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The swift creation of new gaming platforms and mobile application has made it possible to call the mobile sphere the most significant digital gaming platform. With the rise of Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, various new altcoins and tokens have been trying to claim the throne of Gaming Cryptocurrency. Running StarCraft on the blockchain is possible. Those kinds of things can be actualized. Sophisticated security and scalability allow all these things to be built on top.

In this article, I’ll review the emergence of skill-based crypto gaming that is in-development or already available, around the world.


Tradeplayz fundamentally offers an online gaming platform that gives the players a fair chance of engaging their skills in any game may it be chess, backgammon, quiz games, etc. Michael Todd, the Corporate business development director, described TradePlayz as “the monopoly of the digital age, with similarities to blackjack and roulette, but 100% fantasy cryptotrading and 100% legal as TradePlayz is a game of skill.”

The remarkable thing that makes tradeplayz standout of the box and unconventional that it facilitates the gamers to use cryptocurrency to play for real money. On this platform, The gamers will be able to win cryptocurrencies by their skills for real and also securely and anonymously. As described by the Corporate business development director, Michael Todd “We are the world’s premiere fantasy cryptotrading app/platform that has an innovative and lucrative project which is 100% legal in accordance to the US governments SEC, as well as any other financial governing bodies, that first considered our product. He went further to say that they’ve a rapidly growing user base. The official Telegram channel is just under 14,000 and rising, about 8,000+ downloads of the app were witnessed within the four weeks it was released. Tradeplayz focus is educating people on how to invest including an opportunity to be rewarded in a real capacity.

ZED tokens have been made available by the unrelenting team at Tradeplayz for potential players to use on their platform. This token will remain the key currency for the different gamers to play on their platform. Nevertheless, other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Dash, Zcoin, Bitcoin Cash and many other cryptocurrencies are also allowed on the platform. This will be an opportunity to play with any cryptocurrency on the platform. By so doing, people now have a unique opportunity to put their various cryptocurrencies to good use efficiently without just having to hold on for price raises or investment turnarounds.

The key point of ZED token and Tradeplayz in the crowded crypto gaming market according to corporate business development director, Michael Todd when asked is that “TradePlayz ZED token are innovative, valuable and lucrative. Also, it’s an ERC-20 Ethereum based utility token. He went further to say that they’re creating a global digital arcade, and that’s a promising reason why people should be buying in on this revolution. Game on and welcome to the cryptotrading playground.”

The app is already launched and you can find it on google play and in the app store. I already tired the app, and I found it very cool to play. Other players are also saying that they find the app to be useful for learning how to trade crypto’s in real life. All in all it makes a fun and good app to play with. If you also like the app, you can consider to participate in their ICO. The ZED token has multiple benefits as you do not have to trade it, you can also use it to play for prizes in the skill games and tournaments.

In terms of their competition and to compare it with other players on the market we can mention a few. However as none of the products are similar its hard to compare them.


PlayHall is a fresh Skill Gaming platform based on the blockchain. It offers gamers with a variety of opportunities to test their skills in Player versus Player (PvP) matches participate in global and custom tournaments and win cryptocurrencies. PlayHall is a decentralized multi-cryptocurrency platform. All gamers are allowed to utilize different cryptocurrencies as well as Playhall Token (PHT). This token can be used not only as a prize in Player versus Player matches and tournaments but also in the voting process as well. Furthermore, all Playhall token holders will be able to take part in the project development and management.


Etherplay is a new skill game platform set to revolutionize how people play games. Etherplay is a skill game platform where players compete for high scores while playing fun games. Similar to arcade machines, players pay a small price to enjoy some fun time. The ideology of Etherplay’s gaming was formed around the old ‘pay to play’ arcade concept. These games often require unpredictable in-game purchases to continue to enjoy them fully.

With the introduction of an Oracle-based smart contract which Etherplay runs on, all gaming data is available to the players. This makes their platform verifiable and accountable. The main goal of Etherplay is to provide a new place for gamers. This allows them to express their creativity for the benefit of the players. Etherplay’s web portal offers a selection of games running as part of regular competitions.


The BitCrystals Ecosystem is a fully skill based crypto gaming platform for players and game makers. BitCrystals (BCY) is also the digital currency which can be traded on the blockchain or used to purchase blockchain cards, playable within our game and other partner games. Their mission is to build an innovative gaming ecosystem where players have full ownership of their digital property on the blockchain. Furthermore, their platform associates with their cryptocurrency, digital wallet, partner games and a wide network of players and collectors. Their platform is based on three pillars: Craft, Share and Unite.


This is a destination for Skill based tournaments for cash. They provide a fun, friendly and trusted destination for users to wager real cash for skill-based games. Their secure platform offers the easiest setup for cash tournaments, the strictest abidance to skill only games and a great selection of games to choose from. Gametaco believes that every individual should be rewarded for their skills. The more you practice, on Gametaco platform, the higher your chance of winning in cash tournaments. This is the reason why it is always free to play in any practice games; They made this easy by allowing players to open zero wager cash tournaments and invite people to join them.


There is one interesting factor that divides these platforms, and that is the final product. These companies have a different outlook on the world and how their gaming systems can integrate. Tradeplayz strives to create a new digital world in which players can join to enjoy gaming and receive assets. They also have a clear agenda, which is large scale adoption and accessibility to consumers, like you.

This is also what makes Tradeplayz unique in the realm of crypto-gaming. Rewarding a player in both his real life and his virtual counterpart encourages users to feel like part of the Tradeplayz community without the exclusivity of payment. Tradeplayz has proven to be a better skill based crypto gaming option, and with their laid down plans, they will extremely benefit from upcoming gaming growth. Furthermore, they remain a better platform to make the process of playing for money easier with cryptocurrencies. Their vision is innovative and unique because their dream is for gamers to play for real money.

If you are looking for an ICO in the Skill based gaming industry the ZED token is absolutely one you should look into. One big advantage with this ICO is that the company already have a product that people are playing on every day. You do not need to wait for them to build the platform. But you go to hurry because the token sale is about to end!


Cryptocurrencies and skill-based crypto gaming seem like a match made in digital heaven. Recent states that individuals want to see cryptocurrencies become a normal part of gaming. The report was carried out from 1,000 gamers located in North America that have already purchased, sold, and traded virtual items online at least once. The growing popularity of skill-based crypto gaming has led to the creation of in-game digital currencies which is a valuable addition to the virtual economies of popular online games.


The online gaming skill platform is growing at a voracious rate. It is linked to both the eSport and gaming market. In 2016, the skill games only capture about 10% of the mobile which was around 4.3 billion. According to gaming expects, this is expected to hit 7 billion at the end of 2020. With this, the popularity of skill-based crypto gaming will appreciate and keep growing each year.



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