The First Ola Mobile Mining App: A New ‘Verify to Earn’ Paradigm with a 10% Token Airdrop Planby@sin7y
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The First Ola Mobile Mining App: A New ‘Verify to Earn’ Paradigm with a 10% Token Airdrop Plan

by Sin7YMarch 18th, 2024
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Ola’s mission with Massive is to catalyze the widespread adoption of web3, advocating for a decentralized and fair digital ecosystem.
featured image - The First Ola Mobile Mining App: A New ‘Verify to Earn’ Paradigm with a 10% Token Airdrop Plan
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If the complex and costly hardware required for traditional mining has been a deterrent for you, or if you’re weary of the relentless grind to boost transaction volumes just to earn fees, now there’s a refreshing alternative.

Discover the brand-new mobile mining experience that ‘Massive’ provides, where your smartphone becomes your portal to a rewarding ‘verify to earn’ journey.


We’re thrilled to introduce Massive, our innovative mobile mining app, poised for launch alongside the upcoming Ola Testnet Alpha at beginning of April. As the first project in the blockchain sector to leverage ‘ZKVM+DePIN+AI’ technology, Ola is at the forefront, pioneering a new, fair, open and user-centric approach to blockchain interaction with this initiative, Massive.

Massive simplifies the blockchain experience by removing the need for expensive hardware or technical expertise. Our vision for Massive is direct and clear: to democratize web3 access by providing a platform where anyone with a smartphone can participate and earn rewards through simple verification tasks.

Our commitment with Massive is to lower the entry barriers to blockchain technology, making it accessible and equitable for all users. By introducing the ‘verify to earn’ concept, we’re not only changing how people mine; we’re also transforming their role within the blockchain ecosystem from passive observers to active participants.

Massive, as a crucial part of Ola’s development strategy, plans to allocate about 10% of Ola’s token to verifiers & miners, with an initial 1% being used for Ola Testnet Alpha. Ola is set to open applications for invitation codes on March 18th, releasing the first set of 1,000 codes for node registration. This initial offering is limited to 1,000 nodes, with registrations being accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Additionally, the first 1,000 nodes will have the privilege of generating invitation codes, allowing them to invite newcomers with these codes to earn rewards.

Join us as we embark on this exciting journey to make blockchain technology intuitive, inclusive, and rewarding for everyone, everywhere.


The industry has tirelessly explored various strategies to engage traditional users (those outside the web3 ecosystem), including gaming, infrastructure, and incentivizing through airdrops. Notable efforts like StepN’s ‘move to earn’ and Starkware’s airdrops for non-Web3 developers momentarily captured high interest, hinting at potential breakthroughs. However, their inability to sustain long-term momentum and impact highlighted the critical need for innovative, enduring approaches that truly resonate with and retain users in the blockchain realm.

“We recognized the need for a standout feature that resonates deeply with users; thus, Massive was conceived as our bold solution to this industry challenge,”

- Simon Chen, co-founder and CEO of Ola

Ola’s mission with Massive is to catalyze the widespread adoption of web3, advocating for a decentralized and fair digital ecosystem. By introducing the ‘verify to earn’ concept, where anyone with a smartphone can participate in mining, Massive aims to significantly lower these barriers. Additionally, users can engage with multiple projects over time on their smartphones, enhancing the longevity and diversity of their participation.

This approach will foster a more inclusive environment, encouraging a broader demographic to engage with, understand, and contribute to the web3 space, while receiving long-term rewards.

The introduction of Massive is a strategic move toward making blockchain more accessible and engaging for the general public, thus infusing the industry with new participants and fresh perspectives. Through this initiative, Ola envisions transforming mere observers into active contributors, nurturing a dynamic and sustainable blockchain community.

Massive: Fair Opportunities for All

In the realm of traditional mining, such as the Proof of Work (POW) mining mechanism, the requirement for costly hardware presents a significant barrier to ordinary users.

When developing Massive, Ola focused on reducing entry barriers, enhancing user experience, and increasing user rewards, all while guaranteeing utmost fairness for EVERY user. Massive is a decentralized authentication network composed of various mobile elements. In terms of user-friendliness, Massive boasts several key features:

User Access Threshold:

  • Low Entry Barrier: Users can easily access Massive by simply downloading the necessary app and wallet on their smartphones.

  • Minimal Device Requirements: Massive supports a broad range of mobile models, compatible with both Android and iOS (coming soon) systems.

User Rewards (10% of Ola’s tokens):

  • Verify to Earn: Users receive rewards by completing verification tasks, providing a straightforward way to earn.

  • Multiple Reward Streams: In addition to earning verification rewards, users can also gain additional returns by inviting newcomers with a referral code and through staking activities.

User Experience:

  • Flexible Access and Exit: Users can join or leave the network at their convenience, offering the flexibility to suit individual needs.

  • Ease of Use: Without the need for complex operations or maintaining high transaction volumes, Massive simplifies user participation.

  • User-Friendly: Compared to distributing funds across multiple addresses, using a smartphone to participate presents a lower barrier for the average user.

Enhanced Network Security and Intelligence:

  • AI + ZK Integration: Massive harnesses AI+zk technology to elevate network security and intelligence, utilizing AI for nuanced analysis of node service statuses. This results in refined task distribution and heightened network efficiency.

Platform Fairness and Sustainability:

  • Fair: Massive ensures fairness for all users, where everyone’s time and contributions are equally valued.

  • Sustainable: Users can engage with multiple projects over time on their smartphones, enhancing the longevity and diversity of their participation.

Massive Changes the Game: Say Hi to Your New Web Roles

At Massive, your role is fundamentally transformed. Gone are the days of having to “slave away” by artificially boosting transaction volumes and amounts to earn incentives. Now, all you need is a standard smartphone to connect. By simply staying active and verifying, you can consistently earn rewards. But your role evolves further; once you connect as an Ola node, you become an essential part of maintaining the network’s security.

You might have felt the imbalance before, as web3 whales could distribute their funds across multiple addresses to amplify their earnings, a feat not so easily replicated by purchasing multiple smartphones. Hence, Massive levels the playing field, offering a balanced opportunity for both whales and retailers. On the Massive platform, everyone participates and contributes in the same manner, ensuring fairness. This approach incentivizes a broader spectrum of users to engage with the web3 ecosystem, lowering entry barriers and bolstering decentralization and equity within the system. With Massive, every participant has the chance to earn rewards fairly, fostering wider participation and a healthier network.

Distinct from other staking or mining models where more staking could mean more chances to validate, Massive champions decentralization and equity. Every node stakes an equal value, and by merely staying online and completing verification tasks, rewards can be earned. Time is valued equally across all participants, ensuring that mining on Massive is inherently fair. This paradigm encourages broader and more equitable user engagement, reinforcing the network’s integrity and community inclusiveness.

Looking Ahead: Shaping the Future of Blockchain and Web3 Mobile Experiences with ZK Technology

As we gaze into the future, our expectations for the Massive are set even higher: Firstly, as a purely decentralized ZK verification network, Massive is poised to accelerate the modularization of blockchain design. Secondly, with an increasing influx of new users joining the blockchain, we anticipate the emergence of genuine Web3 mobile technology.

This evolution promises not only to propel the advancement of blockchain technology and invigorate the ecosystem but also to offer users a more equitable, open, and convenient digital experience. Collectively, these efforts aim to facilitate the widespread adoption and development of blockchain technology, steering the industry toward a more prosperous future.

Join the Venture!

Ola is tackling blockchain’s biggest hurdles: fairness and accessibility, with its gamechanging ‘Massive’ app, leveraging “ZKVM+DePin+AI” technology. Massive simplify blockchain interactions with a ‘verify to earn’ model, opening the digital door for anyone with a smartphone.

🗓️ March 18 marks the launch of Ola’s first 1,000 node registration codes, with mining, new features, and greater rewards soon to follow. Early nodes gain the advantage of creating invite codes for collaborative reward earning.

Join us on this venture and be among the first to benefit!

About us

Ola is an open-source Hybrid ZK Rollup that delivers programmable scalability and privacy to blockchains, empowering individuals through data ownership. Incubated by cryptographers and engineers of Sin7y Labs in 2022, Ola offers a layer2 ZK Stack, featuring Ola-lang, OlaVM, OlaUI, OlaOS, and a series of developer-friendly tools, facilitating the development of any type of contracts. In 2023, Ola launched the Ambassador Program and OVP Points Rewards, now with 20+ global ambassadors. For 2024, Ola plans to roll out public testnet, mainnet, mining mechanism (PoW, ZKP, & Verifier), and a range of incentive programs steadily. If you are interested in joining or partnering with us to contribute to a fair, decentralized, and permissionless world, please contact us at [email protected].

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