The Most Popular Smart Home Devices of 2017

It’s been an incredibly exciting year for IoT, as a rapidly increasing number of consumers and businesses embraced new technological solutions throughout the world. One of the many significant expansions exists in the proliferation of smart home devices, with a multitude of innovative options available to greatly improve our lives.

Although smart home technology may still be in its infancy, a myriad of wonderful offerings are already commercially available. Looking back over the past year, which smart home devices gained the most popularity in 2017?

Smart Speakers

While the initial intention of smart speakers was simply the wireless delivery of audio content from a consumer’s media library and from online music services, this technology has already expanded greatly. Many smart speakers feature voice-activated digital assistants and the additional ability to operate as home automation hubs. The increased convenience and sophistication provided by this technology has resulted in making it one of the most popular home devices of the past year.

Smart Home Hubs

Although many of the latest smart speakers can act as smart home hubs, a lot of people prefer to use a separate device for this purpose. A smart home hub, such as the incredibly popular Amazon Alexa and Google Home products, allows the user to seamlessly connect all of their smart home devices together. These celebrated gadgets often support a massive range of standards, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Kidde, as well as offering USB ports and backup battery power for increased functionality and reliability.

Smart Light Bulbs

A growing number of consumers are switching out their traditional light bulbs in favor of smart alternatives. Smart light bulbs are typically compatible with both iPhone and Android, while using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or a hub-bridge to connect to a smartphone or tablet. This technology allows consumers to control their lighting from anywhere, providing incredible convenience as well as the ability to save money.

Smart Thermostats

There’s no question that smart thermostats are an excellent way to save time and money. In fact, some of the more advanced devices learn the user’s habits and adjust accordingly. By automatically switching off the heating or air conditioning when the user doesn’t need it, these devices lead to cost reduction in the home.

Smart Security Cameras

Everyone is concerned about home security. The emergence of connected security cameras provides a new level of reliability and reassurance for home owners. With sophisticated motion-detection sensors that start recording when an object moves, smart security cameras have become very popular over the past year.

Smart home devices provide increased convenience, reduced expenses, and improved security. It’s therefore no surprise that a growing number of consumers are installing this technology in their homes, and it will be exciting to see how smart home devices develop and expand in the coming year.

Written by Igor Ilunin, head of IoT at DataArt.

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