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The First Annual GrowUp Cannabis Hackathon is Days Away!

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The Hackathon will take place at Brainsights’ Head Office in Toronto, Canada from September 6 -7!

If you’ve got the chops and are interested in creating new tech for the cannabis industry, there’s room for a few last minute submissions here.

“The cannabis industry is vast, complex, and in dire need of top minds building solutions that will allow the industry to reach its full potential. Hackathons are a great way to give developers exposure to the industry and get them excited about the challenge” — Pranav Sood, Founder of Trellis

The above quote is from Pranav Sood, the founder of Trellis. Their main challenge is to use seed-to-sale data in Trellis to build visualization tools. If you’re someone who knows how to solve that problem, then keep reading.

GrowUp Cannabis Conference & Expo is hosting its very first 24-hour Cannabis Hackathon on Thursday, September 6, and it’s right around the corner! Taking place at Brainsights’ Head Office (70 Peter St., Suite B01), competing hackers will explore ideas for tracking, purchasing, reporting, strain identification, verification, integration with the entertainment industry, and much more.

There are prizes that are up for grabs that you do not want to miss out on too. Leaf Forward, one of the sponsors, is offering a one-year free Leaf Club membership for the winning team (up to five members) and five office hour sessions with the Leaf Forward team! Also, LyricFind is providing their API for the hackers and they can incorporate cannabis-related lyrics from them. Their partner company, LyricMerch, is offering merchandise t-shirts with lyrics for “Easy Skanking” printed on front. They’ll outfit each winning team! Other confirmed partners include Trellis, HERB, Merry Jane, Hotbox, Cannabis & Tech Today, and TourBuds.

This Hackathon is not like other ones, meaning that there is a prize within itself. The finalists of the Hackathon are not only recognized as winners at Brainsights’ office, but will be invited to present their winning idea at GrowUp’s very own conference in Niagara Falls, Ontario! Finalist teams will be taken by TourBuds’ very own luxury tour bus to the falls after their 24 hours to present to hundreds of names in the audience.

The Hackathon will be judged by a few recognizable names in the cannabis industry, including Jay Rosenzweig (Managing Director of Rosenzweig & Co), Alex Blumenstein (Co-Founder of Leaf Forward, Canada’s first cannabis business accelerator), Rachel Colic (VP Brand Strategy & PR for Pure Global Cannabis Inc.) and Matt Shalhoub (Managing Director of Green Acre Capital). All of the above have been recognized within the +$30 billion cannabis industry.

As well, Hacker Noon is proud to cover the event to showcase the impeccable talents in hacking! We will be covering from the start of the competition to the very end when we find out the winning teams. If you know that you can make a change in the cannabis industry, sign up here to be part of a great opportunity.

So, for all hackers who got the chops, make sure you register quickly before the event’s sold out! What are you waiting for? Get packing, get hacking!


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