The HackerShip is BACK! Join HackerNoon’s Internship and Apprenticeship Program today!by@hang
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The HackerShip is BACK! Join HackerNoon’s Internship and Apprenticeship Program today!

September 8th 2022
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by @hang 1,552 reads
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Click HERE to apply to the HackerShip Program! 💚 Or tell someone you know!

Yeah, you heard it right! HackerNoon’s internship and apprenticeship program, the HackerShip is back for a second round.

drum rolllllllllll….


HackerNoon lives at the intersection of traditional journalism, social media, and technology.

We celebrate the best people on the Internet through the annual Noonies awards. We recognize startups around the world with Startups of the Year. We let our writers voice their opinions and get paid for it with multiple ongoing writing contests.

Just like any other business, we have various teams working together to make sure all these events go smoothly without compromising the internal and external operations of the company.

Today, we want to offer professionals and recent graduates alike an opportunity to join HackerNoon and learn how this internet-first business is trusted by millions of users to showcase their work and generates millions in annual revenue.

We do dance sometimes though!

We do dance sometimes though!

💚 About HackerNoon

HackerNoon is a free and independent platform that serves 25K+ contributing writers and 4M+ curious and insightful monthly readers. We are built for technologists to read, write, learn, and publish. We also build quality publishing software, like the content management system that powers or the voting system that supports

Learn more about us @

The ABCs of HackerNoon's Editorial Process

The ABCs of HackerNoon's Editorial Process

🚀 About the HackerShip

Launched in 2021, the HackerShip is HackerNoon’s first-ever internship and apprenticeship program.

The HackerShip’s 2021 iteration attracted 400+ applicants worldwide. Rounds of tests and interviews later, we welcomed 16 talented overachievers, from all over the globe, to join 10 different teams.

Want to know more about the interns and what they do? Find out here!

Continuing the success of the first round of the HackerShip, we want to extend another opportunity to professionals and recent graduates with an unfeigned interest in learning about the company, in particular, and the industry of technology and publication in general.

Our 16 interns took their chance and succeeded in their own way. It’s now your turn to elevate your tech career with HackerNoon.

Are. You. Ready!?

We would like that very much, too 💚

We would like that very much, too 💚

🥇 Eligibility

  • At least 18+ and wanting to learn about how the internet works
  • Genuine interest in technology and publication
  • A self-starter with a willingness to learn and innate curiosity
  • Ability to write. Words are powerful, and we think people who can write, go far
  • Experience with editorial is encouraged, but not compulsory. You will be trained here anyway🙂
  • Ability to complete the 6-month program as committed, via a “HackerShip pledge”.

🥇 OK, so I join the HackerShip. What do I get?

Upon becoming a HackerNoon intern, you will:

  • Gain mentorship opportunities from long-term team members, for example: our Brand and Design Lead Kien Dao, Social Media Lead Daria Kulish, and Senior Software Developer Marcos Fabian
  • Work closely with the leadership team
  • Learn how an internet business serves millions of users per month and makes millions in annual revenue
  • Earn a modest monthly stipend (payable in crypto or fiat, whichever you prefer)
  • Be able to work anywhere and anytime you want (since we are a #remote-first company)
  • Get access to work with the leadership team on different projects such as Noonies and Startups of the Year
  • If in school, we will work with your university to provide college credits
  • Receive a digital certificate and a HackerShip NFT upon the program’s completion
  • Be potentially considered to extend to a part-time or full-time position.

🥇 How to Apply?

Direct Access to the Application Form:

(or refer someone you know 😉)

Now that you have learned all the perks, time to fill out this form to apply!

TL;DR of the form:

  • Your information
  • Your resume/CV
  • A little bit about yourself and your understanding of HackerNoon so that we can learn more about you and your goals.

🥇 What is the process like?

  • After your application is submitted, it will be distributed to the respective team(s) of your choice.
  • If you are a good fit, we will contact you to set up interviews with one of our team members and explain the next steps.
  • We will place you with a mentor who you will help with their daily work so that you will gain first-hand experience in your professional field of interest and at HackerNoon as well.

The mentor will be a member of the team of your preferences, based on your application. Don’t worry, you don’t have to run coffee errands for them at 2 PM ;)

  • Instead, all interns are required to write and publish at least 1 HackerNoon story per month and edit at least 2 stories per week, regardless of which team they are in.

We will see you on the ship, maybe ;) 🚢

We will see you on the ship, maybe ;) 🚢

Due to the high volume of applications, only short-listed candidates will be contacted for the next steps. If you do not hear back from us within 2-3 weeks, please assume that your application has not been selected for the next round. No worries, we will keep your resume on file in case there are suitable vacant positions in the future! OR, you can try again, ✨ but better ✨

Still got questions? Send an email to [email protected]! We also reserve some space for your own questions to us in the HackerShip Application Form.


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