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16 Social Good Hackathons For Giving Back This Year Around the Globe

As you write your New Year’s Resolution, we hope you add “hacking for good” on your list.

Just one weekend or event can make an impact, we’ve seen it and heard from you firsthand on how these opportunities make a difference.

Maker Faire Austin 2018

Here’s a recap video of some of our 2018 event highlights — don’t they look like fun?

Now our list isn’t complete since many more events have yet to be announced, so we encourage you to stay alert on Medium and on your other social media channels. Heck, if you want to throw your own event this year, give us a shout!

Here are some social good hackathons to watch for in 2019:

Abu Dhabi

Madison, Wisconsin


New Haven, CT

Davis, CA


St. Paul, MN

Groningen, The Netherlands

New Delhi, India

Austin, TX

Richmond, VA

Boston, MA

Palo Alto, CA

TreeHacks 2019
February 15–17, 2019 at Stanford Universitywww.treehacks.com

San Luis Obispo, CA

Charlotte, NC

Wish List

Sydney, Austraila (We hope to see a hackathon for 2019 — stay tuned!)

Happy Hacking!

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