The future of football

Imagine a virtual space where talented sports men and women can share their story and their path to achieving greatness with you. Imagine browsing through their stats, achievements and AI predictions on their future potential. Imagine being able to select players on their rise to fame. All this has been made possible. Now you can invest in them and benefit from their increasing value and future contracts.

Imagine being a young sports talent on the path to mastery. Now you are able to get your boost of motivation in the sports centre. You are able to: create your virtual passport on the blockchain platform, get tracking devices to help you improve your training and now you have a place to see these aggregated results of your work with all the statistics, data and predictions you need to better yourself. With the capability to compare yourself to others, use AI algorithms to see your predicted improvement, you can now share your results with the world and become the best you are able to be. Climb the ladder of excellence and get support from sports fans and investors.

In a global economy, markets are becoming more transparent and accessible. There are projects like Bitcademy which are pioneers in creating a platform for players, fans and investors.

Bitcademy’s internet portal will be a community of aspirational young players climbing to the top of a virtual ladder. The first step to join for a young talent is to create a virtual passport that would organize and gather all the necessary data. The next step would be ordering a tracker and registering all training activity. The tracker combined with an app would input all the data to the passport. Now a player can see themselves amongst his peers and compete with them in achieving sports challenges proposed by Bitcademy.

For example a 14-year-old footballer could know exactly how quick they are, how strong their shots are compared to thousands other 14-year-old footballers spread across the world. They could mirror the training techniques of the best to achieve the furthest progression. They would get an extra boost of motivation not to miss any training and to give their best during at all times when on the pitch. Sharing the results on their social media would also be a motivating factor to the individual player and would also help grow awareness of the good work that Bitcademy is doing across the world. Not to mention, they would share this virtual space with their football idols and could compare their own personal statistics with those of the stars.

Higher up the ladder, a player could launch their own investment token on the platform. This is where we see the implementation of blockchain into Bitcademy’s vision. By forking Bitcademy’s silver token a market of players is created. Now the young talented sportsmen and women have all their data stored safely in the blockchain, they are able to attract traffic to their player passport from social media and get direct financing from football fans and investors.

The platform creates a whole new market for investors. The value of a young player can go up exponentially in line with how the player manages to develop. For example, a younger player scores a fantastic solo goal, out skills an entire team and out-foxes multiple defenders with high levels of skill and dexterity. What happens? The value of the young player’s token would rise. All scouts and clubs are on the lookout for a new global superstar. Now there is a place to find them: Bitcademy’s platform. This does not even touch how much more interesting football games would be for fans/investors if they could watch a player they invested in.

Bitcademy provides tools to establish a player’s value even before they are a professional. Virtual passports contain not only players statistics and movement on the pitch, but also video footage of training and practice games. Bitcademy’s AI algorithm score, collecting all the data from tracking devices and constantly adjusting in predicting the future value is also going to be available.

To continually add to the talent pool Bitcademy is going to build physical football academies in underdeveloped countries. Creating physical places is not only good for investors, most of all we want to give a chance for a better future to children in those regions. The social impact of this enterprise cannot be underestimated. A lot of football stars grew up in poverty. Didier Drogba, an international football star and Ivory Coast native, promised to give back all his endorsement earnings to charity. He kick-started the effort with the $5 million he received from Pepsi. The money will be used to build a hospital and orphanage in the Ivorian capital Abidjan.

In the same vein, every single talent is a hope for a better future for his local community. Bitcademy plan is to, alongside the virtual marketplace, build brick and mortar, physical football academies. These two scalable modules, the platform and physical academies, complete with each other and create one extraordinary endeavour. Combining social impact and great investment opportunities is a win-win opportunity. Bitcademy is creating a branch of socially oriented blockchain and is showing how this great technology can change the world.

How are we going to make it? After the ICO phase, the Bitcademy team is going to simultaneously start creating the platform and building football academies. Depending on the sum gathered during the ICO, we are going to build between 1–3 academies. Currently, we have location scouts searching for the best locations. Factors taken into consideration are quality of potential talent, costs and the impact on the local communities.

As for the platform, the three main goals are going to be:

  • to create a space with tools designed to help athletes grow (by monitoring their progress and creating motivational challenges with a reward system),
  • giving athletes a community: a place to shine, become known and attract investors,
  • to enable a completely new relation between fans and their idols — making it possible to invest in a talent.

To enable the platform Bitcademy utilities among others: blockchain technology (to enable direct players investments and all-around metrics storage), sport tracking devices (to measure performance), artificial intelligence algorithms (to predict progress and value increase).

Gathering the most sophisticated comprehensive data on sportsmen and sportswomen and putting them in one place — a player passport.

This has never been done before. The new revolutionary idea will bring fans so much closer to the game and will impact many young struggling athletes and their communities. You can be part of this exciting change. Follow us, read about us, join us!

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