TekPon is Offering "Free" Marketing Services Of $1.5m To Newly Launched Software Companies by@alexcogneve

TekPon is Offering "Free" Marketing Services Of $1.5m To Newly Launched Software Companies

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Cogneve, INC.

A software lead generation company

As we are living in a digital age, things are moving extremely fast in a specific direction. Technology had allowed us to do many things from a distance that we could not do before and changed the way businesses act. 

Therefore, we can observe that the demand for tools and software products continues to grow every day. They help businesses evolve and be closer to their consumers and ease people's work, now more than ever, as work from home is becoming a statement. 

With many tech companies on the market, TekPon is becoming a promising player with a real desire to change how we purchase and consume software. The company's mission is to bring real value to society by helping every business and start-up scale the business and create a different approach to their clients or customers. 


What is Tekpon?

Tekpon is a software encyclopedia, open for everyone who understands more or less the remarkable impact of useful software in their personal or business life. The company's idea started in the middle of a global pandemic, based on how they can help the world and its people transition to technology, especially tools and software products that can improve our work by making it better, faster. 

Like an aggregator, the company is bringing together in the same place both users and developers. They promise always to offer honest reviews about each software product or service for users or tech lovers. In their turn, users can also write reviews about the products they are using and their benefits, or the less good parts. 

"Helping others is our legacy," Alexandru Stan, the CEO of Tekpon.

Alexandru Stan, the CEO of Cogneve, the mother company of tekpon.com, is a serial entrepreneur and a devotee passionate for technology, start-ups, and people. He was successful with more than ten businesses before this project.

During these experiences, Alexandru discovered the real impact of the right software products in his life and businesses. Now, he wants to share all this knowledge with everyone. Moreover, around Tekpon lies a team formed by technology and software enthusiasts who share Alexandru's perspectives and who are ready to offer the right solutions for people's needs. 

The message that Tekpon is transmitting through its actions is that software companies or start-ups are not alone on this road. As Tekpon is a start-up, the team behind knows how hard the beginning is at a human level. Thus, they decided to make a first step in helping software companies with a full marketing strategy. 

Tekpon is offering marketing services for small companies or start-ups that can't afford to invest at the beginning so much money in advertising their product. With a total budget of $1,5 million for 300 companies or start-ups, Tekpon offers marketing services to help them earn visibility and grow awareness. The budget for each company is $5,000, but Tekpon entirely supports the cost. 

Their strategy is to use all their network connection built-in years by the CEO and help small companies grow their idea and bring them close to the users. Moreover, they are offering in this budget a social media package to advertise. 

Are you a start-up in technology or a small software company? Do you need help to make your product visible to a big audience? Do not hesitate to visit https://tekpon.com/contact/ and write them to find more about their offer and how you can work together for a brighter future. 

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