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Promising Tech trends: 2020 Edition

Technology is a necessity and it's hard to imagine doing anything without these innovations these days. The tech-crazy only gets bigger every year so it is expected to cover a bigger variety of industries and locations the following year. 2020 promises a new start now only because it’s a new decade. It will be an important year for tech lovers since a lot of innovations and advanced technologies we’ve been hearing about will finally be accessible for the public. We’ve combined a list of top 5 tech trends that you should look out for in the following year. 

AI going mainstream

AI has been around for longer than one cares to remember but for regular people, it was always the mysterious and elusive technology that seemed off-putting and enticing at the same time. In 2020 AI will finally become mainstream and the understanding around the subject will likely grow in the general population. Google and its recent project that aims to demystify AI is the primary source for this prediction. But despite that, we’ve seen a lot of industries and businesses using AI for various reasons. It can be aimed at improving customer experience or it can simply help out the company to understand its audience better. 

Either way, the beginning of this trend was very noticeable and forceful at the end of 2019 and if the tease of the Google project was any indication we will see even more development in this direction that will finally make AI seem more accessible and understandable so it can be openly used to its maximum.

More so than the increased adoption of AI, we will see a deeper understanding of this technology and all of its perks, but of course, the adoption rates will increase accordingly and deliver on the full potential of AI.


Virtual reality was quite big in 2019 too but it all felt like a major preview of the real take-off of the technology. At this point, most people who are at all interested in technology are quite familiar with the concept with some even owning devices that brig VT to their homes. As we’ve seen in 2019, in 2020 VR will most definitely continue to gain the largest following and will become more mainstream. 

Often treated as an inaccessible luxury or an unnecessary waste of money, VR will become more mainstream, more accessible therefore more widespread in 2020. We should expect to see Vr features on almost all digital industries and other businesses. 

Similar to notions about AI, VR is also often portrayed as an out of reach technology but in 2020 it won't be like that. The VR never seemed to reach the potential that it was always portrayed to have but largely because it was never accessible enough for what it was. This year it might change with some popular console games introducing VR experience and marketing the technology the right way and finally putting it to practical use that is more based on how to get the best experience out of something, instead of being sold as a stand-alone technology.

Finance and technologies

The financial aspect is there in all other industries. Specifically, Fintech is now part of all industries as well. It has become a necessity for competitive sectors and companies who want to stay relevant to incorporate fintechs into their business model. The different sectors of the financial industry such as investments, trading, transactions and such will start incorporating more technology into their infrastructure. 

The financial sector will likely grow, and so will forex trading in 2020. Fintechs will become a necessary asset to all these industry professionals. Fintechs definitely were the center of attention in 2019. The trend shows no signs of stopping or slowing down. So we will likely see more fintech related innovations and we will also see the normalization and acceptance of these technologies by regulatory bodies and traditional financial institutions.


Another trend on our list that has been talked about for a while but not that many people have actually experienced first hand. It will finally become a reality in Uk, China, and the Us in the first half of 2020. The technology that caused a lot of tension between the US and China and the one that has been one of the most anticipated technologies in recent years will finally become accessible for mobile users. 

Its importance lies in offering the ultrafast mobile internet in a wider selection of urban areas. In 2020 most of the popular manufacturers will start to offer 5g services on their devices and Those outside China will have access to the Technologie to the device of their choice. This technology is already available in some parts of Britain but the widespread adoption will only come somewhere at the beginning of 2020. 

This is an important step in telecommunications since it was to transform the whole experience of using data. It will allow for the wider st of option when choosing what to do with the mobile data and it is not restrictive because of its speed. 5g is said to be 100 times faster than its predecessor 4G and this is why the hype around it is so big. 

Those who like to play online games on the go will no longer have to worry about staying behind because of their connection since 5G covers that as well. It promises to be a technology that will greatly enhance our day to day experiences.

Wearable tech

We’ve seen some signs of this industry popping up here and there this year and we’re not talking only about the watches. We saw the GoogleXNike campaign and we’ve seen Huawei’s collaborations with Gentle Monster Eyewear and while they weren’t necessarily the most popular launch is neither fashion, not tech industry there are some potential there will probably be explored in 2020. 

There is still some skepticism around wearable, but more importantly fashionable tech. It is sometimes seen as tacky but most of the time it’s the foreign nature of these wearables that can be off-putting to people. 2020 seems like the right time for the consumers to open their minds to the possibility of wearable tech becoming not just a gimmicky money grab, but the technology that combines the comfortable wear with the services that were so used to in our day-to-day lives

The wearable tech options that are available right now could use some improvements and there will definitely be a company that is willing to do just that.


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