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Telegram VS WhatsApp VS Utopia

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You can get confused in a wide variety of different messengers. Some apps offer versatility, others a user-friendly interface and others guarantee the privacy and security of users.

However, what should use people who want to get a messenger that combines all the above points? After all, it is better to use one reliable app than several at the same time.

Many people have chosen several applications that perfectly combine everything necessary for an ordinary messenger, and in addition, reliably protect users from surveillance on the Internet. The top messengers that are most often used today include Telegram vs WhatsApp vs Utopia.

These messengers have some strengths and weaknesses, benefits and drawbacks, pluses and minuses. But one thing is the same for all: data encryption. Such a method of protection makes them secure.

To dispel all the myths once and for all, which of the options is the best for use in 2020, we decided to analyze each messenger from different sides and make a final verdict: what to choose in 2020 Telegram vs WhatsApp vs Utopia!

Telegram vs WhatsApp vs Utopia: Honest review!

User base

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the number of users who use this messenger every day. Why is it important? A large user base leads to a more advanced and stable messenger operation.

WhatsApp has more than 1 billion active users. And the average number of messages they send is 55 billion. While the audience of Telegram is more than 200 million active users, every day, they send a total of 15 billion messages. Utopia's audience is not as broad as the previous two apps. However, this ecosystem has finished the stage of beta testing. Now, it expands the audience of the ecosystem. It is a long process since, here, users have to build a secure Internet environment step by step. So it's much safer.


WhatsApp messenger belongs to the company Facebook, which has been criticized many times because, despite data encryption, users' data is still leaked to the network from time to time. The developers can provide their users' data at the request of government agencies or other persons.

Telegram has been developed by Pavel Durov, a Russian entrepreneur. According to him, the messenger was created to ensure the confidentiality of users' data on the network. Private code is used for this purpose. The information that the messenger is banned in many countries speaks for itself: user data is not disclosed under any pretext.

Utopia p2p ecosystem was developed by a team of enthusiasts who remain in the shadows until now. They wanted to create a completely anonymous and secure Internet environment where the interests and data of each user would be securely protected. The complete anonymity of developers plays as an additional degree of protection - because no one can influence them to get information.


It is important to discuss which is safer – Telegram vs WhatsApp vs Utopia! It is one of the main parameters that users are interested in – no wonder, because everyone is worried about the safety of information and personal data.


• It works on the basis of the MTProto Protocol developed by Nikolai Durov;

• So far, no one has managed to crack the cryptographic protection – every year the developers hold a competition with a material reward;

• The Protocol is very reliable – user data is not stored on the company's servers and is not transmitted to third parties.


• End-to-end encryption technology is used;

• Each user has a unique key – it is encrypted and unknown to anyone, used for conversations and data transfer.


• The basis of ecosystem is peer-to-peer architecture. It means that Utopia doesn't have a single data storehouse. Now, it creates a separate server for each client;

• It uses the sophisticated encryption method for protection and storage all data. It is built on Elliptic Curve25519 and 256-bit AES;

• The access to all data is opened by a private key. Utopia generates it for each user during the registration.

Interface and convenience

The average user needs not only fine-tuning and security but also ease of management.

Let's decide is Telegram app better than WhatsApp or Utopia in the field of convenience and design!


People have diversities of tastes: someone likes dark themes and pictures. Someone doesn’t like the white theme. Above all, each app shows a clean, minimalistic design, not overloaded with details. But Telegram and WhatsApp allow you to choose the background image. At the same time, Telegram and Utopia, you can switch to the dark and white theme.


Ease of management – what distinguishes WhatsApp from Telegram and Utopia. In this segment, the WhatsApp messenger is firmly in the lead – it has several basic settings that everyone can understand. The application from Pavel Durov has a lot of parameters that are difficult for a beginner to understand. Utopia will also take some user’s time to understand the settings and management of the ecosystem.

Features and Functionality

Do you want to try out messengers in practice? We will tell you in detail about how Telegram differs from WhatsApp and Utopia.

• Secret chat. Telegram has hidden chats that are protected in a special way – users can't copy information or take screenshots. It is possible to delete messages – data does not remain on the servers;

• Channels. The messenger has a lot of interesting channels – a kind of news feeds for every taste, and you can easily create a channel yourself;

• Bots. Telegram has smart assistants – bots help you search for music, upload documents, search for taxis, and much more. They work on special teams and are available for free to everyone;

• Built-in proxy. Due to frequent blockages, the developers have added a built-in proxy server for quick access at any time;

• Delayed message – just set up a date and time to plan your work and personal Affairs;

• AutoSave text. If you don't finish the message – don't worry, the messenger automatically writes the draft;

• View the full message history in group chats – even if you joined recently;

• Sticker packs. Telegram has a huge selection of different stickers, emoticons and gifs that can be attached to each message.

Unfortunately, Whatsapp can boast such a wide functionality:

• Group chat. In WhatsApp, only a person who is the chat administrator can add new participants to the dialog, whereas in Telegram and Utopia this option is available to any member of the group (only if the person who created the group);

• The availability of video communication. You can call friends and colleagues over the Internet and chat via video;

• Back up. You can archive a chat in WhatsApp. In this way, you remove correspondence from those chats where you are currently actively corresponding;

• The shortcut of the chat. There is another convenient feature in WhatsApp that Its counterpart does not have. If you have people you talk to frequently, create a label for these chats. It is the best way to navigate to the desired chat quickly - just find it on your home screen.

Utopia ecosystem is an anonymous service. In addition to the standard functions of uMessenger, with the transmission of messages and the creation of secret chats and channels, has several functional tools such as:

• uMail. It is an updated email that transmits the encrypted files and documents within the email. Each user can send and receive any confidential data. It can be the file of any size and format;

• uWallet is a wallet built into Utopia for making any financial operations. It contains cryptons - cryptocurrency of the ecosystem. The built-in mining bot can earn additional cryptons for the user. Then, he can use them for paying within the network;

• Idyll Browser is an anonymous browser that provides users with the ability to surf within the Utopia network. It is built on the uNS technology. All necessary sites have been created or added. Thanks to tunnel data technology, each user can create new ones.

During the registration in the ecosystem, Utopia generates a private key that opens access to the data of the user.

Conclusion: What to choose?

On this basis, we will try to draw a conclusion.

As you can see, the encryption and security of WhatsApp does not inspire confidence, compared to Telegram and Utopia. The encryption method used by this messenger has long been considered as the most imperfect. Moreover, it is much inferior in the functional capabilities to its closest competitors.

Choosing between Telegram and Utopia, which have almost the same degree of data protection, you should pay attention to the fact that Utopia is an absolutely anonymous ecosystem that hides the identity of users from the moment of registration. While Telegram asks for a phone number for registration, which already contradicts the anonymity of the user.

Above all, Utopia provides each user with the additional features that can guarantee the protection and security within the network.

Still, the question remains, what to choose? However, everyone decides for themselves what is more important to them: functionality, encryption methods or security.


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