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The 5 most popular questions on Amazon Sumerian

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In November 2017 Amazon has announced a new game engine to create WebVR experiences: Amazon Sumerian.

The news got a big hype, but after the big wave of the hype, the sea has returned calm. But the product is still there, in limited preview: you can apply to enter to see how it works.

I applied for the preview on November 2017 and I entered it two weeks ago, so I spent some time playing with this new product. I started publishing posts of my experiments on my social media and a lot of people got curious and made me questions about it. The most popular ones have been:

  • How is it?
  • Is it easy to learn?
  • When will it be officially released?
  • How is it compared to Unity?
  • How is it compared to A-Frame?

To answer all of them, I decided to make a short video. If you’re curious as well, you can watch it now

And if you want to read a more in-depth review of my hands on with this new game engine, you can read my thorough review directly on my blog:

I hope to have answered all your curiosities about Sumerian… if this is not the case, ask me anything here in the comments section or on my social media channels!

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