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The Best Real Estate Tech for Landlords

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Davina Ward

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I've written for numerous real estate publications throughout my career as a freelance writer. With that, comes the privilege of working behind the scenes to provide a plethora of information for landlords and property managers.

As the current Content Manager of, I was tasked with putting together a short guide of useful tools for landlords and property managers. Here's the end result of my research, enjoy!

We live in a golden age of technology wherein virtually every aspect of our lives can be enhanced with Internet-enabled tools. Particularly if you’re a landlord or a property manager, you’re definitely in luck—the management of real estate has been completely transformed with the advent of the digital age. Here, we’ll look at a few different online platforms which could spell success for every aspect of your rental business.

Top Tech Tools for Landlords and Property Managers

Here are some of the best digital tools available in 2019 to help you efficiently and effectively manage your rental properties.

Best Property Management Tools for Landlords

Property management makes up a large chunk of the average landlord’s day. Simplify your life by depending upon one of these proven tools to help you manage your properties flawlessly.

Avail - This platform is good for managing any size property portfolio. It comes with several tools that will make your life a lot easier, from built-in tenant screening reports, a suite of marketing tools, and account management features—all at an extremely competitive pricing system.

Property Manager Cloud - Deemed as the best for landlords with a variety of properties in their portfolio, PMC offers a free 60-day trial—so you have nothing to lose by exploring its many hard-working features. It comes with an online leasing system that translates well to paper backups, and allows you to interact with your tenants completely inside the system while keeping records of everything!

TurboTenant - If you’re more in the business of buying and selling properties, turn to TurboTenant—it’s a great online platform that will let you list multiple properties and market them for free. With a host of 5-star ratings, TurboTenant is a great bet for landlords looking for a comprehensive marketing solution. 

Best Software As a Service for Landlords

If you don’t have great organizational skills, it’ll be hard to keep your businesses afloat. Whether you tend towards paperless systems or would rather keep hard copies of all documents, good administration is key to keep your work stress-free. Here’s our pick of the pack for great administrative software!

Preapproved Renter - Touting the ability to organize rental applications logically and screen prospective tenants with the click of a button, this tool will make your front-end work like a breeze.

Ascensio System OnlyOffice - Consider going paperless! It’s environmentally friendly and ultimately easier to maintain. With this platform, you get online storage, solid apps for document filing and organization, word processing skills and options for online collaboration. This software wears multiple hats in the administrative real estate game.

Google Calendar - It’s a household name for a reason: Google Calendar is a hardworking tool that can be used without paying a dime. Schedule meetings, open doors for collaborations, set recurring reminders and manage multiple calendars with this popular cloud-based scheduling tool. 

Best iBuyers for Landlords to Sell Quickly

If you need to move a property and you need to do it fast, turning to an iBuyer may be your best bet. As real estate investors who use automated technology to bid cash quickly, iBuyers can represent a great option for landlords who need to sell as soon as possible. Check out these resources to make the most of this option:

Opendoor - Advertising itself as the new way to sell homes, Opendoor allows people to sell their properties straight to the platform without having to worry about listing it themselves. With over half a million success stories and rave reviews by credible sources, it’s a great place to start when you need a quick sale.

Offerpad - No headaches, no hassles! Offerpad’s selling point is that they will get you an offer within 24 hours of hearing from you—which is a dream scenario when you’re looking to sell. According to their website, you can even pick your own closing date.

One thing you should definitely keep in mind is that iBuyers are currently only operational in major cities—you may want to check its availability in your area before you commit!

Final Thoughts

Between managing your properties properly, having an administrative solution that you can rely upon 24/7, and figuring out ways to move properties fast when you need to—the digital age has spawned tools that can make your job much easier. Delve into the resources presented above for a successful future for your real estate business! 

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by Davina Ward @davina.Freelance writer interested in the intersection of technology and the world at large.
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