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3 Types of Tools Needed For Effective Project Management, Remotely

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Project management is perhaps the most crucial job in any organization. This is because the success of every project is directly proportional to slowly reaching towards the goals and objectives of the organization that were established well in advance. 

With the corporate world adopting remote working as their work arrangement, every business is now facing various challenges in terms of management, communication, and collaboration. Consequently, effectively carrying out project management has also turned into a task. 

To make it easy for managers to handle their remote resources, several software companies have launched digital tools that help to develop a coherent workflow strategy. The software makes it possible for the project managers to automate their work and thus, allow them to put in the minimum effort while keeping the employees motivated. 

In this article, you can read about these tools and software that help you carry out effective project management with the resources that are working remotely. 

Tools that are needed for effective project management with remote resources 

There are a plethora of tools that you can make use of to tackle the challenges that remote working bring with it. Find the top categories of the tools that you should certainly invest in below. 

  • Tools that make training easy

One of the tools that make initiating training much easier is a learning management system. A learning management system or an LMS is a cloud-based platform that makes developing, deploying, and tracking the training program much more smooth and straightforward for the project managers. 

There are several vendors now available in the market. Each LMS has its own set of features and price models, which are also the two major deciding factors. In order to ensure that your LMS is cost-effective, it is often suggested to identify the features that you require and explore the LMS that aligns with those features. 

Take iSpring Learn for instance. iSpring Learn features include certification management, gamification tools such as badges, mobile support, graphic reports, and more. Moreover, this LMS has a subscription-based pricing model. Now, you would want to invest in this LMS is the features and pricing model fit well with your goals and budget. 

  • Tools that help to communicate better 

One of the major challenges that a project manager faces is that of ensuring seamless and smooth communication. Employee engagement is of utmost importance for every organization to succeed, be it external or internal. This is where the communication tools by software companies play a key role, especially during the times of remote working. 

There are several communication tools that you can choose, depending upon the requirement, preferences, and objectives that you have established. However, your communication tool should allow you to not only exchange conversations with every employee individually but also enable you to indulge in text-based group discussions, share files of various formats, and help to resolve any roadblocks in terms of communication. 

The most commonly used communication tool today is Slack. This tool helps you cross hurdles in regards to communication, allows you to streamline your workflow, and thus, helps to improve the productivity of your remote resources. 

  • Tools that allow virtual communication 

One thing that lacks when you are working remotely is physical or face-to-face interaction. Face-to-face interactions are often required to exchange information better and also to interpret the body language or facial expressions of an individual. It is through face-to-face interactions that your employees feel motivated and a part of your organization. 

To solve this problem while working remotely, there are many video conferencing tools that are now available in the market. These tools have additional features and characteristics that can make communication more interesting. 

Google Meet, for instance, is a commonly used video conferencing tool that helps you indulge in face-to-face interactions and also allows you to present your screens while presenting something. 


Project management gets difficult during the times of remote working. However, you can easily overcome this challenge with the help of the tools that are mentioned above.


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