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Banning ICOs is bad for crypto?

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Let’s put this in perspective, with ethereum platform or WAVES anyone can launch an ICO. Is this good? Personally I think is not.

I am building myself a blockchain platform, but before you say something, Kchin (The name of my startup) did not born as an ICO, Kchin is designed to help the owners of small business to improve their performance and their customer service and in the other hand to give the consumers more for their money.

So the blockchain is not the main thing in Kchin, actually the blockchain and our cryptocurrency only is a loyalty reward system which is used as another tool.

Our main goal is not to sell air to the ICO investors, we are building a real platform with a real design, engineering and hard work behind it.

Because is so much easy to become greedy and try to sell nothing to the people and then take the profit and run, but that’s not the point of the blockchain technology or any startup at all.

The main goal for all us as developers, designers, engineers and entrepreneurs must be build awesome stuff to improve our communities.

If we want that the blockchain technology be the future of internet we must offer to the users and to the whole market new kind of platforms, better, faster, securest and with more privacy, we really need to stop the frauds, and keep the money laundry out of this.

Is not easy to build great products which people needs and desire, but in the long run the only way to achieve our goals is doing it right.

Do not be impressed with projects based on occurrences that we will never see finished.

There are many issues to take in count, for example the volatility of cryptocurrencies, in Kchin we are really concerned about this and we are working really hard in order to give to our users stability in our market, that’s why we decided to build our own blockchain instead of using ethereum, I mean, I love ethereum but is not our way.

Anyway, it’s great change times and being part of them is great, we just should not allow ambitious people to ruin this great technology with scam coins.

If you get until here thank you for reading.


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