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The Collaboration Tools that Support on-premise Deployment

On-Premise, also known as on-premise, is deployed on your premises or campus, giving you complete control over your data and allowing your paid IT professionals to manage the hardware, reducing the risk of data theft by outsiders. Troop Messenger safeguards your data against third-party infiltrations. AnyDesk helps connect devices from all over the world if the appliance's IP is configured as an FQDN. Zoom hosts all meeting traffic (video, phone, video, chat, data sharing, and data sharing) in the public cloud.
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Security issues have developed in lockstep with technological advancements, therefore I'm torn between being delighted by technological advancements and being unhappy with rising vulnerability. Amid the threats, an on-premise deployment model is still an ideal option.

On-Premise, also known as on-prem, is deployed on your premises or campus, giving you complete control over your data and allowing your paid IT professionals to manage the hardware, reducing the risk of data theft by outsiders.

Many large corporations choose on-premise models because of their superior security features, and government organizations are also interested in this model for their political collaboration, despite their higher operational expenses.

Below are some of the most popular team collaboration tools, that not only increase your team productivity but also protect your data by offering on-premise deployment.

Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger is one of the best team collaboration tools, whose wireframe is designed to strengthen team productivity alongside ensuring data security. This tool is developed considering the formerly mentioned factors as the high priorities, to which Troop Messenger established as the best team chat app ensuing safe & reliable. Although Troop Messenger comes in every delivery model, its exponents are self-hosted or on-premise software.

Despite running on isolated networks such as Air-Gapped networks, and others, Troop Messenger safeguards your data against third-party infiltrations, allowing for on-premises implementation. As a result, for secure business communications, use Troop Messenger as your in-house messaging solution.

Troop Messenger supports all the major deployment models such as on-premise, SaaS, Chat APIs & SDKs.


  • Easy to use
  • Intriguing UI
  • Advanced search filters that reduce the time and directly map to the targeting factor
  • Stacked with unique features that boost the team collaboration
  • Budget-friendly tool
  • Well-integrated


When it comes to screen-sharing software, worldwide users divided and started representing themselves as AnyDesk vs TeamViewer. AnyDesk is included in this list since it supports on-premises and TeamViewer does not.
AnyDesk helps connect devices from all over the world if the appliance's IP is configured as an FQDN. The owner is the only entity that can create AnyDesk clients for this appliance, which is the one main distinction from a standard public network.
AnyDesk on-premises option is available only with the Enterprise plan.


  • It can be customized, as per the clients' requirements
  • Offers personal support
  • Accumulated with advanced API integrations
  • An on-premise solution is available for the local network environment


Any company can use this teleconferencing software's on-premise model to deploy meeting connector virtual machines within their enterprise network. User and meeting metadata are still managed on the Zoom public cloud in view of this. However, the organization's private cloud hosts all meeting traffic (video, phone, in-meeting chat, and data sharing).

For each CPU core, the On-Premise Recording Connector (RC) can enable up to two simultaneous recordings. You'll need to enhance the VM resources or use additional Recording Connectors to get a bigger capacity of simultaneous recordings.


  • Widely used tool for video conferences
  • Zoom pricing favors your budget
  • Supports large companies
  • Live chat is available for video conference participants


GitHub, Inc., the Internet hosting company that specializes in Git-based software development and version control includes Git's distributed version control and source code management (SCM) features, as well as its own. It comes with access control and several collaborative tools, including feature requests, bugs tracking, task management, and so on.

GitHub Enterprise Server is the company's on-premises git repository hosting service. To have better control and security over their code repositories unlike, other delivery models, large enterprises prefer to use GitHub Enterprise Server. You can use Enterprise Server to restrict access to a private network, create and access repositories according to rules, use SAML for single sign-on across your organization, and get premium GitHub support.


  • Simplified administration
  • Hybrid integrations are available
  • Effective search feature


Kanboard is an open-source project management software application available for every type of company. It implements the Kanban process management approach using a Kanban board.
Kanban Tool offers an On-Premises version that can be installed on your company server and used in a local network without having to be online.


  • Enhances the workflow
  • Aids in controlling and reducing the budget
  • Boosts the productivity
  • It saves your automation time


OpenProject is an open-source project management software that is both secure and adaptable. It enables you to coordinate projects across multiple teams and departments.

The OpenProject Community Edition is a locally installed version of OpenProject, which offers supreme security measures, professional support, and it is customizable.
OpenProject Enterprise On-Premise offers a 14-days trial free period.


  • Access to Wiki
  • Document management
  • Project management
  • Time tracking

Planet Crust

Planet crust is the developer and driving force behind Corteza, an open-source, standards-based low-code platform with pre-built CRM and Case Management systems.
Planet Crust, also known as Corteza CRM Suite, is the industry's premier customer relationship management system. It is client-driven, which helped it embark on the market's most well-known solutions list.


  • Enterprise-grade CRM
  • Enterprise messaging tool
  • Well-integrated
  • Complete access to customer profiles
  • Unique modules


Clockify is known as one of the best time tracking tools, due to which worldwide popular giant companies opted for it. Time tracker and timesheet app are some of its essential features that enable you to track your teams' productivity, working hours, attendance, billable hours, and so on. Companies with hybrid work cultures can use this time tracking tool to their advantage.


  • Trackable productivity
  • Document over time, leaves, break times, etc.
  • Aids in estimating project work hours
  • Customizable Invoice templates


Bitrix24 is a new corporate communication and collaboration solution for businesses of all sizes. To create an appropriate virtual work platform, the system combines features traditionally associated with business intranets with project management, CRM, etc.

Bitrix24 on-prem model is a PHP-based application, which supports Active Directory (AD) and LDAP integration. In addition, you can integrate any third-party add-ons, gadgets, and modules unless they're compatible. The on-premise version's source code offers additional customization flexibility and integration possibilities.


  • Up to 1000 packs are available
  • One of the best CRM software
  • Projects shall be managed efficiently
  • Boosts the team collaboration


ActiveCollab is one of the widely used project management software across popular companies designed for creative professionals. It offers both on-premise licenses and cloud-based subscription plans.

Project profitability, invoicing, workload management, time tracking, task dependencies, collaborative choices, and other tools are available to assist users to boost their working conditions and avoid gaps, despite office or remote work conditions.


  • Simple UI
  • Ideal for Agile and waterfall workflows
  • Effective user management tools
  • Document management
  • Integrated with an accounting software

In our digital age, being secure has taken precedence over being resourceful. While advanced digitalization has enabled companies to improve their daily operations, security issues have also become a part of the equation. Because the on-premise model gives you the entire control over your data, it's a good idea to go with this flexible and dependable option, despite it being costly, unlike other models.
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