The Simplest LinkedIn Growth Hackby@Davis
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The Simplest LinkedIn Growth Hack

by Davis BaerApril 23rd, 2018
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By now, you may have heard of tools like LinkedHelper to help grow your LinkedIn network by sending automated invitations with personalized messages.
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LinkedIn Premium NOT required

By now, you may have heard of tools like LinkedHelper to help grow your LinkedIn network by sending automated invitations with personalized messages.

The problem with tools like LinkedHelper is that they can result in you getting your account suspended or permanently banned from LinkedIn. The team at LinkedIn actively monitors for suspicious automated activity, so by doing so, you are playing with fire.

In addition, LinkedHelper itself recommends sending no more than 100 connection requests a day to avoid being flagged. What if there was a way to send thousands of connection requests to a target demographic in just minutes?

As long as you are okay with the default invitation message on LinkedIn, then open up the LinkedIn app on your phone and follow these steps:

1️⃣️ Find the type of person you want to connect with:

I am interested in connecting with other marketers, founders, and growth hackers, so I found someone who fits into those categories. You can do the same with people from any background or industry.

2️⃣️ After sending that person a connection request, it will then bring up people with similar backgrounds and connections in the “People you may know” section.

3️⃣️ Tap that “Connect” button as fast as you can. I timed myself, and could send out 300 connection requests in 60 seconds.

Why do this instead of LinkedHelper?

👉 It reduces the risk of your account being suspended or banned because it’s not automated.

👉 I have sent over 2000 invitations in a few minutes with no problems at all.

👉 Compare that to tools like LinkedHelper, which suggests sending no more than 100 invitations per day.

👉 Because LinkedIn has become super spammy, I have an unproven theory that connection requests with the default message are more likely to be accepted than one with a sales pitch in it.

Why should I care about growing my LinkedIn network?

👉 Expand your reach when publishing content.

👉 Create mutually beneficial business partnerships.

👉 You can export connections email addresses, which some consider a gray area of marketing. Some people use these emails to create a custom audience for Facebook ads. Some people just spam email their entire exported list. Use how you see fit.

👉 Direct selling to connections through LinkedIn messaging.

Bonus #1: LinkedIn search hack

😡 Problem: You want to search LinkedIn for employees at a specific company, but unless you pay for LinkedIn Premium, you’re limited to seeing only 3 people.

😎 Solution: Using Google, search “(companyname)”. For example, a search for “bamf media” allows me to see all 23 employees at BAMF in the search results.

👉 You can also add any term after the (companyname) to filter for specific positions, like CEO, Founder, President, etc.

Bonus #2: Automate your social media posting

Using a tool like OneUp, you can schedule social media posts to automatically repeat at set intervals, such as once a month for the next 4 months.

This is incredibly powerful for anyone who creates evergreen content (content that stays relevant even as time goes on) such as blogs, podcasts, videos, etc.

OneUp works with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus, so it makes it easy to post to different social networks at the same time.

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