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Blockchain vs. Corruption… Technology to the rescue of democracy

As a Mexican, I have the concept of corruption very present every day, corruption is terrible, destroy entire nations, undermine them to the bone and then spit them out without remorse, sadly it is a problem that afflicts my country like many others in Latin America . Countries like Mexico with immense natural, commercial, cultural and energetic wealth live immersed in a climate of uncertainty, poverty and violence mainly due to the phenomenon of corruption.

If you follow a bit the international news you may know that in Mexico there are elections this year during the month of July. The climate is tense and the population fears a fraud like the one that has been seen in the past. It’s when the Blockchain technology comes to mind.

As you know, blockchain technology has many applications and as I have told you in my previous stories, its potential is still not being fully explored.

And is that this technology could make elections a reliable exercise, where the consensus would be above any control, any will. (As romantic as this is). It would be much cheaper, and the results would be available to everyone in real time. An utopia.

Thus, by implementing technology, democracy could take a new path, where, finally, power is in the hands of the people.

However, for this to happen first there must be a desire in each one of us to achieve a real democracy … Difficult, but possible, it will not be soon, but it may be so in the future. And after all, hope is the last thing that dies.

What do you think?.. How would you implement blockchain technology to make your community better?

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