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The Big Bot Money Might Be in Faking Volume, Price Movement...

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@jareJarett Dunn Accelerating by Design, Dropout Now Entrepreneur, Mental Health Advocate!!/@hodlorbust/loa055de7

Take note, for the third or fourth time since starting a community surrounding my market making or other strategies I've been approached and asked to fake volume as maker+taker or move price surreptitiously...

I think this is the repo where I've already accomplished this, I could be proved wrong, just made public again now:

On second inspection - it appears this isn't the updated code, but it's very close to functional - a modular market maker that already supports many popular exchanges.

The significant code that would need updating is hardcoding a pair or array of pairs, then telling it to (at configurable interval) make and take it's own orders, or make and take using a random selection of api keys and a proxy rotator in case the exchange bans on wash trading. Depending on needs, we'd also buy/sell up to a % of order book or $ underlying value every so setInterval often....Boom, we have victory...

So if we having paying customers (ICOs, ICO supporters, ICO detractors, exchanges themselves) who want to fake volume or price movement in one way or another to hurt or help a project, is it morally ok to do so in exchange for money?

Do morals really apply? If someone's interested in this package, they'll get it one way or another. Why not benefit from it?

The 20 year old dev in the article above will get you on CMC for $15k.

I've literally been approached by people, devs, and exchanges to boost volume or price or detract price for a given pair. The modifications are easy, and I achieved it once - growing a pair's value by %s, gradually, over a period of time until such time as a target price was achieved and maintained.

If this is where the big money is, maybe it's time to leave my %s gains from trades and earn cold-hard cash pushing people's agendas...

My custom quote was too high for this fella, but if I could package the solution and micro quote for a given new exchange then I could massively profit from underbidding people - like mr $15k USD for CMC listing - and building my little empire? I do have access to people who have access to tens hundreds thousands crypto arbitrage bot viewers a year or people at exchanges who are asked for this service,...

If I can manipulate volume enough to get on CMC then also manipulate price, I can surely do this service in exchange for considerable token supply and then it's a win-win :)

To avoid detection by CMC team or external audit, we'll look at hourly buckets of time over the last 24hr/7day periods and replicate the acitivity it sees, compounding over time with it's own activity. We should also avoid immediately filling our own orders, and anywhere where there's a public record of activity or on an exchange that cares we should randomly select from given myriad api pairs and use proxies where necessary.

If this is the ICO team or large token holderwe're repesenting, they can create an airdrop or other campaign to excuse an immediate and intense growth. This way we can see quicker results. We could also pump a price and use other people's actual orders submitted (especially stops) to dump the coin or token at a higher price, to recoup losses from fees and trading with selve's accounts.

Otherwise, it should be slow and steady. The entire enterprise fails if it's easily detected.

We should also ampilify activity on 2+ exchanges tracked by CMC in each case. As they'll look at the aggregated data, it'd seem phishy if there were huge results on a given exchange or a huge delta in trading activity, volume and price on one.

It'd be fun + fantastic to plan on arbitrage opportuntiies when we know there will be rise/fall in price in one place prematurely, and look to dump a number tokens/coins at higher price according to prey's stops like I'd mentioned. . . if we have foreknowledge of price activity there are loads of little opportunities that present themselves.

Food for thought, I guess!


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