anything coming in, is it, is this something that, uh, like everybody is involved in that there's like an effort it to kind according logistics with. Anybody that can help out. Has it changed at all or is it I'm just wondering how like, uh, goods are coming into you

[00:06:35] Arthur: most of our shops and mall are closed right now.

Mm-hmm and we have like long curious and people just wait outside and it's not very safe because us. Few times there was a bond that hit into like a cure of people. And it's like seven people dead, you know, from one time ju just one hit can bring a lot of devastation. Uh, there's lots of issues with logistic right now, but we have great support from other countries.

And see that like, Help is coming food, et cetera, cetera. But again, it's hard to like to move quickly goods here because we are trying to like go into, into regimes that tomorrow or today, like air forces or and soldiers can go into our town. So our, our like bridges is broken right now. Our. We have a lot of horse with soldiers.

They like cut holes in order to like, to be able to shoot from different vintage points. So yeah, it's, it's not easy to move goods from one place of the tongue to another place, especially food and water, because. On each post, uh, soldiers will take a look on you and what you're actually moving out because, we probably have a lot of spice here and we trying to fight them.

And yeah, since aren't easy, like I was walking maybe 40 minutes to bring like fresh water to my family

[00:07:57] Limark: and, um, on the, uh, Topic of, you talked about if we trust your numbers, when you talked about the number of soldiers that were, um, killed the Russian soldiers. Um, I think like obviously in war situation, there's often propaganda from both sides.

Like I've been watching, uh, what the Russian news have sometimes reported is it's crazy stuff, obviously. They claimed that, uh, parts of Ukraine were, um, being held by Nazis and that's why they were invading. Right. So they have propaganda on their side. Yeah.

It's a mid section.

Yeah. And I'm wondering, um, how much of the Amer American side as well, uh, is true or not.

So one thing that, the American side is saying is that, um, Like the Russians were told that they were gonna do a brief military exercise and they were never, they were never going to invade. It was just a little training exercise and thus, but afterwards, obviously they invaded and all of the Russian soldiers were also surprised.

Do you think that part is true? Do you think that the Russian army had no clue that they were going to invade and that it was all up to put in? Or do you think they knew from the start.

[00:08:56] Arthur: so some of them didn't know anything for sure, but, it was a long time planet. I mean, if some people from Europe seen that Russia will just try to invite Ukraine and will stop here.

Well, sorry we catch some their spot and we know that they already planning next. Moves for example, say can quickly conquer or other countries that was belonging. So like, Soviet Russia before mm-hmm it's, it's not like, just a wish they plant it a lot. And, uh, I am happy that we win airplanes because I think right now, and this probably will be a great headline for this.

Uh, Ukraine is defending not from our sure. Right now. I think it's, it's obvious because nobody want to.

Only we can with standards to be honest.

[00:09:45] Limark: that's a good headline,

I think two weeks ago you wrote an article on hack and you said that the overall mood of the Ukrainian people, you, you weren't scared.

Everybody was angry. It wasn't fear. It was more like anger and, uh, and rising up against this invasion. Uh, two weeks in now, is that still the case? Do you think the overall mood is still, is still more anger and like this burning passion to fight back? Or do you think some people are, you know, getting tired of it and feeling the fatigue?

[00:10:11] Arthur: Uh, let's split this question in two parts. For example, if we are talking about morale of our soldiers, it's pretty high. Just, watch a lot. Like you can Google a lot of videos, how our soldiers are dancing and you, you know, this feeling like we have this great anti weapon called and love, and it just, uh, just a tool that can, you can shoot it from.

huge distance and it just blow Russian ducks, you know, mm-hmm and it's, it's pretty hard. You can't battle this, you know, mm-hmm, because you, you can put a lot of soldiers give to anyone that and love to, and they fact, and it's also going back to question how many sure. The Russians diet already, you can count just by.

For example, one tank or one, like we need vehicle, they at least have like four people inside. And when you know, we are striking it with the rocket, everybody's dead, you know, so it's, mm-hmm, , it's, it's easy to count, especially when they have issues with their own supply chain. And we have a great, great operation that was done.

Uh, maybe. Week ago in, in just one operation. Uh, our, our forces was able to like blow, I think, like 60 oil tanks in one operation, 60 oil tanks. So all, all this oil was to go for like supply in their tanks. And, uh, there are also a lot of soldiers from Russia that just a young guys. Yeah, it was fool and they, they don't want to fight.

They understand everything and, uh, uh, we have a lot of them, so they will work on restoring our. Homeland

[00:12:05] Richard: I had, uh, understood a lot of civilians are being armed. That a lot of like firearms are being given out to just anyone that was willing to take 'em. Is it, is that something that's very common? Do you see a lot of that, that, or is it like common knowledge that people are armed and ready to fight?

It comes down to that level?

[00:12:20] Arthur: Uh, well, there are lots of people with weapon right now and we'll probably have some issues later. But right now, everybody with a weapon, happy to use it against Russians. And I also feel that a lot of volunteers have elder people, people are like giving money, giving the foods away and it's like, we already unite.

You know, Ukraine is, is a huge country. We have different nations. Uh, we have some. Some things that's like split us. But right now we are like, well, like one phase that trying to kick putting out. So we, we actually trying to over throw Putin from Russia because Russians can do this themselves. So they will probably send us later, but they will pay huge reparation costs.

So probably their, like their kids. Will will, will pay huge operation. Cause it's like a lot of people did and like whole country economy is like in a bad situation. To be honest,

[00:13:21] Limark: we talked a little bit earlier about how, at least the portion of the Russian forces you think they were tricked, they, they weren't told that they were gonna invade and the young guys, they, I didn't want to invade when you have that in your mind.

And you know that there's probably a portion of these soldiers that don't wanna be there. Um, How do you feel like, do, do you feel like you're, you can still like be happy and smile and say like, oh, we, we killed a thousand Russian shoulders today because you know, how many of those guys also didn't wanna be here?

And they, they were just forced to be here. Right. How does that play into it?

[00:13:51] Arthur: Uh, well, if young Russian soldiers once, be alive, not to be killed in our Homeland, they must throw away their weapon. Rise hands. Like everything should be destroyed. They should like, uh, suck out oil from tanks, you know, throw everything away and just like, we'll get, we know we are actually treating them pretty well.

I mean, we are, we are in be like Putins. So they're actually a pretty, pretty strange situation as they don't want to. Accept that there are a lot of people dead from their side. They don't want to bring bodies into Russia. It's very strange. We actually, our like railroad has maybe 10 or 12 huge, refrigerators, just fields with bias and they don't want to accept them because.

It'll like change their agenda. So mm-hmm yeah. About your question. I, I don't know. I'm I'm angry, so it, it's not my problem. To be honest, our problem is to defend our Homeland and if they don't want to fight with us, there are a lot of ways. Very. Not kill our children, you know, it's yeah. I don't know why, but, uh, for me, like when small kid just died because of stupid, uh, air strike is like, it's devastating.

I, I, I can't, can't just comprehend it.

[00:15:22] Limark: Well, of course, Smith, you know, if you're, if you're just lucky to wake up and be alive every day, I don't think you really have time to think about the morality of whether or not it's it's okay to fight back. Like you have to fight back there's there's no other option, right?

[00:15:34] Arthur: Yeah. And it's finally, everybody understands things because, uh, this war actually started in, 12, 14, like eight years ago. Mm-hmm and like, My own family actually get affected by that. So most of our like homes and apartments that we own in as family. Like sit in, in a war zone for eight years. So, and it's pretty hard to go into another place, rent, flat pay, you know, et cetera, et cetera.

It's, it's, it's a problem. So yeah. F finally, like whole world unites and against Russia. And, uh, I'm sure it's probably like in two months their economy will collapse, but again, two months it's enough to kill a lot of kids here.

[00:16:24] Richard: Yeah, I'm just wondering, are you, are people still streaming out of the country or to different areas of Ukraine or is it mostly going over to lake Poland or, and, and are you part of that?

Uh, are you planning on

[00:16:35] Arthur: moving out? Uh, so, Russia and Ukraine has great. Railroad system and it's, it is like a benefit and also an issue because Russians can't move a lot of troops here, but we already blow a lot of railroad connected to Russia. And right now our, our Ukrainian, uh, people that actually running like railroads.

They're doing a great job. And they like moving out people from one side from east into the west. And most of, uh, our trains goes into reef. And there's another problem invi right now, because there are a lot of people. They need shelters, they need food, et cetera. So, uh, yeah, our people moving out and I need to mention that most of our, Citizens trying to move into Poland because Poland is very supportive us, but there are a lot of other countries that have boards with us, like Romania OA other countries.

So yeah, like if you are going to. Create and, uh, migrate from Ukraine. Poland is not the best choice right now because there are a lot of cures, a lot of people trying to move upon and, uh, Poland will have a lot of issues with that because it's probably again like a million refugees from Ukraine there.

[00:17:53] Richard: I'm just wondering if you're getting a, like, how do you get information? Like, is there, is there a clear path, like if you wanna get up, take your family and go, is there any, is not a lot of great information or communication about that or plan?

[00:18:03] Arthur: Right. Right now, most of people using smartphones and we have this, our, for.

Internet. That's not ideal, but again, most of our people using telegram as a messenger. And right now there are a lot of like separated channel where people like talking together. For example, we have a channel where we get like some fun. Where there is also channels, uh, with like hate where just people posting dead, dead bodies, et cetera, et cetera.

Uh, we also have channels where our officials making statements on different languages. For example, for people that speak Russians that, uh, speaking UK green and we have official accounts that actually translates and same messages into English. So other people can actually join this channel and like, Have the same flow of information.

So yeah, telegram is going, doing a great job. Uh, I hope they not supporting Russians because, uh, founder of telegram is, uh, Russian, but he was moved away for, for a lot of years ago. it was a similar situation in bill arru when this started to protest from there. TYY and they also coordinated via telegram and like a lot of journalists that use in telegram, they build this.

This huge follow up because they start to report in like daily, daily, daily. You, you can like post 20 messages per day. You don't need to write long article. And, uh, people sharing, like sharing a lot of stuff and it's actually, it's like a do scrolling. So I'm trying to avoid this right now.

Yeah. But at the same time, you can see like, Like the whole nation is United and it's one of the easiest ways to get information right now.

[00:19:54] Limark: How, um, how is the government giving you information though? Like if the government wants to say, Hey, we have, uh, Intel that there might be a missile strike here, please get out of the area.

How are they warning citizens and getting information to you? Are they using telegram as well?

[00:20:08] Arthur: They are using telegram. And we also have a few obligations over the siren. We also have a local siren, but in car, uh, it's not working for a lot of, uh, areas. And to be honest, we actually. Stop to care about their strikes anymore.

There is like a meme where like a chat for, with just two girls, you know, and one is asking like, how is things going? Tell me I'm, I'm scared about it. And another one replying like, Hey, it's another rare strike. I'll go to make it. You. So,

I mean, I was traveling back from my, my second department right now and there was like, A lot of explosives, missile, sales flying, and, uh, people just growing like where they want I'm in.

Nobody gave a fuck. That's

[00:20:57] Richard: crazy. And I think footage of someone filming a tank coming like right up at the, up the road and moments later just fires blows up, right. Them just unha like, oh, let me get a, a better view. Goes to the next room, do glass in front of 'em exploding, just like calmly film. And it's like amazing to see, uh, Steel cold nerves in response to this,

[00:21:18] Arthur: people just, you know, you, you can't, you, you can't just, uh, consume it every day and don't doing it.

Like we already. Like we don't have a problem with coronavirus anymore, you know? Right. it's it's concerned. Corona was, I guess, right. It's over. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's over. Yeah. Well, you

[00:21:39] Richard: mentioned like having like the, the channel on telegram for like, for fun, I'm wondering like, how do you keep. Light. How do you, how do you have fun?

Like how do you, what's the entertainment here? What's the, how do you do it?

[00:21:49] Arthur: some people start to create songs about, uh, it's, uh, UN manage flying VIN from Turkey. Uh, it's a great, it's doing a great job. So start to. To film videos and songs about Barar. Some people probably will, will names their kids after, after this, uh, found their name.

And yeah, stuff like in law Barrar and Jain is like our main words of happiness and kids, uh, like mom's filming their kids where get singing songs. we, we created like, uh, NFT project where there's different drawings of kids. So there probably will be a lot of galleries that with tons of, images from kids.

And, uh, we have a lot of memes about Russia, you know? So you, you, you should be positive because, uh, it's, it's, it's hard to, it's hard to be here without, uh, positivity right now.

[00:22:48] Richard: Yeah, that's amazing what music can do in that way. Yeah. Um, you mentioned NFTs, like, so I imagine that there's is, is like cryptocurrency a, a good way to help out here.

Has cryptocurrency, uh, helped here, like to keep things moving, keep commerce going, uh, on a smaller level.

And again, the more loaded question I guess is , how can someone like me help? you guys here directly.

[00:23:13] Arthur: we, we have a crypto fund. Uh, we have our local, uh, local exchange platform. It's called una and, uh, Shabi, uh, founder of this, uh, Exchange platform helping a lot, actually.

And he created the fund. He didn't manage money himself. So everything that goes donated this, uh, crypto fund goes directly and supporting like, uh, our army. So there, there are probably a lot of different, more old fonts. That uh, supports in different, cause for example, uh, sound funds supports in like helping kids or pregnant woman there.

A lot of kids actually get, get burned and in shelters and it's, it's spread hard to be a woman right now in Ukraine. To be honest. So yeah, we have one main funds and so I, I can share links with you later. So yeah, it's probably the best way because our while our bank system is working, it's still slow.

So they still have the stupid bureaucracy and you, you can't do things quickly. And with Scriptor, you can actually transfer money into Poland by a lot of like stuff, a lot of military ammunition, and then import it quickly without, without any law, you know, bureau papers, et cetera, and just transfer it into our cities.

So, yeah, it's helping a lot and I think. I didn't follow it for recent days, but this fund actually raised it like 50 million bucks at this point. Maybe, maybe even more next next goal is, uh, 100 million. Yeah. And it's not only a Bitcoin. Uh, we have a lot of stable points. I think when I last check it it'll was like four or 5 million in Bitcoin and other stable coins.

So yeah. And thank you to, to everybody for support.

[00:25:12] Limark: Uh, so that crypto fund, uh, we'll get the link later and hope we can, uh, donate there. Uh, do you know what that fund does? So you said partly some of the money goes to buying weapons and bringing them into Ukraine. Do you know what, what else that fund goes to?

[00:25:25] Arthur: Uh, yeah. It's uh, there are a lot of soldiers right now, so they need food. They need like clothes, you even need socks. Like there, there are a lot of people just don't have like, uh, fresh socks. So, uh, they posting like, uh, finding videos where they're like, you know, Hey, chalk from, uh, rails. That that was like melted together.

So to, to prevent like moving vehicles, uh, it was like, like written from Ko. So there, there are a lot of video goes around, I think in key. So, yeah. And it's hard to track movement right now of my, because like there, there are no invoices here right now, you know?

[00:26:11] Limark: but, uh, other than donating, uh, to that crypto fund, uh, Richard asked that I'm interested as well.

What do you think that, you know, the average person like me or Richard can do cause you know, there's the people on social media, you change your logo to the Ukrainian flag, but you know, in our hearts I feel like, does that really do anything like, uh, what do you, what do you say? What do you think the average person can do to help.

[00:26:33] Arthur: Uh, well helping us with, uh, protesting and like squeezing your governments to help us even more, more, uh, I think it's what everybody's doing. So, uh, we have a lot of requests to close our sky by nature, but I don't think it's will happen. So I, I think other people can help us by start to fight with us. I mean, it's, uh, this like, Crazy dog trying to bite to everyone and we need to finish it.

So, uh, this, this wouldn't be just a war between Russia and Ukraine. I mean, why, for example, like why put, wouldn't decide to moral that if Poland so support in weapons, why he can't invade pollen at the same time? Who can save phones right now? So yes, there is a data, but again, right now, uh, like there are a lot of nations in European union and they create support, but I already see that since start to get slow down, everybody gets, uh, get tired of this news, everybody underst and that a lot of people get guilt here.

So yeah. Uh, we actually like. We are watching all the videos from, uh, Greece, Georgia, from Italy, from all around the world. Like people protesting people like wearing our flex, and this is what's helping us because it's like whole world against Russia. So it's, it's a great support. And, I was thinking.

I'm working on the next article on this topic. And I'm trying to like to change, change the mood and think about what will be after this war. And I think it'll be helpful for our economy to build more startups. And I think we need to start this trend to hire more ukranian people. Into like different startups.

Mm-hmm because it'll help a lot. It'll like increase this bond. And I mean, right now, a lot of countries supporting us with like money. So it's actually your tax taxpayers supporting us us. And if your businesses can help us and also get some profit from it, everybody will be helpful. There are a lot of people that will lose their jobs.

And it's easy. I mean, I'm probably the, one of it because down where I was working, it's actually destroyed. And I mean, uh, there, I left like my notebook, my mic, like HD cam. So, and I was like, right now, I don't have a proper key board and I can't buy it because there's no keyboard here. Yeah. So, uh, please continue to support us.

And use social medias. It's, it's very important. And we also can fight Russian propaganda by just a common reason. I, I saw yesterday, my friend from Singapore have this chat with some, uh, Russian developer and they have this stupid battle and I was watching for a few minutes and then I just reported him.

But again, uh, my friend did a great job because Russian developer, trying to tell that. Hey, there are Nazis in Ukraine. Please see. And my friend, just replying with a science paper, like by a guy that did a study about rising, like Neo Nazi wings in Russia. And you can't bottle with science paper, you know, you can think about anything again.

We need to win this war and we need to help like, uh, Russian people that actually understand what is going on to over drove this regime because he wouldn't stop. He's crazy. And, uh, yeah. Yeah. I don't think he would actually hit any clear, but, but, uh, it's probably the best way to. So over those searching quickly,

[00:30:31] Limark: we, we already know like the, uh, propaganda that Russia is putting on their news, but I'm kind of interested to see the difference between Western news and what they're showing you in the Ukraine.

So, uh, Richard can help me, but I think the common things that I keep hearing in the news are one, Russia's Russia's war is, uh, Putin war is failing. Um, it isn't going as planned. It's not, he's not taking land as fast as he wanted to, to the Ukrainian moralities in general, the moral Morales in general high.

because everybody is pissed because you know, it's their land. Uh, maybe Russia wasn't expecting everybody to, they were expecting you to welcome the soldiers in which obviously didn't happen. And, um, Three they're saying that, uh, Putin backed himself into a corner because you know, I, if he gives up now he's fucked because , he's a bad politician now and they're probably gonna overthrow him anyways.

But at the same time, the people all are already losing. The Rubal is down. I think like 60%, like something crazy. And, um, they're getting sanctioned like crazy. Uh, is there, is there anything else I missed Richard. That's like a common thing you see in the news every day though. Those are like the main things I keep seeing.

[00:31:36] Richard: No. Yeah. I mean, it is just the, there was a, always a concern that, um, Russia's been like holding back now that they, to, to kind of preserve the image that like, to not cause a toll revolt in Russia, they don't want to cause too many. Civilian casualties and just obviously make it a complete at trial. I mean, it already is bad, but yeah, the idea is that he's kind of holding back and that he, if he's getting frustrated that this is failing so badly, there's so many things going wrong for him that he might just ramp it up in some insane way, right?

Like, like you're saying he has to be stopped dictators don't stop. They have, have to be stopped. And, uh, if things aren't going as way in this kind of more controlled way, there's obviously more like fire power behind it. Right. So it's like, there's this concern that it could just escalate at any moment.

[00:32:26] Limark: so yeah, those are like the things we've been hearing in the Western news. What are they reporting like usually every day in the Ukrainian news, uh, Arthur.

[00:32:33] Arthur: We have same news here. So there isn't like a lot of, uh, differences between like, uh, numbers that was reported by our local news, our like forces and numbers that actually reported, there are probably some like, uh, Some projects, some medias that controlled by Russians, but, uh, tech world is fighting back pretty quickly.

So most of like YouTube channels get bands. I'm happy that I was reporting like, uh, Russian defense channel. And I was like, fuck you, I can click this button report. And yeah, I can get an email. Like, Hey, we aren't scared. And most of, uh, uh, people that actually work in as, uh, propaganda, uh, they losing their homes in Europe.

They can spend money. So yeah, they already angry because if you work for like 10 years and push this, put an agenda and you like collect the money and invest in its property in Europe, and then you can go there. You like mm-hmm you aren't happy at all.

[00:33:43] Limark: Technology is so crazy. I kind of almost feel like I'm in a really weird dream right now because 60 years ago, when a war like this happened, propaganda was airplanes dropping papers from the sky.

Now the propaganda are on YouTube and LinkedIn. Like it's, it's crazy to even think about. And it's, it's really crazy that, and me and rich, aren't able to talk to you right. To talk to somebody on a computer screen where missiles are flying like a kilometer away. It's it's I don't have a question. It's just like a really insane thing.

I feel like I'm in like an off weird dream right now.

[00:34:12] Richard: Still won't have that teleportation yet. Or we can just get in there and get some feet on the ground.

[00:34:18] Arthur: Yeah. It's the same time we are like going forward. So yeah, it's going.

[00:34:23] Limark: Did you have anything else? Uh, you wanted to say or ask Richard before we help off.

[00:34:28] Richard: No man. I mean, no, I, my thoughts are with you, my energy's with you, as you would say, I remember like before, um, yeah, so I'm here for you, man. You know, like if there's anything, you know, we're, we're still talking all the time playing these, uh, chest matches and whatnot.

So we'll be in touch. But I, yeah,

[00:34:47] Arthur: yeah. Playing shares is like my daily habits right now because it's keep me San.

[00:34:51] Limark: Yeah. Yeah. Stay safe. I hope, uh, if Amazon Ukraine was up and running, I would send you something. But I guess I can't do that right now.

cool. All right. Uh, we'll stay safe, man. I'll, we'll be in touch on Facebook and LinkedIn. And, uh, we'll talk to you later and message us time.

[00:35:10] Arthur: Okay. Yeah. Huge. Thank you. And slower to Ukraine. Bye. Love you. Love

[00:35:14] Limark: Ukraine. Bye bye