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The Journey

The Journey is the journey, the process otherwise known as life. Johnathan D. Haynes is the head of CrossFit Games Publishing. The toughest parts of his journey are his most treasured moments, he says. Leave comments and thoughts to make this process more fun and more fun to hear from Johnathan Haynes. He says he's obsessed with this topic and wants to master it all in the process of writing and doing it with balance. The journey is a good saying, but is there more to it?
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@haynesJohnathan D. Haynes

Head of CrossFit Games Publishing

I’ll admit, I’m obsessed with this topic. It’s become a theme among many to remember to enjoy the journey, the process otherwise known as life. It’s a good saying. But is there more to it?

Goal setting is a great thing, but if you have big dreams the distance between where you are and where you want to be is great. In between these two points is the journey.

Great goals often bring a substantial journey

On this journey, you’re going to spend most of your time traveling. It makes sense to learn how to enjoy the process. Not just the highlights, but the tough times and trials.

I’ve played sports all my life. Looking back, I remember many of the good times and highlights. Mixed in with those highlights are some of the moments I cherish most, the hardships and struggles. The times severely tested. Times where I was pushed to the edge and almost broke — but didn’t. The toughest parts of my journey are my most treasured.

You discover things about yourself that you would never know otherwise in the middle of what feels like unrelenting pain and disaster. All distractions are removed, you are exposed and faced to force the rawest version of yourself. A choice … quit or push forward. Hold on, or let go. No one else can pick for you. You must dig down and find the will power, faith, strength and whatever else you need to break through and “make it.”

Reaching your destinations is life’s dessert, but true fulfillment can be found in the journey.

I am working on writing more and I remember why I put it off so much. My mind is so jumbled. I need practice clearing things out so I can focus on accomplishing one thing at a time. There is a value in balance. There is a value is chaos. I want to master it all. So leave comments and thoughts to make this process more fun. I started with balance.


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