The association Je Vais Aider launches its mobile application of donations’ collect

With the launch of its mobile application, the association “I Want To Help” marks a new step in the development of micro-donations’ solidary collect.


Je Vais Aider is the first non-profit association to develop a mobile application of micro-donations’ collection known as IWantToHelp for all the organizations (associations or foundations) which participate in the program. We also promote volunteering in charities.

As we know, #fundraising could be expensive for charities. We want to reduce its cost for all charities around the world; to make the process easy and sure for donators, to allow charities to be more efficient in their missions. Our goal? Built with you a solidary world.

THE CONCEPT: Donations with zero commission for charities

Simply install the app which is available for free on Google Play. We collect micro-donations (2 to 10£) from our mobile app’s users for all charities participating in the program. This may result to donors a tax deduction according to the charity and the laws in force in its country.

Then the donations are entirely given to the charity choosen for which the membership is totally free; that means you don’t have to give us any commission for being our partner. An immediate transfer is made from your solidary account to your IBAN bank account as soon as you have more than 10£ of donations.

To become one of our partner organizations , you can communicate your project to us and return the completed membership form.


Solidary establishments promote the association and our partner charities, and help us to collect donation for them. You are visible to donors from the application’s interactive map. By scanning a solidary QR code, specific to each establishment, they communicate where the donation is made.

Click here for more informations about solidary establishments.

#fundraising API on GitHub

The front and back ends’ development depends on Open Source developers. Therefore, we are looking for freelance Go software or Angular/React JS/ Javascript developers and interns to develop our GitHub Open Source fundraising project…Just say “I Want To Help”.

Are you interested? Find here how you can help us.

One month after its launch, IWantToHelp gets more than 1000 users. Our project is following its development in France, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Morocco, Tunisia, USA, UK and Australia.

Phone: +33 184 191 787
WhatsApp: +34 644 610 680
Email: info@jevaisaider.org
Twitter: @IWantToHelpUK

Thank you for interest in I Want To Help.

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