The Microservice Weekly #156— November 22.

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Overload control for Scaling WeChat Microservices

There are two reasons to love this paper. First off, we get some insights into the backend that powers WeChat; and secondly the authors share the design of the battle hardened overload control system DAGOR that has been in production at WeChat for five years.

The Human Side of Microservices

If different teams don’t have stable, direct communication channels, the software they produce will suffer. The five key properties crucial for a successful microservices implementation are zero-configuration, auto-discovery, high redundancy, self-healing, and fault tolerance.

Microservices and Test Automation

Can we really bring microservices to QA and test automation? You’d be surprised. This article explains how developers can integrate microservices into their automated testing procedures without too much trouble.

The Microservices Workflow Automation Cheat Sheet

Your company might want to go for a microservice architecture and apply workflow automation.

Join the Workshop: Designing Microservices Architectures — Berlin, December 3–4.

During the course of these two days, we will cover a high-level architectural overview of what is needed to design, develop and maintain an application built with microservices.

Case Study: Serving Millions of Users in Real-Time with Node.js & Microservices

In this article we share the story of how we fixed a nasty bottleneck in one of our clients’ large-scale Microservices infrastructure. As the result of our work, the product became able to serve 1000s of requests per second.

Go Microservices with Go kit: Introduction

Go kit fills a gap in the Go ecosystem by providing a distributed programming toolkit for building microservices, which also encourages you embrace good design principles for individual services in your distributed systems.

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