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34 Stories To Learn About Charity

by Learn RepoJune 21st, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Charity via these 34 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Charity via these 34 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. MetaRaft CEO Discusses How NFTs are Disrupting Philanthropy

Discussion on how NFTs can be used for charitable purposes

2. One Donation Brings Digital Trust to Charitable Giving

This article highlights a fellow North Carolina-based technology startup – One Donation – and its mission to bring trusted and agile digital philanthropy to HR.

3. Kids Drawings Turned Into NFTs To Support Children Impacted By War In Ukraine

A conversation with DCN Global President Nikos Panagiotou to discuss his organizations initiative to help Ukrainian children in need through an NFT auction.

4. UNICEF Brazil Announces Collaboration with Upland to Support Web3 Education

UNICEF Brazil has announced a collaboration with Upland to support web3 education programmes and training opportunities for young people in Brazil.

5. How to Fight Global Climate Change with Web3, the world’s largest charity NFT marketplace, is launching its mobile Dapp called Maxity App and a pioneering ‘Plant and Reward’ model, MAX Forest...

6. Making a Difference in the Web3 and NFT Space

The combination of unique and meaningful art, charitable focus, community involvement, and creative endeavors makes the Tutti Frutti Women NFT project stand ou

7. App Gạo is a New & Digitized Charity Experience

In the times of COVID-19, how do we help others and ensure that we give them the help that they need? Here's how some Vietnamese students managed to do it.

8. How the Biggest IT Development Companies Are Supporting Ukraine

Throughout the war, Ukrainian IT companies help with humanitarian aid, medicines, food, and evacuation of people.

9. Becoming Furlonteer: Using Technology to Connect Talented Workers And Good Causes

Furlonteer – the new non-profit project connecting furloughed employees with the people who need it most.

10. Stoplight's Open-Source October: Hacktoberfest Involvement & Pull-Requests for Trees

Complete an open-source pull request from one of our open-source tools, & we will plan 400 trees in your honor to celebrate Open-Source October & Hacktoberfest.

11. Running a Nonprofit: Gary Vee Interviews Scott Harrison, Founder & CEO of Charity Water

This inspiring video covers Scott’s background story, why he decided to “quit being the worst guy he knew” and start working to serve others through his work at Charity Water.

12. #BitcoinTuesday: Join people from around the world and change lives with Bitcoin

#BitcoinTuesday: Join people from around the world and change lives with Bitcoin

13. What is EarthFund? A Look At The Blockchain-based Donation Platform and DAO

Let's take a look at EarthFund and how the platform works.

14. Meet the Writer Anndy Lian: "Let's work together to make crypto better"

I want to share the right kind of crypto knowledge with people. Right now many of the people I see in various communities are not being real.

15. Expanding Education: Interview with Ethan Adshade, founder of TEPHE

TEPHE empowers Los Angeles schools to partner with professionals & experts in their community and provide transformational experiences to their students.

16. Crypto-Charities Cut Middlemen AND Transaction Opacity

For charity work, blockchain is more than a tool that enables more transparency and accountability.

[17. Cryptocurrency and Philanthropy: The present! ✨👏❤️✨

5 Reasons Why Nonprofits Love Cryptocurrency]( I first of all would like to thank you for giving me trust. We have an opportunity to impact the world together. Im are glad to share an amazing article with some additions (my own). By Alex Wilson and Pat Duffy, co-founders of The Giving Block

18. How Hacking Giving Keeps Communities Strong

Millions of businesses have shut down their physical work sites due to Coronavirus, many moving to remote online platforms. So too schooling, with educators and children moving to virtual classrooms, even churches are meeting digitally. With all this acceptance of telecommuting, tele-schooling, and tele-attending church, it’s no wonder charity giving is looking to add the “t.”  Hacking giving can help keep our society strong while we are all stuck at home physically distancing ourselves.

19. A Giant's Greed: How Internet Companies Profit from Charitable Organizations

We humans are amazing creatures, we are full of contradictions, we seem to combine surprisingly incompatible things - anger and kindness, loyalty and betrayal, honesty and deceit, greed and generosity. Some people may be vicious and greedy deceivers capable of taking any actions to achieve their selfish goals, while others may disinterestedly and generously help strangers in distress.

20. Blockchain and Giving: The Ideal Technology to Power Social Causes

How blockchain technology can help charitable causes and make it easier for good companies to do good work in the parts of the world that need their help.

21. Virtual Assets, Charity, and Humanity in 2023

Philcoin is the world’s first philanthropic blockchain super dApp, says founder Jerry Lopez.

22. The Global Crypto Community Stands with Ukraine

On February 24, 2022, the entire world was shocked and appalled by images of Russian bombs hitting Ukrainian cities. The war that started 8 years ago in Eastern Ukraine expanded and came into millions of homes of the country striving for freedom, peace, and prosperity as a part of the European family. Shock, confusion, fear, pain, and anger were the prevailing emotions at the time. The entire world held their breath to see what would happen next.

23. Could Bill Gates' Problem Be Solved By the Blockchain?

How the trust-machine can shed a light into the philanthropic activities of the Gates Foundation

24. What These 4 Charities Are Doing to Fight Hunger Doing the Pandemic

We spoke to four food security organizations in Colombia, Portugal, South Africa, and the United States to better understand the challenges facing organizations

25. Who Showed Up to Dogepalooza and Who Cares? (Much Surprise)

What happened at the first-ever Dogecoin-themed charity music festival Dogepalooza? Hear it from the perspective of one of the performers there, Rito Rhymes.

26. Here's How Google and Friends Are Contributing—How Can We All Help?

A month ago it would’ve been hard to imagine how life would change in what seems overnight. Quarantines have been declared in many countries, and already around one billion people are staying at home, isolating themselves and some working remotely. The public activities have stopped, drug stores are in deficit of protection masks, and food shops are being cleaned of even primary products.

27. 4 Crypto Charity Projects That Are Working to Improve the World

Let's look at four different cryptocurrency projects with philanthropic values.

28. Telco Professional & Charity Food Delivery Rider: A Chat About Trying To Raise 100 K In 60 Days

I remote chat with Anthony Houlahan, a telco professional who has been working in Singapore for the last 18 years. He initially started on his mission on the 22nd of April to use his time after hours and on weekends to do food delivery, both to stave off isolation, and to raise funds for a good cause. He ends his donation campaign and delivery activity on 21st June.

29. Tools NPOs Can Use to Collect and Analyze Field Data

These tools can help your nonprofit understand constituents' needs better

30. Sony Introduces a PS5 Controller for Disabled Gamers

Project Leonardo is an extremely configurable PlayStation 5 controller for disabled gamers.

31. 5 Best DeFi Charity Projects that are Making the World a Better Place

DeFi charity projects have become stellar examples of consumer activism and social sustainability. Charity DeFi projects numbers have been growing exponentially

32. 3 NFT Projects that Look Beyond Profits and Fight for a Better World

Read on to discover how NFTs can disrupt the environmental and social status quo and inspire changes for a better world!

33. Pay It Forward, You’ll Be Surprised To See How Much You Can Achieve.

These holidays, choose wisely

34. Providing Kids in Need With Access to Games: An Interview w/Samantha Robertell from Gamers Outreach

In this Slogging AMA, the team at Hackernoon talks to Samantha Robertell, a marketing manager at Gamers Outreach.

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