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The Pure Laravel Playbook

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It used to be the case that when you program a Laravel project, you program in PHP within the Laravel framework, and then have Vue.js or some other front-end framework at the front-end.

The rise of the TALL stack - Tailwind CSS, Alpine.js, LiveWire, Laravel - has grossly diminished the role of front-end frameworks, specifically through the use of Livewire to program in Laravel-speak much of the dynamic aspects of the front-end.

The integration of ReactPHP into Laravel for web sockets in Laravel Websockets, eliminated the need to use the Laravel Echo Server server and more generally Node.js for real-time web applications within Laravel projects

Moreover, as many real-time web applications such as auctions require an active one-time or periodic timer, one can do timers with ReactPHP, with no need for Node.js

. See my article Timer Server in ReactPHP.

For finer control and reduction of dependency on Linux, scheduling of jobs without cron in Laravel, can now be done with laravel-cronless-schedule, which allows for sub-second scheduling using laravel-short-schedule. Both these packages are built with ReactPHP.

So we can see here two converging forces, the TALL stack, and the ReactPHP, leading to a pure Laravel programming. These converging forces lead us to The Pure Laravel Playbook where almost all programming is done in PHP within Laravel. The advantages to the pure PHP programmer are enormous having to master just one technology. The productivity benefits to any Laravel shop are clear.

Projecting into the future, we see The Pure Laravel Playbook as a dominant direction in the Laravel ecosystem.

Previously published at https://yoramkornatzky.com/post/the-pure-laravel-playbook


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