Technology for Cure: How Tech Leaders are Joining Hands to Stop Corona Outbreak? by@manojrupareliya

Technology for Cure: How Tech Leaders are Joining Hands to Stop Corona Outbreak?

Technology for Cure: How Tech Leaders are Joining Hands to Stop Corona Outbreak? Manoj Rupareliya is a Online Marketing Consultant and blogger. As the corona outbreak is continuously increasing, it raises a question of how long it will take to find the countermeasures. The solution to this critical situation lies in the hands of technology, as it plays a significant role in searching for the vaccine. These tech leaders are trying to become the fit for the missing part in this puzzle. These global leaders are hoping to deliver excellent services for extending the limits.
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Manoj Rupareliya

Manoj Rupareliya is a Online Marketing Consultant and blogger.

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As the recent events in China, a coronavirus outbreak has led the entire world to stand on the cliff of a dangerous virus outbreak, governments around the world are coming up with counter-strategies. However, the solution to this critical situation lies in the hands of technology, as it plays a significant role in searching for the vaccine. 

As the healthcare industries are relying on the technical concepts that help in delivering excellent results, the same gets implemented during these tough times, and hence, the tech business leaders worldwide are coming together.

Pledging Support for the Greater Good: What These Tech Giants Aim to Do?

As the corona outbreak is continuously increasing, it raises a question of how long it will take to find the countermeasures. But as global tech leaders are coming together and pledging their support in one way or another- the time is near when we will find a possible cure to solving these problems. These global leaders are hoping to bring a positive change to deliver excellent services for extending the limits.

Some of these businesses are expanding their services and workforces to provide support, and some are offering financial support and aids, and more. The increasing number of patients and cases is bothering many organizations and governments around the world, and hence, maximum support is garnered from all possible sources. These tech leaders are trying to become the fit for the missing part in this puzzle.

Either helping a government body or spreading awareness among people, these tech leaders are genuinely defining the way of working out in any necessary condition. As of the data shared by WHO and Statista, the number of COVID-19 affected patients is rising exponentially, more entrepreneurs and tech business giants are coming forward to offer a helping hand.

Examples of Leading Tech Giants Delivering Excellent Performance

All businesses are coming forward to offer support in one way or another. But when it comes to these tech giants, they have found different ways of expressing their gratitude by delivering excellent services for the world's safety and betterment. 


Microsoft has decided to focus on public health to give them support to fight the battle with COVID-19 extensively. Along with their efforts, Amazon, Starbucks, and many more reputed firms have joined hands to protect the people of Washington state from the suffering of the Corona outbreak. 

Microsoft has donated to the foundation that keeps the public health in mind and donates safety kits- hand sanitizer, masks, and more to save people from this virus attack. Also, they have taken the initiative of paying wages to workers who are unable to work from their home- and gave them a break until the lockdown situation is not answered. 

Hence, Microsoft is also delivering financial support to their employees and workers to help them stand tall in this situation without having to worry about their finances.


While the technology trends are set out to help fight this tough situation, Amazon vows to provide as much support as they can, by delivering only the essentials to their customers. Yes, through its on-demand delivery system, Amazon has started shipping the essentials to houses as per their orders- but has put a brake on the delivery of non-essentials. e.g., when a user is ordering anything from an UberEats clone, they can similarly order from Amazon, but only if it is one of the essential household items.

Moreover, Amazon has donated $2.5 million so far and is ready to give more if required. Also, taking the inspiration from these efforts, Facebook is also about to donate $20 million in public health funds. And Apple has declared the number of $15 million that it will donate in the same. 

Car Manufacturers

The need for ventilators is also rising as the patients affected by COVID-19 can be saved with it. Therefore, many governments are approaching the leading car manufacturers to help them manufacture the ventilators or take part in the assembling of it. And many leading car tech manufacturers are answering their call.

For example, the leading car manufacturers like Rolls Royce, General Motors, Ford Motors Co. and more are agreeing to make use of their idle factories to produce the medical equipment that is required for treating the patients.


One of the most popular luxury brand sources, LVMH, is also taking part in this global movement against Corona. It is the powerhouse that owns the luxury brands Dior, Louis Vuitton, Bulgari, TAG Heuer, Tiffany, and many more. They are dedicating their factories that are used to produce and manufacture their beauty products for the production of hand sanitizers. According to reports, they have agreed to start the production of hydroalcoholic gels in a large quantity through their factories.

Apart from their continuous support and encouragement, these tech giants are also proceeding further in the technical functions to help find aid through the technologies that empower medical science. 

And through technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning), and many other concepts, we can ensure to find a solution to this global problem in less time.

Technology for Counter Attacking Corona: How These Latest Tech Trends Promise a Cure?


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Including Blockchain, AI, and many other technical concepts, scientists and developers are trying to anticipate the solution to this global problem. By putting the best professional efforts forward, these businesses are trying to find solutions to the persisting issues never to let them occur again.

1. Microfluidic Chip Technology

The researchers at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology have come up with this great technology that helps deliver the portable testing kits. After the virus was identified in China, and its genetic information is available at hand, these portable testing kits make the testing process faster and deliver excellent results. It helps find out the possible carriers of coronavirus and take the responses accordingly.

2. Visual and Sensor Navigation

Using autonomous vehicles, scientists have found a way to use sensors and visual navigation technologies to find out the possible causes and keep an eye on the citizens. Without requiring human contact, this is one of the most effective ways of delivering services to the people out there. China has already implemented this system to ensure the best results are produced.

3. Antimicrobial Coating

For infection control, scientists have developed an antimicrobial coating that helps secure people from 99.99% of germs. The same gets used in hand sanitizers to provide protection. These technologies are derived from the best practices of medical science technologies. Using the best manufacturing support available at hand and the autonomous machines that tend to eliminate the need for human intervention, these practices ensure to reduce the local infections.

4. Temperature Monitoring

Before a patient is concluded having corona positive, their body temperature must be checked and confirmed. The best way to keep the patients in check is by applying the quarantine rules. And technology helps in both these measures also. By backing up the temperature monitoring tasks, every person can be checked for the temperature changes. 

5. Robots

Robots are the advanced application of artificial intelligence and machine learning. By teaching the robots to perform a particular task, we can ensure that it gets done in the best way possible. And as the increasing incidents of corona outbreak heavily insist on eliminating the human contact, we can take support from these robots that can ensure the patients are taken care of while the doctors don't have to worry much.

Instead of relying on the protective gear used by doctors, China trusts the services delivered by robots to ensure less human contact is observed. Also, these robots can be used for deliveries and other important services and can efficiently reduce possible human contact.


The mentioned technologies and their applications are cost-exclusive. To implement the best practices that can provide accurate results and do not create any problem, it becomes crucial to have the financial support that can help generate the best results. Therefore, the support received from the tech giants and leading organizations comes handy and helps implement the best practices.

By the time this virus outbreak is cured, it will become essential to maintain proper hygiene and live a healthy life to eliminate such cases in the near future. Therefore, by following the safety measures described by WHO, we all can play our part in reducing the possible reasons that cause the outbreak and keep ourselves safe.

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