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The 9 Best Anime Games on PC

by Nicolas NgJuly 29th, 2021
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These are the 9 best anime game adaptations found on Steam that should port over the best experiences. Jump Force, My Hero One’s Justice 2 and Dragon Ball Fighter Z are some of the most ambitious adaptations of the anime series. Dragon Ball is uniquely suited for adaptation into a fighting game. One Piece Pirate Warriors and Fate/Fate Extella are the most recognisable anime games on Steam. Dragonball Fighter Z is just a fantastic anime game that aspires only to bring the original fights into the hands of players to execute themselves.

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Anime Games haven’t been on PC as much as people might want. Generally speaking, these games tend to be exclusives on Japanese-owned platforms like the PlayStation and Switch, making it hard for anime fans to play games based on their favorite shows on PC. It’s a good thing that publishers have been releasing their games onto Steam over the last few years.

Finding a good anime game, however, is difficult. If the right settings aren’t selected, the Anime tag becomes a minefield of NSFW content. To help you avoid that minefield, these are the 9 best anime game adaptations found on Steam that should port over the best experiences.

PC Anime Games List

  1. Jump Force
  2. My Hero One’s Justice 2
  3. Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet
  4. Dragonball Fighter Z
  5. Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2
  6. SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays
  7. Fate Extella Link
  8. One Piece Pirate Warriors
  9. Attack on Titan 2

1. Jump Force

As far as anime games go, this is perhaps the most ambitious. Jump Force asks and answers the question “Who would win, Goku or Jotaro?” by turning it into an entire game. While the combat isn’t as nuanced or balanced as a dedicated fighting game, the fanservice and wish fulfillment granted by Jump Force might be enough to justify buying it.

While the core of the game lies in one-on-one fighting, it comes with a single-player story mode that teaches the basics while being entertaining to players who watch too much shounen anime.

2. My Hero One’s Justice 2

As the name suggests, this anime fighting game is based on the ongoing series My Hero Academia. It’s got fully realised movesets for most of the characters featured between the Provisional Hero License and Overhaul Arcs, giving underused characters like Jirou animations that she might not have yet.

The game’s story mode is a retelling of most of Seasons 3 and 4. It doesn’t add anything to the story, sticking faithfully to the source material. It’s a solid game if you want to spend more time in the anime’s universe.

3. Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet

This role-playing game is an original story set in Gun Gale Online, a game featured heavily in Sword Art Online’s second season. Told from the perspective of a silent player-designed character, the story is essentially a meet-the-cast event stretched out for 30 hours the game lasts for.

The gameplay itself can be quite fun, if grindy, thanks to the loot system and the need to farm mob drops to progress.

4. Dragon Ball Fighter Z

The Dragon Ball series is uniquely suited for adaptation into a fighting game. With unbelievable strength and speed often mixing together in destructive and exhilarating fights, the chance to directly participate as a combatant might be too much for some fans to pass up.

The animations and gameplay echo what the show demonstrates Goku to be capable of, with fighters teleporting across the sky and throwing spirit bombs and more at each other. It might be a simple fighting game but doesn’t need to be anything more than that.

5.Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Storm isn’t the newest Naruto game on Steam. It adapts Naruto Shippuden instead of Boruto and brings characters and maps from the original series with it. Like Dragonball Fighter Z, it’s just a fantastic anime game that aspires only to bring the original fights into the hands of players to execute themselves and does a great job of it.

6. SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays

There aren’t many Gundam games on Steam which means that this strategy game using the diminutive SD Gundam models will have to do. The cutesier SD style doesn’t bring over the same sense of scale and menace that conventional Gundam designs bring with them but doesn’t hold back the gameplay and story.

It acts as a crossover for all of Gundam’s alternate universes and includes most of their stories in its story mode. It’s the same brand of fanservice that many of the other anime games bring with their story modes, if that appeals to you.


Fate doesn’t often have the chance to show its trademark Heroic Spirits demolish waves of mooks in most of the series because it likes to focus on petty things like character motivations and storytelling. Fate/EXTELLA LINK corrects this shortcoming by being a Dynasty Warriors-style action game that has 26 of Fate’s most recognisable Heroic Spirits showing off their talents and Noble Phantasms in the Fate/EXTRA universe.

It’s easier than pulling for them in Fate: Grand Order, that’s for sure.

8.One Piece Pirate Warriors 4

One Piece Pirate Warriors, too, emulates Dynasty Warriors. Like Fate/EXTELLA LINK, this anime game brings to life the insanity from the manga, animating signature moves from the cast and letting you use those moves on hordes of enemies.

The modern graphics bring the fighting and animation to life that will be a lot of fun for fans to play.

9. Attack on Titan 2

Props must be given to the team at Koei Tecmo Games for making such an engaging representation of the Attack on Titan series’ movement. Through its own retelling of the show up to Season 3, players get to learn how to kill titans with 3D maneuver gear. It’s made much simpler than the show portrays it but it is still incredibly satisfying to kill titans.

Attack on Titan is a hard universe to adapt to video games but this game adapts it well.

Final Thoughts on these Anime Games

You probably know which of these games you would want to get if you watch Anime. Though they might be expensive, adaptations don’t come cheap and these are the best on the PC market. There’s always more to be found on Steam, if you’re willing to look. Also, if you’re adventurous, we’ve also looked at Roblox’s Anime Games, which are a little unhinged.

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