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The Canine Cartel: How Much Is That Tattooed Dog NFT In The Window? by@caninecartelnft

The Canine Cartel: How Much Is That Tattooed Dog NFT In The Window?

Canine Cartel Hacker Noon profile picture

Canine Cartel

A pack of 10,000 Canines—unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain

Fresh off a victory against the Cat Cartel, these Canines are ready to pounce on the blockchain. Now, are you in? The Cartel doesn't take too lightly to people who are out...

In the NFT world, animals have always ruled supreme. Whether it be Bored Apes, Cool Cats, Raccoons, or Sewer Rats, NFT pfp art notably rules the community. In such a crowded space, it’s vital for new incoming projects to consistently one-up and better one another in order to achieve a notable space in the community. The Canine Cartel is a new breed of ERC-721 tokens ready to take over the Blockchain. Minting at 0.05ETH, these canines are being released on the 24th August 2021 at 2PM EDT.

The Canine Cartel does away with cutesy fluff, leave your Stoner Cats, Pudgy Penguins, and Punkbabies at home - this is an NFT project for the big dogs.

The Canine Cartel was born in a fierce fight between the cats and the dogs of Sinaloa, Mexico. The cats were known for ruling everything with an iron paw. A hound couldn’t sell a spliff to a rat without being scratched and slashed by a crazy feline. Everything changed when a mean motherfucker by the name El Doge came along. El Doge was the leader the band of mutts needed to take back control of the streets. Pack by pack, he rallied the Dobermans, the Huskies, the Pitbulls and the rest of ‘em.

Now, there are 10,000 unique canines ready to live and die for the cartel. Not your standard 10,000 degen project, the Cartel offers a unique service where to prove your loyalty, your canine can visit the official tattoo parlour. This will burn the NFT and a new Canine with a Cartel tattoo will be returned to you. Why not get a matching one?

Looking at their roadmap, you can see that they’re one of only a few communities that have charitable donations guaranteed from the offset and clearly visible for the community to see. At just 10% of the sale, the cartel will donate 10ETH to dog shelters in a cartel decided-upon location. Beyond that, a cartel wallet will be set up where members can vote on what to do with the funds.

The Cartel is rumbling with activity and is planning a fiesta for its members, when it’s safe to do so, everyone in the cartel will be welcome to a wild rager to celebrate victory against the cat cartel. Until then, everyone hangs out in the Cigar Lounge, otherwise known as their Discord server.


There’s also The Pound. Though you might find that mutts don’t like to talk about The Pound, what goes on at The Pound, stays at the pound. If something needs settling, take it to The Pound. The rules of The Pound are simple; Do not talk about The Pound.

Owning a Canine makes you part of the cartel. But, be warned, they’re a ride-or-die crew. Getting in is simple, getting out won’t be good for your health. If you wanted a standard NFT collectible project, you’ve come to the wrong place loco cabrón.