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Freemium WooCommerce Shipping Plugins

by AzharDecember 12th, 2019
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If you are selling physical products on your WooCommerce store, you should know how to handle the shipping properly. You must be very well aware of how shipping works and how you can integrate shipping carriers using WooCommerce plugins. In this article, I’ll list some of the best free WooCommerce shipping plugins that are available in the WordPress eco-space.Here are the Best Free WooCommerce Shipping Plugins you can use using: ELEX EasyPost (FedEx, UPS & USPS) Shipping Method plugin for WooCommerce. The premium version is capable of the following:Printing shipping labels, tracking shipments. Show USPS Flat Rate Boxes. Track shipments. Track DHL Shipments. Add Insurance Option (Box Packing Options)

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If you are selling physical products on your WooCommerce store, you should also know how to handle the shipping properly. Whether you ship the products yourself or make use of third-party shipping carrier plugins like DHLUSPSFedExUPS, etc., you must be very well aware of how shipping works and how you can integrate shipping carriers using WooCommerce plugins.

In this article, I’ll list some of the best free WooCommerce shipping plugins that are available in the WordPress eco-space.

Let’s dive in…

Here are the Best Free WooCommerce Shipping Plugins

1. ELEX EasyPost (FedEx, UPS & USPS) Shipping Method Plugin for WooCommerce

If the default WooCommerce shipping methods don’t suit your business requirement and you do not want the hassle of shipping the parcels to your customers, you can opt for third-party shipping carriers.

This ELEX WooCommerce EasyPost Plugin is capable of returning rates from FedEx, UPS, and USPS on your WooCommerce store.
Cool, isn’t it?

It also allows you to select either Retail or Commercial Rates.

Download the Free Plugin

The screenshot on the left shows the USPS, FedEx, and UPS shipping rates and services on the cart.

The premium version is capable of the following:

  • Printing shipping labels
  • Track shipments
  • Show USPS Flat Rate Boxes
  • Add Insurance Option
  • Box Packing Options, and much more…

2. WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping

If one of your primary concerns in calculating shipping costs is order weight, this plugin can be quite handy for you. In addition to using order weight as a determinant of shipping cost, you can also set rules based on the shipping destination and cart sub-totals.

Download the Free Plugin

The core features of the plugin include creating shipping rules based on Order weight, subtotal, and customer destination. In addition, you can use this plugin to set up free shipping conditions as well. With the plus version, you can override the product shipping class settings of your store.

3. WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping by JEM

If you are looking to set up table rate shipping or tiered shipping on your WooCommerce store, this plugin is ideal for that. It boasts a very friendly user interface that will help you configure it pretty quickly. With this plugin, you can define shipping charges by weight or total cost. The rates will be calculated with or without tax based on your store settings. It also allows you to configure multiple tiers of shipping costs as well as incorporate additional charges for each order.

Download the Plugin

The Pro version allows you to set unlimited shipping services, shipping based on the destination address and predefined shipping classes. You can also configure based on a number of items and weight, as well as include handling fees.

4. WooCommerce DHL Shipping Plugin by ELEX

This plugin helps you display DHL Express services and their real-time rates on the cart and checkout pages of your WooCommerce store. The rates will be automatically determined based on the product weight, dimensions, and shipping destination. You will be able to set a custom method title for the DHL shipping method while using this plugin. And, you can create price adjustments to each specific service.

The developers are an Official DHL Partner, giving you another reason to trust this plugin.

Download the Free Plugin

In addition, you can -

  • Show rates specific to your DHL account so that your customers will get the advantage of reduced rates.
  • Show a price breakdown on the checkout page for shipping charges (as shown in the screenshot). This would help to create better clarity and transparency in shipping charges and consequently enhance the customer experience.
  • Display the estimated delivery time for each service (as shown in the screenshot), which is another essential component of a good shipping experience.

The premium version — ELEX WooCommerce DHL Shipping Plugin with Print Label allows store owners to:

  • Print shipping labels, return labels, commercial invoices, proforma invoices, and archive air waybill.
  • Integrate DHL Paket and DHL eCommerce
  • Track DHL Shipments
  • Box Packing
  • DHL Parcel Pickup Service
  • Easy handling of Dangerous/Hazardous Goods, Alcohol, and Prohibited Goods.
  • Special services like Customs, Duty Payments, Paperless trade, Saturday delivery, Cash on Delivery, and so on.

5. WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips by Ewout Fernhout

This plugin helps you add a PDF invoice automatically to the order confirmation emails sent out to your customers. You can modify the available template based on your business requirements. You can also download or print the documents from the WooCommerce order admin page.

Download the Plugin

You can bulk generate PDF invoices and packing slips. The templates are fully customizable as they are created using HTML and CSS. Another important feature of this plugin is its multi-language compatibility. Languages like Ukrainian, Slovenian, Japanese, and Slovak also feature in the long list this plugin supports.

There are several premium extensions that let you create/email PDF Proforma Invoices, Credit Notes, Email Packing Slips, and Automatic upload to Dropbox. Additionally, the extensions help to automatically send the documents to the printer whenever the order is placed. And there are a lot of templates to choose from.

6. WooCommerce Shipping

This extension will help you print shipping labels directly from your store by accessing the discounted rates of your USPS account. By being able to print USPS shipping labels right from your store, you can save money, and save time by avoiding a visit to the post office. However, to display services and rates of USPS, you need to purchase the premium extension.

Download the Plugin

7. WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping

(You know you have been on the receiving end too, where you look out for Free Shipping for that Amazon product! :D)

Free shipping is one of the most popular shipping strategies in the eCommerce business. It is a great strategy to improve conversions and reduce cart abandonment on your WooCommerce store. However, setting up a free shipping option requires careful considerations as it can eat into your profit margins. This plugin will help you set up advanced conditions to decide how and when free shipping will be offered to your customers.

Download the Plugin

The plugin makes available several conditions to set up free shipping on your store depending on the shopping pattern of your customers. You can use parameters like user roles, order quantity, product weight, shipping class, shipping destination, etc., to enable free shipping.

[There are also ways to apply free shipping on your WooCommerce store without a plugin, find those methods in this article.]

8. AfterShip — WooCommerce Tracking

This free plugin allows you to track shipments using 550+ shipping carriers! (That’s a lot!). You need to signup for an AfterShip account and choose the desired shipping carrier.

Download the Plugin

The tracking information will be displayed on the order history page, as shown in the screenshot below.

Hence, these are the Best Free WooCommerce Shipping Plugins on the WordPress market.

In addition to this, I am giving you a guide for WooCommerce Shipping Strategies for Better ProfitabilityGo check out!