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The Rendering Opportunity

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An explanation of the CGI rendering market

Astonishingly, in 2018, CGI animators can wait for up to a month for each second of rendered video. Single hi-res images often take 24 hours. Despite the ever-expanding pervasiveness of CGI rendering — an industry that is predicted to grow to $150BN in the next two years, and that is a crucial component in everything from industrial design, to architecture, video games, and movies — major bottlenecks exist in the rendering process that create unacceptable delays, and which are ready to be solved by a brand new technological platform: Leonardo Render.

Understanding the bottleneck

Rendering speed is a function of GPU allocation. GPUs, or Graphics Processing Units, are most commonly called video cards in contemporary computers. They are specialized circuits designed to rapidly modulate computer memory to display images on a computer screen or similar.

For graphical rendering, the following chart displays the way that the number of GPUs affect the rendering time:

Coincidentally, GPUs are also incredibly useful for mining cryptocurrency. GPUs execute a very large number of small calculations in parallel, which makes them extremely efficient at completing the computational tasks required for adding blocks to a blockchain. Thus crypto mining farms often contain huge numbers of GPUs — 23,000 in the case of Leonardo Render’s launch partner mining farm, Giga Watt.

Although GPU rigs have been the leading technology in many mining operations such as Ethereum mining up until now, they are beginning to be superseded by new ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) miners, which are custom designed for mining and that offer as much as a four-fold improvement in speed and energy efficiency on their GPU predecessors. This means existing GPU miners will increasingly be in the hunt for new revenue streams. Even at today’s rates, Leonardo Render offers a lucrative alternative to ETH miners:

This large, almost 1,752% improvement in profitability, offers both a transformative new revenue stream for miners, and is a dramatic business innovation for CGI renderers who can soon be positioned to bring the GPU firepower of crypto mining to bear in drastically accelerating their projects.

The bridge that connects the miners to the CGI professionals is Leonardo Render — a software and platform that has been developed for the past four years and that will directly connect heavyweight cryptominers to rendering projects. Instead of the pervasive current model for GGI, in which renderers upload their files to the cloud, have them rendered, and then download them after considerable delays and with notable security risks, Leonardo Render offers the opportunity for renderers to connect directly with cryptomining GPUs from their personal computer via Leonardo Render’s proprietary distributed supercompute platform. This allows rendering projects to potentially be delivered in real-time, and with a significant saving in cost.

A brilliant technical solution with perfect timing

The Leonardo Render platform is entering the market at a point of enviable opportunity, and with clear, readily identifiable advantages over all competing systems. Leonardo Render offers to shatter the long delays inherent in CGI rendering, and in doing so open doors into an entirely new business model for cryptocurrency miners.

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