The 2018 Black Women in Tech to Follow On Twitter Listby@JenebaSpeaks
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The 2018 Black Women in Tech to Follow On Twitter List

by Jeneba Jalloh GhattJanuary 1st, 2019
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In 2018, if you wanted to know what was going on in the tech field in terms of inclusion, code newbies, and what underrepresented communities in tech were up to, you needed to look no further than these 200 phenomenal Black women!

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In 2018, if you wanted to know what was going on in the tech field in terms of inclusion, code newbies, and what underrepresented communities in tech were up to, you needed to look no further than these 200 phenomenal Black women!

Background: As many of you know, this annual list is a labor of love that I started curating in 2015, and published for the first time in 2016 as the 185 Black Women in Tech On Twitter to Follow.

I get no corporate funding or sponsorship or any other thing of monetary value for curating this list and so you know it is an unbiased resource.

Why Black Women? Since the first list was published three years ago, I’ve been asked why I only featured women on this list when the tech ecosystem is not inclusive of black men as well.

My answer: the list of 200 Black Women in Tech to Follow on Twitter was created out of a need to fill a specific and articulated void after I learned that Black Women were less than 1% of StartUp Founders receiving VC Capital (less than .02%), and in essence were located at the bottom of the totem pole and represented the least, much less than black men, white women, Asian American women and other marginalized groups. Not only did this group not receive funding, it was the least represented on the staffs of tech companies and virtually absent on other “who to follow” lists in tech. Out of exclusion comes a solution.

I wanted all to know that we’re here too and to make it easier to “find us”, offer a list of the group least represented to draw from so that could not longer be an excuse as to why we were not included.

I’m happy to note that since the initial list was published in 2016, many who were on it have gained their “Twitter Blue Check Mark” verification which, like it or not, is a marker of being an established account/brand on that platform.

I’ve also noticed many have branched out and moved out of tech, left the Twitter platform and as such, or stopped tweeting much, which is fine but which meant keep the resource relevant and accurate, it needed to be updated.

Why Twitter?

Why Not? Before it was the current President’s social media platform of choice to reach large audiences, it was a hub for getting up-to-the-minute news, information and updates on any and every topic, and as such, is still the best means of finding out what you need to know about any and everything, including diversity and inclusion in tech!

As stated before in a previous permeation of this list, unlike other social media platforms that may be a little more involved to navigate, Twitter feeds provide instant and quick resources and shared knowledge. Twitter is a great go-to source because active folks on that platform constantly share news, information, articles and events.

Therefore, it is also a great starting point for anyone who is putting together a conference, compiling a tech list or looking for a consultant or to diversify a team. The women on this list routinely, and some on a multiple-times a day basis, share insights, information, news, photos, resources, programs, and other initiatives that are about/or target diverse communities. Their tweets also provide insight into the very active and productive tech inclusion world.

There can no longer be the excuse that one “didn’t know they exist.”


Selectees were chosen because they 1) have a non-private account; 2) share a variety of information, resources, links and events; 3) on an active basis; 4) that are not mainly self-promoting; 5) or automated tweets; 6) update their accounts regularly and often; and 7) tweet about tech, tech inclusion or tech-related content primarily; and 8) are doing pretty awesome things themselves in the field. Further, effort was put in place to ensure that those included were not accounts with the most following or who are already well celebrated but moreso women who are contributing to the collective effort to edify, educate and illuminate the online community of theirs and the contribution of many others.

Slow Start: In 2017, I recruited a small team (including Elen Awalom and PR Pro Xina Eilend) to help me pull off a little bigger list (we added 15 more to round it out to 200) and we were generously gifted a room at the Inclusive Innovation Incubator on the Howard University campus by its CEO and my good friend Aaron Saunders to present the honorees of that year’s list a certificate to commemorate the honor.

In 2018, personal obligations slowed down all of our collective progress but techie and avid Twitter user Shari Hunt jumped in to help keep the dream alive and thus,we were able to polish off this latest version before the folks in Hawaii celebrated the beginning of 2019! That was my goal! To get it done before year’s end! Somebody’s year end. Anybody’s! (laugh)

What’s New: This 2018 year of Honorees includes a lot more code newbies and active members of the Twitter community that are Millenials, many who are college students and young professionals, innovators and founders who are under 25!! We wanted to maintain a robust list of active users of this social media platform’s most informative, influential and engaging tweeters. We also added a few vets in the industry missing from past years’ lists.

What’s Not New: As usual you’ll find a cross section from developers to coders to EduTech evangelists to VC funders and mentors to BIG Tech alums and more!

FOLLOW ALL: If you are on Twitter, you can follow everyone on this list at once by following this Twitter List!

Without further ado, these were the most active and relevant voices in 2018:


Abigail Joseph


Twitter Bio: Educator, artist, computer scientist, design thinker, STEM enthusiast looking to create, collaborate, innovate and institute meaningful social change. @edstoria

Adaora Udoji


Twitter Bio: #EmergingTech #Investors #StartupsAdjunct @ITP #Adviser @thevraraNYC@NEWINC #Mentor @TheOpEdProject#EIR @WeWork #obscenelyCURIOUS

Adepeju Jaiyeoba


**Twitter Bio:**Founder @brownbutton_org&Mother’s Delivery Kit|2018 Prince of Wales Sustainability Entrepreneur|Queen of England Points of Light Awardee| @washfellowship Fellow

Aerica Shimizu Banks


Twitter Bio: Type A personality, Type B aspirations. Thoughts and feels my own.



Twitter Bio: #WIT | Software Eng | Data Sci | Food connoisseur | Sports fan | Sorting hat put me in Slytherin mostly bcos I write Python

Aisha Bowe


**Twitter Bio:**Co-Founder and CEO at @STEMBoard a technology solutions company, closing the achievement gap.

Amanda Spann


Twitter Bio: PR Girl Turned App Founder. Formerly of @TiphubAfrica and Blerdology. Business Insider’s 30 under 30 Women in Tech #FSU#Hoya #904

April Speight


Twitter Bio: Python developer + 80s/90s pop culture aficionado I talk to computers for fun + make cool things in Illustrator I also made fetch happen

Ananda Leeke


Twitter Bio: #Mindfulness+Creativity+Tech: High achievers & orgs hire me to help them live, work & use tech mindfully! Mindfulness TeacherAuthorArtistDigital Strategist

Andrea Evans, Esq.


Twitter Bio: Intellectual Property Attorney — #Patent, #Trademark and #Copyright Law/ 2014 White House STEM Champion of Change

Angela Benton


**Twitter Bio:**Tech Pioneer. Founder of 1st accelerator for Minorities @NewMEAccel. Also: Author. Cancer Survivor. Mom.

Anie Akpe


Twitter Bio: Founder @IBOMLLC@innov8tivmag covering #BlacksInTech in USA, UK, Caribbean Islands & Africa. Currently working on @NetWorqApp — @AfricanWIT

Aniyia Williams


Twitter Bio: founder of @tinselwear. inventor. creator. musician. hair magician. changing the game via @bbfounders and @sexandstartups. mommy. wifey of @polotek. that’s me.

Anissa Thompson


Twitter Bio: @CSUDHExtendedEd #SocialMedia | #Web#Developer | @WebCert Trainer/Instructor • #Adobe UGM @lawebprosgroup • Speaker • #Yeshua(Jesus)

Ariel Ash-Shakoor


Twitter Bio:#BiomedicalEngineer specializing in cardiovascular devices | #BlackAndSTEM#WomeninSTEM l Culture x STEM = My TL

Arielle Hale


Twitter Bio: Afro-Brasileira. Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur. Pisces. Rootworker. Data Sci, DevOps, Cyber Sec. Silas’ Mom. #DigitalNomad #BlackTechTwitter

Arlan Hamilton


Twitter Bio: GAY. Founder @Backstage_Cap@ProjectCoverOrg @BootstrappedVC& @modernlword Subject of S7 @podcaststartup Fangirl @GeneralHospital I@queergermangirl

Arlyne Simon, Ph.D


Twitter Bio: Biochemical Engineer • #Inventor • Children’s Book Author: #AbbyInventsavail. @amazon #STEM advocate • BSc @GeorgiaTech • PhD @UMich @SCBWImember #kidlit

Ashley Mosley Dickens


Twitter Bio: Formerly @Twitter. Just wrapped up a year traveling across Sub-Saharan Africa with @rosiedickens.

Ashley Nelson-Hornstein


Twitter Bio: iOS Engineer. Conference Speaker. Blogger. Making

Ayori Selassie


Twitter Bio: AI, Engineer, Writer, Selfpreneur, Ethics | | #AI#MachineLearning #LifeModelDesign#ThinkDontSqueeze


Bari A. Williams


Twitter Bio: Tech Esq. + Ops | @StubHub + @Facebook alum | D&I/Equity advocate | Asker of why | Around the way etiquette lover | #TownBusiness | Cal Alum | Views = mine.

B. Laurie


Twitter Bio: | professional smiler — tech obsessed — experience curator — follower of Jesus — Haitian | alum: @Pinterest @a16z @CODE2040 @LinkedIn@StartupAmerica @HowardU |

Beatrix House


Twitter Bio: The Mountains

Black Female Founders


Twitter Bio:#BFF is a global membership organization, community, and movement for women-led tech ventures and female tech leaders throughout the Black Diaspora.

Black Girls Code


Twitter Bio: Our goal is to empower young women of color ages 7–17 to embrace the current tech marketplace as builders + creators.

Black Girl Geeks


Twitter Bio: Geekified account to @blackgirlnerds. Geekin is not a game. If you’re nerdy & you know it clap your hands.

Brandeis Marshall


Twitter Bio: Computer Scientist by training. College Professor by occupation. Diversifying the academy. Thoughts are mine. #BlackComputing #DataScienceEducation

Brittney Ball


Twitter Bio: Software Engineer at @Skookum | Organizer for the CLT chapter of @GirlDevelopIt | Lover of @JavaScript | My views are my own.

Briana M. Ford


Twitter Bio: Digital marketing strategies and solutions for entrepreneurs. Web + Social + Conversations. Founder: @brianamford. @evernote Community Leader.

Brit Fitzpatrick


Twitter Bio: no luck, only grace • Amex 50 under 40 • tech entrepreneur • mentoring maven • Program Manager @hill7org • Louisville born, @HowardU bred

Brown Girls Tech


Twitter Bio: We empower & connect brown girls by preparing them with the skills/resources to start a career in tech, build a startup and/or pursue entrepreneurial ventures.


Camille Eddy


Twitter Bio: 24. Engineering. Intersectionality. Design. formerly @nvidia, Google X and @hplabs// Read my articles on the web, LinkedIn, Medium, and

Camille Hearst


Twitter Bio: entertainment, tech, & design-loving @Stanford alum. spent my early days at @iTunes, @YouTube, @Google. now, co-founder & ceo at : @hashtagkit

Candace Hicks


Twitter Bio: Program Manager @ Microsoft. Creator & Innovator. IG: Candace2xs_

Candi Castleberry


Twitter Bio: Intersectionality +Diversity +Culture @Twitter #IWillDoMyPart to make our world a better place for ALL — w/ALL of our differences Me. We. Us. The World.

Candice Morgan


Twitter Bio: Head inclusion & diversity strategist @Pinterest. Cross-cultural business psychologist. Pronouns: she/her. Views = mine.

CarlyAnn Fergus


Director of @XRCLabs Fashion | Retail | Innovation | Tech | Startups Boards: @Opp_Net Advisory Boards: @cfda Elaine Gold Launch Pad Featured in: @Forbes + @WWD

Charlene Brown, MD


Twitter Bio: Public health doc, social entrepreneur. Founder/CEO of @ReciproCareJobs@harvardmed #prevmed #seniorcare#caregiverlife #workforce #socent Views my own.

Cheryl Contee


Twitter Bio: geek + good = inspirational innovation — CEO of Do Big Things. My full time job = proud mama of a toddler!

Chidera Je-Ni


Twitter Bio: proudly Igbo | JavaScript motherhen| nodeJs student| not-so-average average girl | game lover|…oyirinneya

Christina Morillo


Twitter Bio: Cloud-Identity-Security @azuread@Microsoft // Co-Leading @wisporg NYC // Techie since the 99s & 2000s//Native// CoF @wocintechchat

Cindy Onyekwelu


Twitter Bio: I love #Inspiration & I’m a #FirstGen #BlackGrad #Tech #influencer learning how to make the world a better place than I found it! #BlackTechTwitter #Thankful

Corvida Raven


Twitter Bio: Internationally known for speaking technology in plain English | Path: ATP, TED, Intel, ReadWrite, Chevrolet/GM, etc.

Cynthia Gale Manor


ART + TECH • Digital Artist, Poet & IT Professional/SQL Coder in Austin TX • UT Grad • ACC Programming Student * 50+ & Lovin’ It @colors_africa@anointed_design


Darnèle Adhemar


Twitter Bio: Software Engineer || Lifelong learner || IBMer || Reader || Traveler || Food lover also sleeper .

DeShuna Spencer


Twitter Bio: Founder/CEO of @kweliTV | Lung cancer advocate | Living on purpose | “My Umi says shine your light on the world.”

Divinity Matovu


Twitter Bio: Program Manager @ Lyft | Alum @Wharton@USC Opinions are my own


Ebony Hicks


Twitter Bio: Founder & CEO @browngirlsntech, @browngirlscode1 | #entrepreneur, #cybersecurity, #browngirlcoder | Web Designer ^ @Apple Teacher ^ | #STEAMGirl | #byhisgrace

Emmie Lewis-Briggman


Twitter Bio: God First, Mommy of 5, Wife, Solution Architect & Software Engineer, Tech Lead, CSM, CSD, GA Tech

Erica Baker

@Erica Joy

Twitter Bio: she/her/hers | Engineering Manager | Run from what’s comfortable. Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious. -Rumi

Ericka Mabion


Twitter Bio: innovation, creativity and change. Google/Scratch/ Certified Educator. 2x TOY. K-8 STEM teacher, wife, mother and friend. Blogger Self/EdTech Team.

Erin Horne McKinney


Twitter Bio: Managing Partner of Inclusion @JumpStartInc, Founder @BFFFempire & @KissIntelapp — #techpolicy#entrepreneur #intrapreneur #visionary#gamechanger #redlips

Erin Teague


Twitter Bio: building AR + VR products @youtube | previously @yahoo & @twitter | @harvard, @umengineering & @eecsatmi alumna | working hard to make my ancestors smile!

Evelyn Namara


Twitter Bio: Tech Entrepreneur | Pan Africanist | Passionate about Tech, Innovation, Tech Policy | @mipad100 honoree


Felicia Hatcher


**Twitter Bio:**Entrepreneur|Author|Mom | White House 2014 Champion of Change} Co-Founder of @CodeFeverMiami & @blacktechweek& retired Chief Popsicle of @FeverishMiami|


Genma Stringer Holmes


Twitter Bio a highly-recognized and award-winning Serial Entrepreneur, Media Influencer, and Editor-in-Chief. Owner of Holmes Pest Control, Executive Producer of Living Your Best Life Radio, and the Editor-in-Chief of GSH Media. Visit IG @bugsact

Gift Egwuenu


Twitter Bio: making the web accessible and Photography. Co-organizer @ConcatenateConf, Chapter Lead @vuevixensNG

Gloria Kimbwala


Twitter Bio: Developer, Speaker, Mom. #codecamp and #womeng at @Square #womenintech#diversityintech #wocinTech #minorities


Hadiyah Mujhid


Twitter Bio: Software Engineer + Startup Aficionado. Co-founded @blackfounders, @hbcutostartup, and sw agency Playpen Labs ( ). UMES alum

Heather Faison


Twitter Bio: Girls advocate using tech to accelerate change. @HowardU grad. Hella gay. DC Oakland RDU


Idalin Bobe


Twitter Bio: Founder http://TechActivist.Org • Nat’l Edu Team for #PoorPeoplesCampaign • Organizer of @Tech_Intersect a conf for #WOC • Former #BlackGirlsCODE #ThoughtWorks

Ijeoma S. Nwatu


Twitter Bio: social & strategy consultant. current: @recnparks prev: @colorcommntwk@sbagov @hzdg @cityyearphilly@StartupInstNYC. matthew 5:5.

Isa Watson


Twitter Bio: founder, ceo @withyoursquad. @Inc 30 under 30. ex organic chemist @pfizer. also ex @JPMorgan. MIT, Cornell and HU grad. pianist. classic INTJ.


Jaid Barrett


Twitter Bio: InfoSec Professional | Cybersecurity, Data Privacy, InfoSec & Tech Lover | University of South Florida Alum | STEM | eCommerce | Jamaican | Views Are My Own

Jaleesa Trapp


Twitter Bio: Revolutionary Educator UW alum (@hcdeuw) Currently a grad student at the MIT @medialab

Jamie Broadnax


Twitter Bio: Blogger. Nerd. Billionaire. Just kidding. Founder and editor-at-large @blackgirlnerds Freelance writer. @criticschoice and #BFCC member


Twitter Bio: Aspiringio: Front End Developer + Mom + Gamer + Trekkie + Musician = A well rounded and often eccentric woman!

Janet Ikpa


Twitter Bio: Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion @Hired_HQ | Join us | Past @Twitter @Google@UofCalifornia | @UCSantaBarbara & @IUBloomington Alum

Jasmine Anderson


Twitter Bio: | Shopify Partner + CTO | Purchase my “Learn Liquid with Shopify” ebook below | Views are my own | Business Inquires: [email protected]

Jay Jay Ghatt


Twitter Bio: #Blerd|EIC at ; @TechyayaBlog @JJBraids; #ParentingPro @Bellyitch; Creator: #200BWTech; @HackerNoon Contributor: RadioShowHost @DCRadio

Jenna Wortham


Twitter Bio: Black Bill Gates in the making. Staff writer @NYTMag & co-host of Still Processing. Co-author of “Black Futures” with Kimberly Drew, One World 2019 ⦇|| ⬘ ||⦈

Jessica O. Matthews


Twitter Bio: Inventor/Entrepreneur/Social Scientist. Fndr & CEO, Uncharted Power. Believer in all things authentic, disruptive and empowering.

Jessica Williams


Twitter Bio: Writer. Speaker. CareerCoach @GA_Chicago. #sidehustler. #jesspickscurator.

Jewel Burks Solomon


Twitter Bio: saved by grace • currently @Amazon • founder of @Partpic • board member @goodienation @harvarddcdp@howardu alumna • former EIR @google• opinions are my own

Jewell Scott


Twitter Bio: Web developer. Practitioner. E-book reader. Asking questions and learning stuff. I saw Black Panther for Shuri.

Jotaka Eaddy


Twitter Bio: Connecting DC & Silicon Valley.Head of Gov Affairs @LendUpCredit, Board @NateParkerFdn, Fmr Sr. Advisor @NAACP#DiversityinTech #politics#fintech — My Tweets

Joycelyn James


Twitter Bio: Advocate for diversity & inclusion in all things media, tech & STEM related. RT not endorsement. Proud Howard Bison in the Capital of Inclusive Innovation.

Juliana Rotich


Twitter Bio: Make, fix, help others. WEF Young Global Leader, Co-founded @BRCKnet@Ushahidi + I serve on a couple of boards. Views expressed here are mine

Jumoke Dada


Twitter Bio: Technologist. Strategist. Philanthropist. Writer @SignatureRED | @TechWomenWork | @HUETechSummit | @ForbesWomen


Karama Horne


Twitter Bio: @SYFYWire Contributing Editor | Podcaster | Writer | Consultant @tiylandcreative Co-Host @theradicalgeeks #blerd #geek #nerd#magicalblackgirl

Kamilah Taylor


Twitter Bio: somethin new @theswaayapp•Prev iOS @LinkedIn, robotics @WolframResearch @IllinoisCS•Founding Advisor @TechBeachRtrt•Harry Potter+Star Trek•#WomenInTechBook

Kat Calvin


Twitter Bio: Founder @SpreadTheVoteUS and @ProjectIDUS. @fastcompany 100 most creative in business. Insta and Medium @katcalvinla. Bravery is contagious. Dracarys.

Kathryn Finney


Twitter Bio: Founder @SpreadTheVoteUS and @ProjectIDUS. @fastcompany 100 most creative in business. Insta and Medium @katcalvinla. Bravery is contagious. Dracarys.

Kaya Thomas


Twitter Bio: iOS developer @slackhq. created @wereadtooapp, mobile directory of #kidlit #YAlit written by PoC. @dartmouthalumna.

Keirsten Brager


Twitter Bio: Lead Security Engineer in critical infrast. Speaker. Author: Secure The InfoSec Bag: Six Figure Career Guide for Women

Kellee James


Twitter Bio: Markets. Data. Organic & non-GMO agriculture. What else is there?

Kellee Massey


Twitter Bio: Developer, queer, poly, geeky, bookish, blerd, creative, studying Judaism. KKΨ Life Member. @itp_nyu ‘19

Kelley O. Cambry


Twitter Bio: Nulli Secunda. CEO of @paigeandpaxtonand @BlueStudios_io #STEM #Education, #vegan chef, marketer, @EmileCambry’s wife. My story: .

Kelli Nikole


You can see the fire in my eyes when I speak. | Co-Founder @fromnapwithlove | CEO/Founder @Be_NimbleCo | For the Culture @Givelify

Kenya Allmond


Twitter Bio: gadget girl, tech tamer, arts aficionada, #STEM supporter, wanton wanderer, vivacious volunteer, photograph flaunter, lighthouse lover, @udcnasalumni@gwalumni

Kesha Williams


Twitter Bio: Software Engineering Manager | TED Speaker | Alexa Champion | Author | #AdaAwards17 Winner | Founder @ColorsOfSTEM | Creator of @iamsam_tech | @InfoQ Editor

Khalia Braswell


Twitter Bio: Founder/Executive Director of @INTechCamp • Alum of @CSCNCSU & @UNCC & Apple, Inc• #DST #NSBE#NCWIT

Dr. Kia Turner Ed.D


Full time Professor. FOREVER TEACHER. Author. Advocate. Speaker. Host @firedup_podcast Subscribe to The Fired Up Teacher’s Podcast on Spotify and iTunes!

Kiki Oniwende


Twitter Bio: God | Founder @bypnetworkapp — connecting black talent globally | @SkyUKScholar | @Google #poctech ambassador | #TeamGB #FloridaGators Athlete | @WEFShaper

Kimberly Bryant


Twitter Bio: Founder @BlackGirlsCode ~ White House Champion of Change ~ Smithsonian American Ingenuity Award #MakeYourMark

Kim Crayton


Twitter Bio: #causeascene the strategic disruption of the status quo n tech organizations communities & events | @causeascenePod | @causeasceneConf | @causeasceneAll She/Her

Kisha M. Richardson


Twitter Bio: Engineer | Educator | Entrepreneur

Korin Reid


Twitter Bio: Data Scientist, @forbes 30 under 30 2017, @GeorgiaTech PhD, Writer @forthdistrict, Believer

Kristen Smith


Twitter Bio: Pivoting to the next chapter in my #techjourney. I speak, teach, & sports. From #Bmore2ATL. I’m just tryin to make my momma proud!

Kristy Tillman


Twitter Bio: Director, Global Workplace Design @SlackHQ / Former @IDEO / Helped create @humanutility / Alumna @FAMU_1887

Kyra Stephen


Twitter Bio: 22. Toronto . Prev @chaptersindigo Developer @UoftComputer Science Student. @nsbeuoftPresident . @techsparkcanadaeducator.

Laura Weidman Powers


Twitter Bio: My full time hobby: traveling. My part time gig: EIR @newmediaventure. Fmr @Code2040 @WHOSTP44@NewAmericaCA @EchoingGreen@Stanford @Harvard.

Lauren Days


Twitter Bio: World Traveler | Multipassionate Unicorn | Full Stack Developer to BE | #TCC

Lindsey C. Holmes


Twitter Bio: #Futurist, #Usability Strategist in #Mktg#Tech & #Productivity, #CryptoCurrencyInvestor/ Expert #Evernote Certified Consultant, #BrandInfluencer, #ΔΣΘ

Lisa Mae Brunson


Twitter Bio: Founder @wonderwomentech#diversity #inclusion • 2016 40 under 40 • Social Innovator • Wonder Women Hacks • Hacks 4 Humanity • Speaker • Author • Commissioner

Lisa Leid


Twitter Bio: I blog for @innov8tivmag. #Founder of @Techncolor I’m passionate about #Social, #Digital and all things #Tech co organizer of Women of #Wordpress NYC #meetup

Dr. Lisa T. Richardson


Twitter Bio: I build platforms that help people learn, grow, and play together. Mom. Foodie. Manga+Anime otaku.

Lola Odelola


Twitter Bio:@blackgirltech’s mum, published poet, coder, wanderer, wonderer & anti-cheesecake activist. i am not my hair nor my employer

Luckie Daniels


Twitter Bio: Social Media Linguist. Blogger. Tweeter. Artist. Designer. GEEK. Strategist. PM Mobile Rock Star. Girl In Tech. Advocate. Mom ~ A Happy Go Luckie kinda gal!:-)

Luvvie Ajayi


Twitter Bio: NYTimes Best-Selling Author of I’M JUDGING YOU. . Speaker. Branding Strategist. Host: @RantsRandomness podcast.

Lynn D. Johnson


Twitter Bio: Senior Editor @admonsters. Advisor @gokliq @bluurpinc. Adjunct @SUNYEmpireLabor. Formerly @WaggedHK @RGA @the_ARF@FastCompany. Tweets = my own.


Maci Peterson


Twitter Bio: Jesus is my #1. Because of Him, I can. Co-Founder & CEO @onsecondthought; @Inc 30 Under 30, @BBC100Women, @WBJOnline 40 Under 40, @EYAccelerating Entrepreneurs

Mame Damey


Twitter Bio: Web Developer + Founder of Fashion +Tech Blog — Mame’ Says

Mandy Bowman


Twitter Bio: The largest directory of Black-owned businesses. Download the OBWSapp!

Maurita Coley


Social impact executive working at the intersection of media, telecom, tech and multicultural opportunity. Former law partner and media industry executive.

Marcia Wade Talbert


Twitter Bio: Organic Social Lead @CDWcorp | Content Mkt Enthusiast | Former Sr. Editor @EdTech_K12 and Journalist | Tweets are my own. Also follow my alter ego @newsgyrl

Maria D. Smith


Twitter Bio: Geek, Co-Founder Stem-Nastics, LLC / Gigabyte Magazine, Computer Science, Programming Web Developer Tech Evangelist, Mother & Wife

Mariah Lichtenstern


Twitter Bio: Founder @DiverseCityV & @CINESHARES| @Founding SV Grad & SacTown Managing Director | @Cal_SEED | @UCLAVentures | @USC Mafia | @CalBear | #Impact | #INFJ |

Marieme Jamme


Twitter Bio: Global Keynote Speaker | Goalkeeper @UNICEF @gatesfoundation | Founder @i_amtheCODE @spot1global@africagathering @Jjiguenetech| @yglvoices @idea_award

Marjy Guery


Twitter Bio: Admin + WordPress support for SBOs • #WomeninTech #BlackTwitterinTech — self-learning JS + ReactJS • Future Pentester • She/Her/Sis • All #BlackLivesMatter

Marlo Rencher


Twitter Bio: Mom. Wife. Entrepreneur. Anthropologist. Committed to diverse technology entrepreneurship.

Mary Henrye


Twitter Bio: Making everyday a better version of myself. #DigitalStrategist #cybersecurity#YumishGM

Mary Pryor


Twitter Bio: Social / Cannabis Marketer / Fitness Lover / Reiki Practitioner / Writer (My opinions are my own) Detroit born and bred.

Megan Rose Dickey


Twitter Bio: Senior reporter @TechCrunch Co-host of TC Mixtape …Pronouns: she/her/hers

Melanie Araujo


Twitter Bio: product designer @facebook. design mentor @a16z. founder @joinfrontcenter.

Melissa Bradley


Twitter Bio: social impact fanatic, co-founder @sidecarfinance, professor @msbgu, partner @1863ventures & @venturewdc, founder @newcapitalist, serial entrepreneur, mother

Mercedes Bent


Twitter Bio: @StanfordGSB MBA student. Formerly summer VC @OwlVC and @UploadVR@GA @GoldmanSachs @Harvard#Alwayscurious #JeepGirl #Blerd

Michele Henry


Twitter Bio: @Workday HCM & Financials || #MigratoryNotes || @VAtech and @USCMBA alum || #WomeninTech

Michelle Colon


Twitter Bio: Web Dev transitioning to Prod Mgmt | Volunteer @gdiphilly | STEMinist | Sometimes Writer | FRIENDS quoter | #100DaysOfCode | #ReactJS | #ProductManagement

Misan Iwere


Twitter Bio: @UofT CS Student | Web Developer @UofTHatchery | Vice President @nsbeuoft | Coding Educator @techsparkcanada | Incoming Software Engineer @SR_

Monique Woodard


Twitter Bio: VC — In the lab // Founder @blackfounders Former: @500Startups. Investor @Blavity @OSchoolLive@MentedCosmetics @CourtBuddy

Morgan DeBaun


Twitter Bio: CEO + Founder of @Blavityinc. @afrotech@shadowandact @21ninety @blavity and @travelnoire #hustlesmart — email us here: [email protected]


Nancy Douyon


Twitter Bio: User Experience Lead, Global Innovator, Speaker

Netia McCray


Twitter Bio: Founder and Executive Director of @Mbadika. MIT Graduate. Global Citizen. African American. Entrepreneur. Dreamer and Doer of Impossible Things

Nichelle McCall


Twitter Bio: #Startup Strategist, #CEO of @BOLDGuidance, #Tech #Entrepreneur, #Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur, Lover of Ice Cream, Fries, and my Godbabies #boldstartups

Dr. Nicol Turner-Lee


Twitter Bio: research fellow, author, tech enthusiast, policy nerd, social scientist, social entrepreneur, innovator, and change agent

Nicole Tinson


Twitter Bio: Founder & CEO of #HBCU20x20 Diversity & Inclusion Advocate. Strategist at Art Sound. #MyDU + #Yale. Humble Diva Changing the World 1913.

Nikita T. Mitchell


Twitter Bio: Infinitely curious business strategist, speaker, and writer. Tech employee by day. Editor of @abovebottomline by night. Subscribe:

Nsenga Burton


Twitter Bio: Founder & EIC @TheBurtonWire. NU/NYU/UPENN/USC alum. Professor. Writer. Thinker. Doer. Views expressed are mine. Retweets-not so much. 1908


Ofure Ukpebor


Twitter Bio: Girl. Coder. Mentor. Living every moment Coram Deo.

Omosola Odetunde


Twitter Bio: Interim CTO at // prev eng @clue, @shopify, @kpcbfellows, etc // @Stanford CS ‘13,’14 // Dig gymnastics, languages, lettering, people & justice

Omo Jumille


Twitter Bio: Human and machine intelligence data person. Advises startups in that space. | Builds ML products @Github | Ex @Google | @Cal PhD | #Naija | Opinions mine.


Pariss Athena


Twitter Bio: Front End Development is what I doWriter•Actress•Film maker•Clever short person sprinkled with sugar, spice & impulse is who I am♟

Patricia Edwards


Twitter Bio: CEO/Founder @NSBEDC -PR & Publications Chair + #Blockchain/Crypto ✎ +DEV #futurist#innovator #strategist #media#DisruptTheDivide


Qiana Patterson


Twitter Bio: Proving that there is no conflict between doing well by doing good in the world — one ride out a time with @hopskipdrive | Alum of @USC MBA | @UW | @UCLA


Rashida Prattis


Twitter Bio: Design thinking about lots of stuff: products, services, interactions, systems. Very tall.

Rasheeda M. Yehuza


Twitter Bio: Software Engineering | http://Web.Mobile.Data | Engineer @wayfair | Founder @nasaratech

Rebecca Enonchong


Twitter Bio: Founder CEO @AppsTech @iospacesboards:@Afrilabs @Activspaces@ABANangels @cameroonangels@SalesforceOrg @African_Media@i_amthecode #Team237et

Regina Honu


Twitter Bio: @SoronkoF,@Techneedsgirls,@SoronkoAcademy Fellow at @Ashoka@WashFellowship,@AspenNewVoices,Featured @CNNAfricanstart.

Rizell Bob


Twitter Bio: #blacktechtwitter Software Developer @vesonnautical Boston University student. @hack_diversity @code2040@hubspot @resilientcoders @skillist@mltorg @formlabs

Rushaine McBean


Twitter Bio: Software Engineer @kickstarter; @manhattan_js & @empirejs co-organizer, Music fanatic, DJ, Guitarist, NY Native with some Cali in my heart. IG: copasetickid


Sabrina Hersi Issa


**Twitter Bio:**Technology x Journalism x Human Rights. VC, lead @beboldmedia, champion survivors @survivorfund. organizing @peoplesiftar. Go before you’re ready. #EYL40

San Fra

Safia Abdalla


Twitter Bio: I make open source on @nteractio, write a lot, and co-host @bookbytesfm and @JSPartyFM. Dream big and follow through even bigger.

Sahra Mohamed


Twitter Bio: Building @skinmamaco on @HatchEnterprise | Tinkerr @whatfooddid |Impact Data @thisisysys|ex:Data Scientist @TechNation@nesta_uk @NHS |MSc Adv Med Imaging @UCL

Sarah Williams


Twitter Bio: CEO and Founder of SLW Digital |#WordPressWednesday and #HeyDevs | I make magic with WordPress

Saron Yitbarek


Twitter Bio: CEO + Founder @CodeNewbies. I wore a t-shirt to my wedding. Developer. Podcaster. Ethiopian. Host #CommandLinePod @redhat IG: saronyitbarek

Scooter Phoenix


Twitter Bio: Windows & Linux. Dev in training. SPIN instructor, to learn stuff. Tweets show growth #100daysofcode #CodeNewbie

Shasha-Shae Shaw


Twitter Bio: I love Jesus! @love316m | #WebDesigner#oxygenbuilder @FreshMedley » | #NaturalHair@texturedgirl

Shari Hunt


Twitter Bio: Tech • Arts • Nonprofits

Sharon Adongo


**Twitter Bio:**Techie | Co-Founder @UwaziConsulting|@YouthActionNet Fellow | Afro-Optimist | Tea Addict

Shauna Stuart

@Shauna Reporter

Twitter Bio: Bomb graffiti on the tomb of Nefertiti. Social + Features at @aldotcom. Culture, food, and spirits writer. #PoynterNABJLeaders ‘16

Sheena Allen


Twitter Bio: TECH • THE ARTS • MEDIA • other dope tings | CEO @GoCapWay x @SheenaAllenApps | MINDFULL

Shemika Lamare


Twitter Bio: Data Enthusiast | Speaker | Oozing Black Girl Magic | @BlackComputeHerFellow @HRDAG Data Science Fellow #blacktechtwitter

Shelly Bell


Twitter Bio: Founder- |@Google Digital Coach DC | the B in LGBTQ | world domination in progress | Speaker, Builder, Techie #shellyspeaks

Sherrell Dorsey


Twitter Bio: Tech writer raised on MS DOS + 2Pac. Bylines at @FastCoExist @NextCityOrg @CityLab | Founder of daily black tech newsletter @_theplugdaily

Sherri L. Smith


Twitter Bio: Tech and games journalist with a passion for good food and better drink. Got a tech or gaming question? I’m your woman.

Shontavia Johnson


Twitter Bio: Comments on & critiques pop culture. Knows something about law, innovation & entrepreneurship. Founder of @SCOpportunity

Sian Morson


| Twitter Bio: Innovating @ the intersection of art & technology.

Sibyl Edwards


Twitter Bio: Digital Art Director and Designer and Evangelist for socially-conscious design, marketing and technology.

Shireen Mitchell


Twitter Bio: Serial Founder, speaker, author, thought igniter in diversity, tech, media & politics {ALWAYS working on changing things

Stacy Brown-Philpot


Twitter Bio: CEO @TaskRabbit. Passionate about supporting young women in tech. Consumer products enthusiast. Mom. Detroit native

Starr Rocque


Twitter Bio: Writer. Digital Content Creator. Gryffindor/Ravenclaw. Professional Tweeter (Seriously). Author: ‘Bloggers Can’t Be Trusted’ on Amazon!

Stephanie Humphrey


Twitter Bio: Tech-life expert @HarryTV, @GMA, @fox29philly, @NewsOne | Click the link for info about my #socialmedia seminar for #students or my online course for #parents!

Stephanie Lampkin


Twitter Bio: Travel Addict, Adventure Seeker. Stanford Engineer & MIT MBA. Founder CEO of @blendoor

Stephanie Parker


Twitter Bio: Policy @YouTube / Volunteer @techworkersco / @Stanford alum / Co-host @TheKpopcast


Tae’lur Alexis


Twitter Bio: 22 | Front-End Engineer | INFP | Founder of | San Diego Ambassador | #depressedCodTeThots | Public Speaker | #a11y | Check my Code

Tailor Tolliver


Twitter Bio: life-sized bratz doll with a passion 4 hackin | Founder of @digitalempirehq | Check out my website for more detailsBri Toni

Takeyah A. Young


**Twitter Bio:**Speaker. Entrepreneur. Lifestyle Engineer. #STEM gurl. Fixer. Helping leaders in STEM & innovation live well + prosper. @CoreConnection

Tamara Y. Washington


Twitter Bio: RT=interesting≠agree. Retweets ≠ endorsements #Tuskegee #NCAT #WFUeducated #JSU raised #Engineer #Tech#Law #Policy #MississippisGirl ∆ΣΘ #Link

Tammy C. Buckner


Twitter Bio: #FemaleFounder #TechEntrepreneur#TechStrategist #Dev #VR & #AI | We use effective #technology to define, create & implement business strategies & process.

Tanaisha Renee


Twitter Bio: Stomping the ground to break stereotypes into smaller pieces. We all deserve to fit in! Tech enthusiast. Front End Developer. Believer. Mom First!

Tanya DePass


Twitter Bio: I Need Diverse Games Dir. / #TwitchPartner / @OrcaCon Prgm. / @RivalsWaterdeep cast/ @chicagonerds& @con_or_bust Board/ She/Her YVLQZ3

Tara E. Walker


Twitter Bio: Prin. Software Engineer @Microsoftformerly @awscloud #GeekGirl changing world 1Line of Code @ a Time. Tweets!=Employer #IoT #AI #Mobile#Cloud #Serverless #ΔΣΘ

Tatiana King Jones


Twitter Bio: GrandDuchessOfTech™. Host @ForAllNerds. Bylines:@mic @techwelikeSeen On: @strongblacklead @netflix@essence @sxsw. @HowardU Alumna. [email protected]

Taylor Facen


Southern Girl in the Big City | Howard Alumna | Your Favorite Data Scientist | #TeamPython

TeLisa Daughtry


Twitter Bio: Founder @FlyTechnista | Award-Winning #Tech & #Diversity Advocate | Speaker | Dev • Design • UX • #Blockchain#STEAM | Roundhouse-kicking the Glass Ceiling™

Terri Burns


Twitter Bio: vc @gvteam, on a mission to find the Next Big Thing. teammate for @bravecamps & @allraise. ex PM @twitter & nyu cs kid beyoncé once told me i was beautiful.

Theodora Nwodo


Writer @adorahack • Speaker • Google Associate Android Developer • FullStack Web Developer • Laravel Developer • Entrepreneur

Tiffani Ashley Bell


Twitter Bio: Paying water bills @HumanUtility when cities cut off water to poor families. @HowardU @ycombinator alum. Rails/iOS dev. Water is a human right.

Tiffany Brown


Twitter Bio: AFreelance web developer. (Not currently seeking projects.) CSS Master, 2nd edition out now:

Prof. Tonya Evans


Twitter Bio: Law Prof (IP, Blockchain, Estates) Chair, IP & Tech Online Programs. Former Pro Tennis Player. FCS, NU, Howard Law. Life-long learner AKA NOH8 |


Valerie Mosley


Twitter Bio: Seasoned Investor | Global Wealth Strategist | Billion Dollar Mom | Lover of Life

Valerie Phoenix


Twitter Bio: Founder of Tech By Choice Full Stack Dev // Ux Designer // Artist // Psychologist



Twitter Bio: Global Head of Women + Black Community Engagement @google • CEO @weenonline • alum @barackobama • Booking • Views are mine

Vanessa Mason


Twitter Bio: co-founder @p2health | bridging #publichealth and #digitalhealth | Champion of tech inclusion | Passions include wanderlust & whiskey | @yale @columbiaalumna


Window Snyder


Twitter Bio: Security Blah Blah Blah


Xina Eiland


Twitter Bio: PR guru who wants to improve the health of all; francophile; aunt; workerbee; runner. @BFFDCorg Cofounder & @TheBeaconDC BOD.


Yodit Stanton


Twitter Bio: Founder and Chief Unicorn @OpenSensorsio Internet Of Things, Software and Data. Organises @WomenInData

Yvonne Thevonot


Starr Rocque


Twitter Bio: Writer. Digital Content Creator. Gryffindor/Ravenclaw. Professional Tweeter (Seriously). Author: ‘Bloggers Can’t Be Trusted’ on Amazon!Twitter Bio: We acquire knowledge through experience. I seek to support my scholars through the development of STEAM programs, so they can think, create, be, do.