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The blockchain technology will change everything … and we are still waiting

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The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

We’ve read a lot about how blockchain technology will change our world in all areas, how smart contracts are a revolution and how decentralization will help us have incredible services and take away the power of big social networking companies.

But it is clear to anyone that it is sufficiently drenched on the subject that in reality not much has changed, and I do not mean that technology does not have the power to change and empower the industries, rather we are having a problem of focus.

We must not forget that every startup must create innovative products and services that people want and are willing to use. As developers and designers blockchain technology gives us a large number of application possibilities. However, in practice things are a little different, the blockchain ecosystem has become an industry of speculation, an excessive fever to generate funds based on unlikely ideas and the hope of a few to become millionaires with their investment.

Personally I try to see technology as a tool to create incredible things for people, it is true that there are many people making millions with the ICO fever, but we can choose between creating technologies that help make our world a better place or just take advantage of the juncture. In the end we have the freedom to choose what we want to do, what kind of professionals we are and what we want to give the world with our work.

The technology does not have an intrinsic intention, it is up to us to turn it into a revolution for the good of all or simply to continue playing with speculation.

A new year begins and I am really anxious to see all the new projects that will come to light, and I really hope that this 2018 is the year in which blockchain technology changes everything.

For now I have nothing left to wish them a great year, that all their goals are achieved and that they build incredible projects.

Happy coding, happy new year!


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