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The Sims 3 Vs. The Sims 4: Which Game Is Better

The Sims franchise has been around us for quite some time. Maxis and EA provided the fans with 4 amazing titles for every new game engine. From customization to open world to loading screens and functional cars, we've seen a lot of features in the Sims franchise.ย 

Sequels are always tricky business. From the developer's and player's perspective, everything should be bigger and better than the previous title. Taste varies for different players. Some move on or some step backs. Like any gaming title, the sims 4 provide us with improved gameplay mechanics, better graphics, and tons of new features as a life simulation game. Here we've answered the web most searched question: Why sims 4 is better than Sims 3?

Moving Between Neighborhoods

We'll first start from the lot selection. While the current world is smaller as compared to the sims 3, and there's no open-world scenario. The game provides us with an easy change neighborhood system. On the previous title, it wasn't easy to move freely around different worlds. In the sims 4, if you want to take your sim to a picnic, you can just click on the world icon and your sim will be transferred there in no time.ย 

Loading Screen Time

One big problem that sims 3 face was the loading screen time. Despite providing us with a lot of patch update and using different mods, the time was fairly long as compared to the sims 4. It is because the core language of the game engine was built around these settings. There was no other option than to patiently wait for the full game to load. The sims 4 bring a lot faster loading screen thanks to the newly using game engine and hardware support.ย 

Create a Sim Panel

The next major update the franchise has received is the Create a Sim Panel. There's no race or competition in this genre because the sims 4 CAS completely dominate the predecessor. There are a lot of customization options that you can use to make the sims of your life. There are different headers, grab and pull system, curves, sliders, and recommendation to make your sim stand out among all the NPCs.

Personalities and Emotions

The Sims 4 offers a new personality and emotional state in the game. The game has strived to make sure that your little digital avatar gets the best response of a scenario. There was a lot of controversy for this system during the launch of the game. Once launched, it is considered as the best update compared to any of the previous mentions.ย 

Stability and Optimization

The Sims 4 is by far the stable version of the whole series. The devs of the game make sure that the game runs on all system requirements with proper optimization measures. The gameplay mechanics are very well optimized and ensures that you get the maximum results on low-end PCs. With each game patch update, you'll see many improvements and stability.ย 

Variety of Mods

Although Mods was a part of the Sims 3 as well, the sims 4 has exceeded the limitation you'll see on most games. There are thousands of functional, script, and Custom content mods you can use in the sims 4 games. The sims 3 mods are limited to only script and custom content mods. The sims 4 however has a huge advantage of current technology and developer's content. The modding community has provided us with some amazing mod for the sims 4.

Cheat Code

Same as mods, the cheat code system in the sims 4 has been improved. Now you can access more systems in the game using cheat code. The code syntax has been improved and has become easy to memorize for in-game results. You can use a cheat code on almost every instance of the game.ย 

Flexible Building Tool

The Sims 3 and its predecessor provide us with impressive building tools. The Sims 4 follows the guidelines from previous titles and provide us with a better click and drag functionality for rooms, roofs, ceilings, and the like. There are more items available in the build mod. In addition to this, fans can easily buy already established houses from the game menu.ย 


This is a great feature that was introduced only in the Sims 4. Sims can now do multiple tasks based on their personality traits. This includes eating, talking, and things like that. The Sims 3 however, was only limited to one task at a time.


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