The Most Amazing Bootstrap 5 CheatSheet💥 by@saanvi-sen

The Most Amazing Bootstrap 5 CheatSheet💥

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Saanvi Sen

We built high quality, highly customizatable Bootstrap Admin Templates.

What is Bootstrap 5 Cheat Sheet?

It is an interactive list of Bootstrap 5 classesvariables, and mixins. It helps you easily find the differences between Bootstrap 4 and Bootstrap 5. The only Bootstrap 5 CheatSheet you will ever need whether you are upgrading your Bootstrap 4 project or starting a new Bootstrap 5 project.

It is aimed towards a large community of bootstrap users who find it difficult to search for bootstrap classes, variables, and mixins.


Have a look:


Key Features 🛠

  • Search for your class, variable, or mixin
  • Highlight Difference Between Bootstrap 4 & 5 Classes
  • Live preview of HTML & code snippet
  • Update code snippet on the go
  • Easily copy the code snippet and use it

Contents 🤩

Gulp Commands 🏹

This project uses the gulp tool to build CSS, JS, and HTML files. The following table explains each of the gulp commands :

  • gulp dist-clean: Clean Assets
  • gulp dist-css: Generate CSS
  • Filesgulp dist-js: Generate JS Files
  • gulp dist-html: Generate JS Files
  • gulp monitor: watch changes of SCSS and PUG files
  • gulp: generate all the assets (css & js)

Contributing 📝

If you find something which doesn't make sense, or something doesn't seem right, please make a pull request and please add valid and well-reasoned explanations about your changes or comments.

Before adding a pull request, please see the contributing guidelines.

Credits 🤘

Copyright and license ©

This is an open-source project by ThemeSelection that is licensed under MIT. ThemeSelection reserves the right to change the license of future releases.


Note 📒

Keep ThemeSelection credit link if you share this tool or add it to the blog post.

About Themeselection

Themeselection provides Selected high-quality, modern design, professional, and easy-to-use Free Bootstrap Admin Template, VueJS Admin Templates, HTML Themes, and Free UI Kits to create your applications faster!.

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Saanvi Sen HackerNoon profile picture
by Saanvi Sen @saanvi-sen.We built high quality, highly customizatable Bootstrap Admin Templates.
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