The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma by@Gare__A

The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma

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Aganbi Gare

In an electric circuit, current will flow through the conductor with the least resistance. “Man” is like electric current, we usually want to go through the easy route, the straight and obvious path; the safe path. But not the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur is not “man”.

The entrepreneur wants to leave a legacy, he/she wants to reach that extra ordinary destination. Risk is engraved in an entrepreneurs DNA.



The safe path never leads to an extraordinary destination and the entrepreneur knows this.

Different entrepreneurs are driven by different motives; they could be personal or impersonal or maybe a combination of both. But there’s something that drives every entrepreneur to want to do and achieve more. That something that makes it impossible for them to quite or settle for less.

In his quest for greatness, the entrepreneur might neglect things which seem like no-brainer opportunities to others. The entrepreneur might refuse a high paying employment or see his grades in school slide because of divided atention.

Here lies the dilemma- our family, friends and the society at large are “man”.

They might want the best for the entrepreneur and have a definite picture of of what the “best” is. The best to them is usually good grades, academic degrees and a high paying job. That is the tried and tested path. It has worked, it is working and it’ll continue to work. Grades, degrees, good job.

They’ll never understand why the entrepreneur does not reason and see things from their point of view. And the entrepreneur will never understand why they don’t reason and see form his point of view.


The entrepreneur will say things like ‘’an average employee makes $1,000 per month, I can make that in one minute’’. Or — ‘‘an employee has little impact on the lives of people, I can employ and be responsible for thousands of people”.

No matter how hard he tries, he will not be able to convince ‘’man”. So he tries to compromise. He doesn’t want to hurt his family and friends. So he stays in the library for hours to get a good grade. Or he creates a CV which he swore he will never do; just because his father wanted him to have one.

He compromises but not to the point of becoming “man”. He knows what he wants. He thinks, eats, dreams and visualizes it everyday until he sees the manifestion. Then he thinks, eats and visulaizes another bigger dream until this one too becomes reality. And the process continues. The entrepreneur is always content but never satisfied.

On the sixth day, God created ‘’man’’ and the entrpreneur.

My name is Aganbi Oghenegare, I am an Entrepreneur.

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