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The Evolution Of Hacking Data Storage [Infographic]

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When the first computers were made, the information needed to run them was on punch cards. The computing device would decode the patterns on the punch cards and translate it to an action. It wasn’t until 1956 that IBM came up with the first magnetic hard drive, and floppy discs didn’t enter the scene until the 1960s. Early computer storage was rudimentary, which is why there was no real viable threat of hackers in those early decades of computing. Once data storage became more sophisticated, hackers became a real threat. Subsequently, the need for cyber protection was born.

In 1971 the first computer virus was written as a test, and it was then that computer scientists discovered that alongside the development of new computing technologies, new ways of protecting data would need to be created, as well. It was discovered that hackers would not only be able to access data stored on computers, but they would also be able to tamper with or delete it. Backup was invented. But even as backup became more sophisticated, as did hackers.

As computers became connected to each other through the internet, hacking became even more of a problem. In 1988 the Morris Worm infected one in ten computers within the first 24 hours it was released. Many businesses had to wipe their hard drives to combat the worm, which sparked a new era in virus protection software.

The following year ransomware became an issue. Dr. Popp would lie dormant for 90 power cycles before locking down the infected computer’s hard drive. A ransom would have to be paid to gain access to the information after users were locked out.

As storage migrated to the cloud, even more threats became apparent. The more advances are made in computing technology, the more advances are made in hacking exploits. The need for better cyber protection is always going to be on the horizon. Learn more about the evolution of computer storage and cybersecurity from the infographic below.



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