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The shortest distance from idea to execution with Jim Rose of CircleCI

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The shortest distance from idea to execution with Jim Rose of CircleCI

Episode 55 of the Hacker Noon Podcast: An interview with Jim Rose, CEO of CircleCI, platform for software teams which allows to rapidly build quality projects, at scale.

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In this episode Trent Lapinski interviews Jim Rose from CircleCI. You get to discover the insights of continuous delivery and automation processes and learn what it takes to automate your apps in the cloud.

“Our model has always been about developer empowerment. We’ve always wanted developers to use our platform irrespective of whether they’re going to pay us, because we think, in a very community-oriented fashion, that a rising tide raises all the ships. The more developers can get familiar with more advanced technologies and more advanced approaches it’s just good for everyone, including their consumers”. — Jim Rose

Production and music by Derek Bernard — www.haberdasherband.com/production

Host: Trent Lapinski — https://trentlapinski.com








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