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TestProject 2.0 Next-Gen: Test Automation Without Limitations

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Hello Folks, I'm back with my article on TestProject but this time with their 2.0 release. Yes, TestProject launch their Next generation features for Hybrid cloud platform (From cloud universe) and Offline mode option.

TestProject Official Link: https://testproject.io/

As we know that Test Project already have lots of features from their existing technology stack and its helps users and customers to enable test automation from different areas like

  • Automation testing – Mobile, Web test recorder etc.
  • Advanced scripting – Cross scripting, BDD testing and CI/CD Pipeline Integration.
  • Testing solutions – Web, Android, iOS, Selenium etc.

Now in 2.0 release TestProject comes Without Limitation

Yes, because whether you need of expertise cloud solution or control of hosting test locally It will provide solution on both scenarios.

Here are complete feature details for you:

1. Hybrid Cloud

First, let me tell you what a means of Hybrid Cloud - It is a solution that combines a private cloud with one or more public cloud services, with proprietary software enabling communication between each distinct service. In Simple terms: On-premises private cloud + (within orchestration between two platforms) Public cloud = Hybrid cloud

And when TestProject comes with hybrid cloud platform basically it provides you privileges without any limitations and features like:

  • Zero maintenance and orchestration
  • Smart recorder
  • Repositories on cloud
  • Designer reports
  • Execution through remotely
  • Easy setup and seamless Integration

But how it works... So, here are details of required components :

TestProject Cloud - We have TestProject cloud which allows you to create your test, store your test, having repository that is not local and zero orchestration is required to perform execution of the test and once the execution takes places you will able to see reports as well.

TestProject agent - On the other hand, we have TestProject agent. Test project is designed for on-premises. It basically allows you to all heavy
activities on your hand such as setting up different servers, different frameworks require to perform automation.

It also allows you to do actual executions means it’s not necessary that your applications have included external interface – So it can run locally inside your closed network and TestProject agent takes care of execution without any communication with cloud platform.

You can seamlessly Integrate with different cloud providers such as Azure, AWS, BrowserStack etc. And can benefit from cloud providers and execute the same TestProject cloud test on these public cloud platforms with same TestProject agents.

So, summarize this implementation of Hybrid cloud with TestProject is – “Everything will store in cloud but executed locally and off course you can executed on remote targets”.

Now, I will talk about another cool feature which is “Offline mode” I know you might have a little idea from term itself.

2. Offline Mode

“Everything will be happened locally”  Yes… But why we need Offline mode??

Answer is simple …: As there are such scenarios where organizations have their strict compliance and security regulations that is completely disconnected from internet and in that case TestProject solve your problem by introducing “Offline mode” feature and it helps you to perform Test executions locally without Internet.

But, how “offline mode” works

1. Test Project’s in-browser recorder (using your own locally cached browser) to create, edit & debug powerful on-premise tests for mobile and web applications.

2. Then save tests locally on your machine for backup, version management and complete offline execution. When creating the test, you will have the option to specify whether you want to save the test directly on your disk as a file (offline) or on the hybrid cloud. Meaning, you will have to choose as a file.

3. Download a YAML file or a complete “Test Package” (bundle) with all the required components (elements, parameters, configurations, addons, etc.) to execute tests on-premise, even while in isolated environments.

  • The locally saved tests can be easily edited within notepad as well (with no necessity to upload them back or use the online editor). But if you’ll want to edit the tests using the online recorder, you will always have the option to upload the YAML files back to the hybrid cloud.
  • The “Test package” (bundle) is a self-sufficient archive that contains a settings file with a pre-selected list of browsers or devices for execution, you do not need to add anything else to run your web, Android or iOS tests. While a stand-alone YAML file requires to specify these settings.

4. Execute tests from the TestProject Agent CLI (cover below) as a completely offline on-premise entity, you won’t even need to register a TestProject Agent for that. These saved tests will include all the AI self-healing capabilities of TestProject, including multiple locator strategies, and will also include any Addons that have been used in your test.

Basically, to achieve this overall offline mode functionality, TestProject introduce you with TestProject agent CLI:

It’s a Command line interface utility, enabling the execution of “test packages” generated using TestProject. These files can be stored locally outside of the TestProject hybrid cloud, including in an on-premise version control such as git.

It is an integrated tool to build custom CI/CD pipelines easily. Save your tests locally in your version control alongside your code. Deploy and run them like never using the integrated CLI tool with a simple command:

testproject-agent run MyFirstTest.yaml

TestProject Agent will do the work for you, by running the tests locally and creating rich HTML reports, including screenshots and execute even when there is no connection or when working offline in isolated environments.

What’s other new features coming in upcoming months in TestProject 2.0?

  • Built-in integration with Git
  • Smart Lab Execution
  • Parallel Execution (on a single Agent)
  • JavaScript OpenSDK for Mobile
  • Uploading Python OpenSDK
  • SSO with Google, LinkedIn, Git
  • Jira plugin and many more…. 😊

To get more info on TestProject CLI, please follow below official links: https://docs.testproject.io/testproject-agents/testproject-agent-cli

Hope you enjoy this article and most important it will help you to enable test automation from anywhere and off course it is for everyone by providing the flexibility of cloud, On-premises, and offline mode options. 😊


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